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King Joe (キングジョー Kingu Jō) is an alien robot created by the Alien Pedan, from the TV series, Ultraseven. It first appeared in episodes 14 and 15. As a result of its iconic two-part debut in Ultraseven, King Joe has become one of the most famous robots in the Ultraman Series, and has since made many further appearances in the franchise.


  • Space Robot (宇宙ロボット Uchū Robotto)
  • Robot Monster (ロボット怪獣 Robotto Kaijū)
  • Ultraman Max: Invasion Robot (侵略ロボット Shinryaku Robotto)
  • Beatstar: Celestial Sphere Robot (天球ロボット Tenkyū Robotto)
  • STORAGE Custom: Special Airborne Armor 3 (SC-3) (特空機3号 Tokkū-ki San-gō lit. Special Aircraft #3)[1]



Alien Pedan piloting King Joe

Appearing first in the form of four ships, King Joe was sent by the Alien Pedan as their main weapon to conquer Earth. The four ships first appeared attacking and destroying a submarine as they alerted an SOS to the UG. Before the Ultra Guard arrived (along with a mysterious woman in tow, who would soon be revealed to be working for the Pedan Aliens) went onto the harbor, they were too late. The four ships then arrived at a U.N. Embassy, where they soon rejoined to reveal King Joe's true form. Even with hidden gun turrets beneath the embassy, nothing could damage King Joe. Ultraseven soon arrived to do battle with the robot, but King Joe's Pedantic Armor proved to be far more powerful than anticipated, with nothing Ultraseven could do stop him. Soon Ultraseven was pinned to the ground and received crippling palm slams by King Joe until Ultraseven fell seemingly unconscious.

King Joe vs Ultraseven in Kobe

However as the robot's back was turned, the hero lunged forward and knocked King Joe down. Incapable of getting back up again, King Joe turned back into the four ships and fled with Ultraseven following it. It was then revealed that the reason for King Joe's attack on the Embassy was due to a scientist whom had found a chemical that is highly reactive with Pedantic Armor, which also explained why the Pedan Aliens have come to Earth as well. The Pedan Aliens erasing Dorothy's memories to prevent the Ultra Guard from creating the special chemical. King Joe later returned, arriving in Kobe Bay where it wrecked havoc on local oil tankers. The Ultra Guard came to the scene, but after nothing seemed to phase him, Dan turned into Ultraseven once again. Again King Joe proved his great strength despite Ultraseven's maneuverability. However once the Ultra Guard loaded the special chemical into a missile launcher, it was fired at King Joe, short-circuiting the robot. King Joe fell in the harbor and self-destructed, its masters' ship arose out of his wreckage only to be destroyed by Seven's Wide Shot. The Ultra Guard Goes West: Part 1The Ultra Guard Goes West: Part 2


  • Originally, King Joe's assembly from the ships would be more complex and make for more body parts, but due to technology at the time, this was too hard to make and so King Joe's 4-ship separation ability was made.
  • King Joe was one of the monsters/aliens seen in stock footage of Seven's past battles in episode 48.
  • King Joe's original design was to call for its upper body to be bigger, but due to the bulkiness of the suit it was toned down. This design would later be used for the Manga Sofubi toy line.
  • King Joe was originally named after Tetsuo Kinjo, the head writer for the early entries in the Ultraman Series.
    • Owing to King Joe's name being a pun, King Joe was not considered to be among the preceding 'King' monsters that inspired the name of Kingsaurus III in Return of Ultraman.
  • In Ultraman Taro, after Taro defeats Re-Eleking, the monster's unknown controller remarks how he regretted not reviving King Joe.
  • In the TNT dub, King Joe is called the "Monster Rodan Robot", to accommodate the Alien Pedans' name change to the "Rodanians".

Andro Melos

Re Nackle and Re King Joe.jpg

A King Joe unit appeared in the Andro Melos magazine series in 1982, where it was under the Gua Army's possession and transformed into Remodeled King Joe (改造キングジョー Kaizō Kingu Jō), boasting 30 times the power than the original unit.

First appearing in the January 1982 issue of Televi-Kun, the King Joe was manipulated by the Remodeled Alien Nackle of the same army (after losing his Black King no less) to attack a radar station and endangering several ships along the way. The King Joe fought Andro Melos in underwater until Andro Wolf destroyed the control device on Alien Nackle, and the villainous pair were defeated by Melos and Wolf's Beam Hurricane.

