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King Molerat (キングモーラット Kingu Mōratto) is a mole rat-like Kaiju that appeared in the TV series, Ultraman Tiga. He appeared in episode 30.

Subtitle: Mutant Monster (変異怪獣 Hen'i Kaiju)


Ultraman Tiga

King Molerat was an average molerat until it mutated after consuming underground waste material that was abandoned by man. King Molerat came to the surface to feed on livestock from a nearby Zoo, but due to the bright sunlight the monster was weakened by its intense brightness and so went to sleep to pass the time. Once night came, King Molerat awoke and began a bloodthirsty rampage in search of food, setting its sights on cows of a nearby farmer. GUTS tried to stop the monster without doing too much harm to it, realizing it was only a mutated animal, but King Molerat's hunger made their efforts futile. Eventually, Daigo transformed into Ultraman Tiga and was able to hold off the King Molerat in his Power Type. Just as Tiga was about to kill Molerat with the Zeperion Beam, he was stopped by Rena of GUTS, who pleaded that the Ultra Warrior spare the monster. With that in mind, Tiga used a Cell Change Beam to reduce King Molerat into a smaller and harmless version of it. It was later named Morat by Horii and placed at the petting zoo.



  • Several online sources mistake King Molerat for the Toho Monster, Deutalios , a monster whom was scheduled to appear in the film Godzilla vs. Biollante but was scrapped from the proposed film. This is due to a famous online source website known as TohoKingdom whom have made an altercation to King Molerat's appearance. They have stated on their biography of Deutalios that the image was altered for a more ideal appearance of what the monster would look like, despite the fact that ample amounts of concept art exist depicting Deutalios's true design, which is only vaguely similar to King Molerat. Sources continue to mistake the altered picture for the legitimate appearance of the scrapped monster. As a result of this and numerous other examples of misinformation on the site (most famously the fakery of Godzilla vs. The Devil), the site has earned a reputation as unreliable and incorrect.
  • King Molerat's roar is a combination of Magular and Gazort's roar.


King Molerat
King Molerat night.png
  • Height: 56 m
  • Weight: 63,000 t
  • Origin: Underground Villa Zoo
  • Weakness: Being a nocturnal monster, King Molerat would sleep in daylight and active during night.
Powers and Weapons
  • Electric Bolt: King Molerat can fire blue electric bolts from his "ears," medium in strength.
  • Burrowing: Being a molerat, King Molerat can burrow at high speeds.
  • Fangs: King Molerat posessed a pair of fangs which strengthened at night.

Molerat small.jpg

Unable to destroy the monster, Tiga decided to used the Cell Change Beam to reduce King Molerat into a smaller and harmless version of it. Horii later renamed it as Morat (モーラット Moratto) (anagram for the word Molerat) and for Rena nicknamed it Mora-chan (モラちゃん) as it lived in the petting zoo for the rest of it's life.

  • Height: 1 m
  • Weight: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • None



There are only two figures of King Molerat, the first common one is the Bandai vinyl figure of King Molerat. This figure has only two points of articulations, the two are the ears, they can rotate 360 degrees with no problems.

Gashapon King Molerat.jpg

The other one is the Gashapon version which doesn't have any articulation, this figure is 3 inches long, small figure.


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