The Another Genesis version of King Joe.


Ultraman: Another Genesis

Once a human named Joe, he was a soldier fighting on the Planet Exile against alien forces. However, he and two more of his friends, Jean and Rocks died in the battle with his friend, Adana, survived but mutated into an Ultraman via a shard from the destroyed Kingdom of Light and leave the planet. The lingering Light of Nature, the shard radiated revived them but caused their bodies to absorb all the weapons around them turning them into the battleship Iron Rocks, the gargantuan robot King Joe and Jean-Bot. However, it also cause them to lose their older personality slowly as they become more agressive and unable to differ their allies and enemies. Their main goal is to reunite with their lost comrade, Blast (Adana) and waited near a planet the deduced would his next destination.

Though the trio were finally reunited with Blast, they lose control of themselves and starts to attacking Blast. He had no choice but to kill them with the Vulcan Impact. In the end Jean-Bot was the last to fall and reach out to Blast to convey the feelings the three but was unable to reach due to exhaustion.


  • Unlike the original, King Joe is given a drastical design and taller than a normal Ultra in comparison.
    • Also, his body, which is originated from various parts of spaceships and weapons is a references of the original one's idea to be transformed from spaceships into robot mode but this was scrapped due to the technology on that time and that it was replaced with four navy warships.
  • This King Joe's height is greater than of any other King Joe incarnations since his height is three times that of a normal Ultra.


Powers and Weapons
  • Machine Body: Joe's new machine body gives him certain abilities.
    • Flight: King Joe can also fly with his boosters.
    • Strength: Due to being a gigantic robot, King Joe also given a greater super strength.


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