King Joe would later be revived alongside other of the Remodeled monster battalions that served Gua Army. The team try to trap the Andro Warriors duo in a whirlpool of fire, but Melos and Wolf were able to escape and defeated the entire team.


  • According to Shinichi Wakasa, the photograph where King Joe and Alien Nackle were attacking the radar station was taken at the Arasaki Beach.[2]

Heisei Ultraseven

Ultraseven vs King Joe II

King Joe reappeared in the Ultraseven 1999: The Final Chapters Hexalogy as King Joe II (キングジョー(二代目) Kingu Jō (Nidaime)).

Here humans rebuilt the machine from the remains of the original King Joe to be used for Earth's protection or a weapon. However when Kaji blurted out to the Rahakam Stone that King Joe is a weapon of destruction, the stone heeded his "wish" as a last laugh before it disappeared, hacking the former Pedanian robot back to its destructive ways. The UG was called in to face it but their weapons were useless against its armor. Dan was forced to transform into Ultraseven and face the machine again. While he put up a better fight than last time, Seven was again eventually being manhandled by the machine. At one point Seven fell on a building with the robot on top of him. Seven struggled to protect himself as the robot attempted to crush his head. Thanks to the Ultra Guard's distraction, Seven was able to get out of that pinch. In the end Seven destroyed the rebuilt King Joe by hammering the same spot over and over again with the Eye Slugger, finally tearing through and destroying it, but breaking a piece off the Eye Slugger. The Duplicated Man


  • Suit actor: Koichi Toshima
  • In the original planning, the King Joe suit was meant to be as soft as the original, but eventually changed into a hardened texture.
  • This episode was later featured in episode 92 of Ultraman Retsuden, "Revive! King Joe! Ultraseven's Decisive battle!".

Ultraman Max

King Joe, as seen in Ultraman Max

King Joe reappeared in episode 14 of the series Ultraman Max.

After Zetton was destroyed by Ultraman Max and Ultraman Xenon, Alien Zetton sent for the "Four Fighters" to deal with Ultraman Max, quickly to be revealed as the ships that make King Joe. It first arrived as its ship forms and disguised himself as a 7-foot creation for one of Kaito's friends that was showing off the robot to a preschool. The next day, King Joe returned to his true master's orders as the four ships took off to attack Japan. King Joe easily out did DASH and every futile assault they made on him. Once the ships combined, Natsumi (a brainwashed servant being controlled by Alien Zetton) began piloting King Joe herself to cause havoc. Kaito turned into Ultraman Max to stop the alien robot, but King Joe's separation ability and sturdy armor made the fight difficult for Max. Eventually, Max was forced to use the Max Galaxy to weaken King Joe in order to release Natty from inside. Once she was safe and rescued, Max destroyed King Joe with the Maxium Cannon.


  • The separation ship components are different from the original Showa Era, in that it legs and waist components are separated vertically. The designs were made by Ichiro Itano, who also made the CGI for their aerial combat within the period of a month. The components are:
    • Head and limb: King Alpha (キングアルファー Kingu Arufā)
    • Torso: King Beta (キングベーター Kingu Bētā)
    • Right leg: King Gamma (キングガンマー Kingu Ganmā)
    • Left leg: King Delta (キングデルタ Kingu Deruta)

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

"I knew it, it's King Joe! It was once an invasion machine used by the Alien Pedan to invade Earth long ago. But it's different than we used to know. Black metallic body, King Joe Black!"

―Kumano's explaination, episode 10

King Joe Black

An upgraded variant of King Joe named King Joe Black (キングジョーブラック Kingu Jō Burakku) appears throughout Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle as a secondary antagonist, sporting a powerful cannon as its right hand and a characteristic black coat of paint.

