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Kirigiron (キリギロン Kirigiron) is a Titanian that appeared in episode 22 of Iron King. He is Titanian Operative No. #6. Like all the other Titanians, he wears a black hat, a red cloak and a white mask. In his giant form he is an insect monster.


The sixth member of the insect race assumed the identity of a construction worker that had just stumbled across the newest Titanian underground base. The possessed man began to wreck havoc and destroy the construction site, gaining the attention of Goro and Gentaro. The heroes battled the invader and forced him to transform into his towering, bug-like monster form! Kirigiron wrapped its antennae around Gentaro and began to electrocute the mortal, but Goro interfered and transformed into Iron King! The red giant battled the cricket-like beast and beat it back, forcing it to revert back to its normal form and fly away.

Having replenished its strength, the Titanian bug struck back. Trapping Gentaro between two massive boulders and threatening to crush him, Iron King was called upon yet again. The hero saved the special agent and began to battle the hideous thing. However, it soon wrapped its deadly antennae around his throat! Kirigiron began to surge electricity through Japan’s savior, but Gentaro returned the favor and attacked. Freeing the giant and throwing a grenade in its jaws, Gentaro bought Iron King enough time to launch a powerful energy beam that completely obliterated the six-limbed monster.


Powers and Weapons
  • Toxic Mist: Kirigiron is capable of breathing a highly toxic gas, capable of killing a man in minutes, from its mouth.
  • Electric Antennae: Unlike most insects, Kirigiron has complete control of its antennae, allowing it to constrict them around targets. Once done, the antennae can surge electricity through them, shocking anything they’re touching. He can use them much like an octopus can use its many arms to ensnare prey.


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