King Kappa (キングカッパー Kingu Kappā) was a choju that appeared in episode 19 of Ultraman Ace.

Subtitle: Kappa Super Beast (河童超獣 Kappa Chōjū)


  • Height: 57 m
  • Weight: 68,000 t
  • Origin: Kappa mansion


Ultraman Ace

A boy witnessed his friend getting sucked in a pool, but no one believed his story. Soon, TAC became suspicious of the situation when they received reports of missing children. One night, the boy who reported the strange pool himself fell victim to the so-called pool. TAC went to investigate the situation. A couple who turned out to be androids were responsible for the disappearances. Hokuto dived in the pool and attempted to fight whatever was in it. It turns out, the pool is the monster itself! TAC tried to take down the turtle-like monster, but they did not want to hurt Hokuto. Minami catapulted herself out of a jet and landed on King Kappa's head. Both became Ultraman Ace and the two giants clashed. King Kappa seemed to get the upper hand until Ace used the Ace Vacuum to deprive King Kappa's head of water. King Kappa was blinded by an Ultra light and the choju was sliced vertically with the Ultra Guillotine. With its demise, the kids soon turned back to normal and got their belly buttons back.


  • King Kappa's weakness was exactly the same as the Yokai creature he's based on.
  • Although not physically seen, King Kappa is one of the monsters that makes up Beryudora's body in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie.
  • According to Keiichi Hasegawa, who wrote nine episodes of Mebius, he considered bringing back King Kappa in the series. Why this did not come to be is unknown.

Powers and Weapons

  • Head Disguise: King Kappa can disguise the top of his colossal head as a swimming pool.
  • Kappa Missile (カッパーミサイル Kappā Misairu): King Kappa can shoot organic powered missile from his fingers.
  • Ignition Gas (発火ガス Hakka Gasu): King Kappa can fire a white mist from his mouth.


King Kappa must keep the water inside of the "swimming pool" on his head or else he will die.


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