In this series, King Joe Black went berserk and came to the planet Boris, killing several roaming monsters (Angross, Gromite, Lunaticks, and Saramandora) on the planet before finally confronting Rei and the ZAP SPACY. Even the combined powers of Rei's monsters (Gomora, Litra, and Eleking) could not scratch King Joe Black's armor and they were forced to retreat before taking any serious damage. He returns during the series finale, interrupting the final battle between Kate's Zetton and Rei's Gomora, fighting Zetton to a standstill. However after Rei turns into Reimon and Gomora powers up into EX Gomora, King Joe Black is impaled by EX Gomora's tail, crippling the robot for the rest of the fight. Still functioning, King Joe Black tries to stop the Pendragon from escaping planet Boris but is attacked by the recently revived Ultraman, who slices its arm off with ease and drags it down to the planet as it is destroyed by the manmade artificial sun.


  • Kate dubbed this robot as "the berserk robot from Planet Pedan" (ペダン星の暴走ロボット Pedan-sei no Bōsō Robotto).
  • His fight against Zetton and Gomora was referenced by the Spark Doll Troupe in New Ultraman Retsuden episode 16.
  • The King Joe suit from Ultraman Max was reused and modified into this version of King Joe.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

Mass Production King Joe Black

King Joe Black returned in episodes 10 and 11 of the sequel series Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey.

In this series, several King Joe Blacks appear as mass production models. It is revealed that the King Joe Black from the previous series was but one of an entire army of King Joe Blacks, whom serve as soldiers to the Alien Pedan, whom have arrived on Planet Hammer. It is also revealed that the reason for King Joe Black's attack against Rei and Kate was due to the Alien Pedan's desire to wipe out all Reionics.

Much like the previous King Joe Black's role, King Joe Blacks are sent this time by the Alien Pedan (known throughout the series as the "Reionics Hunters") to exterminate monsters that belong to Reionics. One is seen killing Alien Hook's Re-Dorako, and Alien Zetton's Telesdon. Another was summoned to deal with Rei, who uses Gomora to face the robot. At first Gomora's attacks again seemed useless against King Joe Black until he turned into Reionic Burst Gomora. Now able to control the power, Reionic Burst Gomora had no trouble destroying the King Joe Black. Another one would be summoned to attack Grande but his Red King was summoned and King Joe Black was quickly destroyed.

Eventually, the Reionics Hunters capture the ZAP SPACY crew and reveal themselves to be the Alien Pedan, as well as their desire on wiping out all Reionics. Summoning an army of King Joe Blacks (as well as the unique model of King Joe Scarlet,) Gomora (as well as Litra and Miclas) were sent to uselessly fight off against the armies of the coming King Joes. As it seemed the numbers and the tide of battle was in favor of the endless King Joe army, one of the Pedan Aliens, Dail managed to use his last bit of strength to free the ZAP SPACY crew before dying at the hands of his fellow aliens. Soon the Space Pendragon fired their latest weapon, called the "Pedanium Launcher" and annihilated the army of King Joes. With their leader, Harlan, crushed under King Joe Scarlet's head, the rest of the Reionics Hunters to flee the planet.


  • The King Joe Black suit and its CGI sequences from Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle are reused for its appearances.
    • A second King Joe Black suit was created for the fights between Rei's monsters.
  • During the battle between Rei's Monsters and the King Joe Black army, upon closer inspection some of the props used to display the multiple King Joe Blacks are actually toys of themselves in the "Soul of Chogokin" line.

A figure of King Joe Scarlet

  • Another version of King Joe appears in this series known as King Joe Scarlet (キングジョースカーレット Kingu Jō Sukāretto), who is red in color and has a lance attachment replacing its gun-hand attachment, is seen in the background. However, there is only one of its kind and its appearance is in the form of a remodeled Soul of Chogokin King Joe with a red paint job. It is assumed to be a personal weapon of the Alien Pedan's Commander Harlan.
    • The damaged head of King Joe Scarlet was seen again during the credits of episode 11.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

King Joe Black part of Belial's 100 Monster Army

King Joe Black is one of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army. It was first seen as a spirit in a shot of the Monster Graveyard along with Doragory, Red King, Alien Babarue, Arigera, and Telesdon. It was then seen rising out of the ground along with Nova, Verokron, Antlar, Gomess (S), and Alien Baltan before being recaptured by Belial. It then teamed up with Fire Golza, Eleking, Banpira, Gan-Q, Alien Metron, Nova, Verokron, Doragory, King Pandon, and Alien Guts to take on Ultraseven. King Joe was called back by Belial to watch Reionic Burst Gomora fight the Ultras and was sent back out along with the remaining monsters to fight Ultraman Zero. King Joe Black was the fourth monster to be killed by Zero's Zero Slugger Attack behind Alien Valky, Fire Golza, and Alien Guts followed by Zetton and Tyrant. Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie


  • Despite being a robot, King Joe Black still has a spirit.

