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"Ultraman King!"

―Activation announcement

"Ultraman Geed: Royal Megamaster!"

―Transformation announcement


―Activation announcement for Vulcan Sparkle

"Un! Deux!"

―Activation announcement for Swing Sparkle

"Un! Deux! Trois!"

―Activation announcement for Royal End

"Six Ultra Brothers!"

―Activation announcement for Ultra 6 Brothers Capsule

"(Ultra's name)!"

―Activation announcement for any of the Ultra 6 Brothers' Capsules

"Ultra Hero!"

―Activation announcement for any other Ultra Capsule

"Ultra Monster!"

―Activation announcement for any Kaiju Capsule

The King Sword (キングソード Kingu Sōdo) is Ultraman Geed's weapon, accessed through the use of Royal Megamaster. While fighting without the King Sword, he usually stores it at his waist.


Ultraman Geed

After receving Ultraman King's Ultra Capsule, Riku summoned this sword from scanning Belial and King Ultra Capsules respectively before transforming into his Royal Megamaster form. Since its acquisition, Geed uses it frequently against his enemies.


By inserting the King Capsule or the six Ultra Brothers Capsules on the crossguard sword, Geed can perform specific abilities from each of their Ultra Capsules powers respectively.

Riku's Use

  • Transformation: Riku uses this sword to assume his Royal Megamaster form.

Geed's Use

  • Barrier: The King Sword is capable of acting as a barrier to block attacks.
  • Deflection: Geed is able to deflect enemy attacks this sword.
  • Energy Slash: A gold-colored energy slash from the King Sword.
  • Energy Arrow: Geed can fire a gold energy arrow from the said weapon, featured as part of his normal attacks in Ultraman Fusion Fight!.
King Capsule
  • Royal End (ロイヤルエンド Roiyaru Endo): Activated by scanning the crossguard part via the Riser, and swiping his hand past the scanner thrice, Geed can fire a golden beam from the King Sword. This beam can be charged to full power, which is used to destroy the evolved Pedanium Zetton. Said to be 1.9 million degrees Celsius in temperature.
  • Swing Sparkle (スウィングスパークル Suwingu Supākuru): A swinging slash from the King Sword, unleashed after Riku swipes his hand past the scanner twice.
  • Vulcan Sparkle (バルカンスパークル Barukan Supākuru): After Riku swipes his hand past the scanner once, the King Sword can fire several golden energy darts from a projected Ultra Great Medal. By charging the King Sword, Geed can release a single shot version from the sword.
Ultra 6 Brothers Capsule
  • Brothers Shield (ブラザーズシールド Burazāzu Shīrudo): Calling upon the power of the Six Ultra Brothers, Geed puts up a barrier. In its outer rings, it has the Ultra Brothers' respective Ultra Signs and M78 text reading "Urutora Roku Kyoudai", which translates to "Ultra 6 Brothers". King's insignia is in the middle.
Zoffy Capsule
  • 87 Flasher (87エイティセブンフラッシャー Eiti Sebun Furasshā): Using the power of Zoffy, Geed can release a cyan stream of energy surrounded by yellow electricity from the King Sword. Named after Zoffy's M87 Beam.
Ultraman Capsule
  • Spacium Flasher (スペシウムフラッシャー Supeshiumu Furasshā): Using the power of Ultraman, Geed can release a blue electrical beam from the King Sword. Named after Ultraman's Spacium Beam.
Ultraseven Capsule
  • Slugger Spark (スラッガースパーク Suraggā Supāku): Using the power of Ultraseven, Geed can release a huge slicer charged with electricity. Named after Ultraseven's Eye Slugger.
Jack Capsule
  • Lance Spark (ランススパーク Ransu Supāku): Using the power of Ultraman Jack, Geed can release a straight spiral of green energy from the King Sword. Named after Jack's Ultra Lance.
Ace Capsule
  • Vertical Spark (バーチカルスパーク Bāchikaru Supāku): Using the power of Ultraman Ace, Geed can release a long arc of energy from the King Sword and his left hand. Named after Ace's Vertical Guillotine.
Taro Capsule
  • Strium Flasher (ストリウムフラッシャー Sutoriumu Furasshā): Using the power of Ultraman Taro, Geed can release a fire-charged rainbow-colored stream of energy from the King Sword. Named after Taro's Strium Beam.


Ultraman Geed



  • Each "Flasher" is fired from the gemstone on the top of the weapon while each "Spark" is fired from the sharp tip.
  • With each of the 6 Ultra Brothers' special abilities, Geed makes similar poses to them when they are in use.
    • He puts his left hand in front of his chest when firing the 87 Flasher like Zoffy when firing the M87 Beam.
    • Geed's left hand is in a similar position to Ultraman's post-rising stance when he uses the Spacium Flasher.
    • His hands are placed above his head and are then lifted downwards when using the Slugger Spark, much like when Seven throws his Eye Slugger.
    • Geed puts his right hand on his left wrist when using the Lance Spark. Jack does the same when summoning his Ultra Lance.
    • Geed lifts his right hand up while his left is at his side when using the Vertical Spark, much like how Ace performs the Vertical Guillotine.
    • He puts his hands by the side when charging the Strium Flasher. Taro also does this when performing the Strium Beam.
  • This weapon has a very similar gimmick to Ultraman Ginga's Strium Brace. Both allow the user to utilize the Six Ultra Brothers' powers, including an ability that uses their powers combined. They are also power-up transformation items.
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