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"The shadow that fights Ultraman Tiga's light, that is the Kyriel People. Who exactly is this mysterious savior...?"


Kiriel-Bito (キリエル人 Kirieru-bito lit. Kyriel People) is a short novel included with the magazine Ultraman Tiga - TV magazine special edition. Written and illustrated by Chiaki J. Konaka (one of the writers of Tiga itself), it details an in-universe version of himself encountering the titular Kyrieloid.


The exact status of this novel's relation to the original series' canon remains unclear, as it overlapped with the writer's own past. The writer added that at the end of this novel, some of the contents were "nonfictional".


The narrator, referred to as Mr. Konaka (小中さん Konaka-san), was once an independent film director who participated in various mini-programs and corporate public relation videos. Over time he grew bored of his original job but constantly learn new things in the filming industry.

In 1989, Mr. Konaka was in-charge of filming an opening for a variety show. The filming location was the cave from an unknown ruins in Saitama Prefecture. On the day of the filming, Konaka's filming crew accidentally captured the sightings of unknown figures nearby the actress. After a hard day in filming, Konaka returned to his apartment at night, where he was visited by an unknown man. This particular person declare himself as a representative of the Kyriels who sought to become the new gods to mankind and congratulate Konaka for capturing their presence on camera. As Konaka tried to protest, he discovered that his guest just disappeared, only to find a devilish figure in his place.

The next day, Konaka was invited for a new filming project where he discovered a peculiar actor in a movie he watched (a policeman) happened to share the same appearance as his guest from before. Unfortunately the actor committed suicide after a disagreement with sponsors around 1985.

In 1996, Konaka was invited for a revival of a new hero show based on his childhood's hero program. He reunited with the actress he had worked with back in Saitama, but while said actress did recall working with Konaka, she lacked any memories of what happened during their time working together.


  • The short novel referenced Kaiju Booska as Mr. Konaka's favorite show in his childhood and also required a physical copy of the show's script from a filming crew he worked with.
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