    Normal King Joe

  • Although King Joe Black is one of Belial's 100 Monster Army, the original King Joe is one of Belyudra's components. The robot is located on Belyudra's left arm.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Adventure

Dorothy and King Joe Scarlet (art by Shinji Nishikawa).[3]

A King Joe was in possession of an elderly Alien Pedan who befriended Io Mikura and his Pigmon. Although he aims to leave the planet he was stranded in with said robot, he ended up using it to sacrifice himself when defending Io from an Alien Hipporit.

A team of benevolent Alien Pedan would later use several King Joe units, including the King Joe Scarlet (キングジョースカーレット Kingu Jō Sukāretto) belonging to the Pedan's commander, Dorothy. The King Joe army tries to attack Alien Nackle and Yapool, but they loses to the two vile aliens' EX Tyrant. In her final breath, Dorothy attempts to have her King Joe Scarlet spiriting Io back to Earth, but was stopped by said monster.


  • Designer: Shinji Nishikawa
    • King Joe Scarlet was made by Shinji after witnessing the King Joe Black in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle. To his surprise, the production staff liked the idea and eventually lead to its appearance in ULTRA MONSTERS arcade game and even a small live appearance in Never Ending Odyssey.[4]

Ultraman Zero Gaiden: Killer the Beatstar

King Joe battling Ultraman Zero.

King Joe reappeared in this side story coinciding the film, Ultraman Saga. Using the data of Alien Pedan's famed robot, Beatstar mass produced several units as King Joe (BS) (キングジョー(BS)ビートスター Kingu Jō Bītosutā) as part of his Mecha Robot Army.

In part 1 of the special, after Gomora destroys a Legionoid Beta, King Joe (as well as Inpelaizer and Ace Killer) appear and together team up and beat down Gomora, forcing the monster back into Rei's Battlenizer. Shortly after, The Ultimate Force Zero arrives on the scene and battles the robots. Ultraman Zero battles with King Joe and eventually destroys the robot by chopping him in half with his Zero Sluggers.

In part 2 of the special, it is revealed that an army of King Joes have been constructed to serve Beatstar, Gomora and Jean-Bot are thus seen working together to stop the army from attacking while Ultraman Zero fought with Beatstar himself. After Beatstar is defeated, the King Joe army is destroyed in the planet's destruction.


Ultraman Ginga S

King Joe Custom

Another variant of King Joe appeared in this series where this robot was a Spark Doll under the name King Joe Custom (キングジョーカスタム Kingu Jō Kasutamu). This variant made an appearance in episode 3 of Ultraman Ginga S.

When the Inpelaizers started to lose to Ultraman Victory, Vorst used his Chibull Spark to "MonsLive" into him to fight Victory. They both put up a good fight, but eventually, King Joe Custom managed to send Victory flying with help from the Inpelaizers. Before he could finish off Victory, however, Ultraman Ginga showed up to protect him, despite his injury from the last fight. He transfroms into his newest form, Ultraman Ginga Strium, destroys the remaining Inpelaizers, and fights King Joe Custom before he finishes off the robot with his Wide Shot. After the fight, Hikaru gives King Joe's Spark Doll to Sho.

In episode 8, King Joe Custom reappeared as the last monster UltraLived by Hikaru Raido to fight Five King. The robot fired his energy blasts at the chimera, but Five King shrugged them off easily and defeated him by grabbed hold of him with his Reicubas Pincer and firing Gan-Q Beam from his Gan-Q Hand.


  • When King Joe Custom's Spark Doll scanned, the Chibull Spark and Victory Lancer read it as King Joe. This is probably due to King Joe Custom being merely a model of the original King Joe and not an entirely unique variant.
  • It's presumed that the King Joe Custom suit is a reused King Joe Black suit painted in colors reminiscent of the original.

