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King Zaiger (キングザイガー Kingu Zaigā) was a Kaiju introduced in the series, Mirrorman.

Subtitle: Space Monster (宇宙怪獣 Uchū Kaijū)



King Zaiger was a legendary creature that was described by the original Mirrorman as a king of monsters and a missionary of Hell. He warned his son, Kyotaro, about the approaching terror and stated few beings in the universe could defeat it. Mirrorman implored his son to work with the people of Earth before he would have a chance to defeat him. That same night King Zaiger landed from space onto a mountain in Nasugatake. The SGM investigated the next day via helicopter, but the smoke was so thick they had to land and climb the mountain for a better view. The king of monsters was spotted in his crater, burrowing his way out. As Kyotaro headed down the crater the SGM was ambushed by Invaders that had been following them. Kyotaro proceeded to use his camera lens to become Mirrorman and fight the king of monsters. The hero managed to beat King Zaiger down quickly, but his over confidence allowed him to be taken over by the raging beast. Both giants jumped out of the crater briefly followed by Mirrorman using his various beam attacks, none of them hurting King Zaiger. The hero was soon blinded by the monster's green slime and was forced to retreat in defeat.

The SGM soon concluded that King Zaiger's intent was to use an active volcanic line to split Japan in two. Three jet fighters from the Self Defense Force were sent out to distract the king of monsters only to be destroyed. Mirrorman returned to fight once more despite still being blind. King Zaiger noticed this and as such used smoke from his mouth to cause a vortex of noise to sneak behind Mirrorman followed by using his white beams to destroy rocks for distraction. Thanks to the SGM shooting King Zaiger between the eyes the hero finally located him. The king of monsters fired a white beam that was reflected back at him, setting King Zaiger on fire and allowed Mirrorman to finish him with the Silver Cross.


  • King Zaiger is the first Mirrorman Kaiju that showed any intelligence without a human form as when it last fought Mirrorman (who was blinded by the time), it took advantage and tried to fool Mirrorman on where it is.
  • King Zaiger's roar would go on to be used several dozen times in the Redman series.

Mirror Fight

King Zaiger appeared in episodes 25 and 26 of Mirror Fight. Stock footage of his fights in Mirrorman were reused in this series.


  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 28,000 t
  • Origin: Nasudake
Powers and Weapons
  • Red Comet: King Zaiger can travel to other planets in the form of a red comet.
  • Burrowing: King Zaiger can burrow at low speeds.
  • White Beam: King Zaiger can shoot a white beam from his mouth and eyes. The strength of the beam is average.
  • Jumping: King Zaiger can jump very high into the air.
  • Green Slime: King Zaiger can shoot out a green slime that can blind the opponent.
  • Smoke Breath: King Zaiger can shoot smoke out of it's mouth.
  • Armored Skin: King Zaiger has armored skin that allows him to withstand attacks as strong as Mirrorman's Silver Cross without damage. However, it is easily weakened by fire.


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