Ultraman X

King Joe, as seen in Ultraman X

King Joe was a robot built by the barbaric Alien Pedan, it was sent to attack Earth as their recent target. Ultraman X soon arrived to battle him, but King Joe proved to be a tough enemy and X was powerless when confronting his assaults, even his Zetton armor proved to be ineffective against the robot and his tough armor. As it targeted Asuna, X stepped in and shielded her, which awakened Cyber Gomora's consciousness, as it agreed to help Daichi and materialized.

Soon, Cyber Gomora and X team up to take down the robot, as Gomora landed the first blow with his Cyber Super Oscillatory Wave his before X used Max's Max Galaxy to deliver the finishing attack, the Galaxy Cannon. King Joe was last seen exploding from the attack and reduced to scraps pieces, ending Alien Pedan's invasion. An Unknown Friend

A cybernetic version of King Joe, Cyber King Joe (サイバーキングジョー Saibā Kingu Jō),​ was created based on the Spark Doll, now contained in a Cyber Card. In episode 19, Wataru used the Cyber King Joe card sent by Rui and Mamoru to equip the Sky Musketty with King Joe's Destroy Cannon, along with the Ultlaser, to stop EX Gomora from rampaging. Living Together It was used again in an attempt to halt Zaigorg's efforts from destroying Carlos Industries, alongside Cyber Gomora and the Land Musketty's Red King Armor Piercing Bullet. Ultraman X The Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman

In the final episode of Ultraman X, after Greeza destroyed the Xio base, King Joe's Spark Doll was absorbed by Greeza. After speaking out to Gomora and striking Greeza right in the center of his chest, King Joe, along with all of the other Spark Dolls, traveled to X and united with him. Cyber King Joe's power was used to help form the Hybrid Armor and power up the Ultimate Xanadium to defeat Greeza once and for all. King Joe, along with the numerous other Cyber Cards and Spark Dolls, then appeared and thanked Daichi as he thanked them. The Rainbow Land


  • Suit actor: Daisuke Terai
  • In the original planning, it was supposed to be King Joe Custom instead of the original one, and is one of the most dangerous opponents faced by Xio. In said planning, King Joe Custom's power was enhanced to the point of hacking Xio's base and their technologies, rendering them useless.

Ultraman Orb

"Red King, Eleking, King Guesra, King of Mons, King Joe. The Five Kings Cards"

―Jugglus Juggler

King Joe reappeared in episode six of the series Ultraman Orb as a Kaiju Card used by Jugglus Juggler in a card game with Alien Nackle Nagus and Alien Metron Tarude.

Ultra Fight Orb

King Joe was revived by Reibatos alongside Gudon, Twin Tail, Birdon, Vict Lugiel, and Hyper Zetton to fight Ultraman Zero and Ultraman Orb.

He teamed up with Birdon and Vict Lugiel to take on Orb, but despite the fact that three of them outnumbered him, Orb kept all three of them at bay with his combat skills and got the long end of his sword. After Vict Lugiel and Hyper Zetton were defeated, King Joe managed to overpower Orb in his Hurricane Slash form for a little while by grabbing his sword before he could attack, but the latter broke free and transformed into Spacium Zeperion form to chase after Reibatos. He and Gudon tried to go after Orb, but Zero stopped them from going any further by attacking them, but this left him wide open for Birdon's fireball attack. When Ultraseven showed up to help Zero, the robot found himself fighting his old archrival once again.

King Joe fights with Seven without defending himself much to the point that he is thrown to the ground and hit multiple times by Seven. At the end, Seven uses his Eye Slugger to slash around his body to King Joe. After being damaged with the weapon of Seven in his head, King Joe explodes.

Ultraman Geed

King Joe's Kaiju Capsule is used by Kei Fukuide as a component of Pedanium Zetton and King Galactron.

Ultraman R/B


King Joe was built at some point of time by the Cereza-possessed Makoto Aizen beneath the Aizen Tech as part of his AZ Plan, wanting said robot to be used by his own established Earth attack team should his plan to become an Ultraman be successful. Unfortunately the entire plan fell through because of the Minato brothers and Saki's intervention caused the alien parasite to be purged and the real Makoto went globe trotting with his bicycle.

King Joe was brought into action when D.R.L.N. was hacked by an unknown source, being assembled in the underground. Its first action was to imprison Asahi Minato inside its cockpit, which was being filled with deadly Pedanium gas. Coming up with a plan to rescue Asahi, Saki Mitsurugi entered the cockpit via jetpack while Ultraman Rosso distracted the robot but he was unable to make a dent in it. After Isami Minato finished restoring D.R.L.N. to normal, he joined the battle as Ultraman Blu when Saki managed to get herself and Asahi out of the robot. Unfortunately, D.R.L.N. was unable to stop King Joe. The two Ultramen then used the opposing elements of fire and water via their R/B Sluggers, the difference in temperature causing King Joe's armor to crack. Ultraman Ruebe then had a brief fight with King Joe, until D.R.L.N. used the Monster Restraint System to stun King Joe. Ruebe then finished it off via the Ruebe Vortex Buster. From its remains, Saki used her Gyro to create its R/B Crystal. Good People and Bad People


  • King Joe's kidnapping of Asahi is similar to Galactron's kidnapping of Naomi in Ultraman Orb. Its internal parts where it stored Asahi was newly built as well.
  • The use of King Joe was meant for the hacked AI, D.R.L.N., to operate in a robot. Before King Joe, there were many robot Kaiju considered for its episode.
  • The underground hangar which stored King Joe was created by using both elements of CG and miniature props.

Ultraman Z

"Unlike robots like the Jean Brothers who possessed their own will, mindless robots can be good and evil depending on their pilots. I suppose Master said it best. "To use great power requires great will." But I'm sure that Haruki and the members of STORAGE know that."

―Ultraman Z, Special Airborne Armor Secret File.

Alien Barossa's King Joe

King Joe - Z.png

A King Joe was stolen from Planet Pedan by an Alien Barossa who fought Ultraman Zero. Alien Barossa Special Airborne Armor Secret File

Barossa used King Joe to invade the Earth and retrieve the Ultra Medals that had scattered after Genegarg's defeat. Once obtaining the first three set (Zoffy, Jack and Father of Ultra), he set his sight on the other three by using King Joe's separative tactic and took them from Hebikura and Yuka, only for the package to turn out as a dummy.

Having been duped, Barossa set off to find the Medals and used King Joe to attack the JAERC research center. Ultraman Z attempted to fight off the robot but was overwhelmed by its power. The robot attempted to use its tractor beam on the box containing the medals, only for Z to obtain them instead. He changed into Gamma Future after being told by Yuka that its weak points were exposed when it separated, and finished it off using the Lightning Generade from the Cosmos, Nexus, and Mebius' Medals which he had just obtained.The Unidentified Object Convoy Order

Though King Joe was blown apart into its four component ships at the conclusion of the previous battle, the resultant ships were still in excellent condition, allowing STORAGE to mount an operation to recover them for research purposes. STORAGE successfully salvaged all four components under Director Kuriyama's orders. The still-surviving Alien Barossa broke into the base to reclaim his robot and reactivate it, but a carefully planned attack from Kojiro Inaba and Haruki forced the alien out while King Joe was deactivated once more. Here Comes the Space Pirate!

King Joe STORAGE Custom

At some point of time, STORAGE built their own King Joe through reverse-engineering of the original one, dubbing it King Joe STORAGE Custom, abbreviated to King Joe SC. The main pilot is Yoko Nakashima (due to her passing the required test) and was first used in the fight against the Red King couple in Fukama City. What Must Be Defended After the feedback from firing against the Red Kings, Yuka installed a limiter into the Breast Tank to control the mecha's firepower, reducing it to twice per every sortie.

Following the success of King Joe STORAGE Custom in defeating Grigio Raiden, GAFJ became interested in using mechas in other branches of the organisation. The exemplary performance of King Joe during the battle also meant that it would become Sevenger's replacement, with the older machine getting a well deserved retirement to be preserved at a museum. Four-Dimensional Capriccio

King Joe SC becomes the test user of GAFJ's newly developed D4 superweapon, where it decimated a quartet of Kelbims at the cost of its internal workings. D4 Alongside Windom, King Joe STORAGE Custom was seized by GAFJ after STORAGE's disbandment and reassigned to be used by SAAG. One particular incident even had an unnamed officer piloting it against Alien Barossa III, but his inexperience forced him to eject once Juggler/Tri-King used it as a meat shield. Individual Tomorrows After rebelling against SAAG, STORAGE reclaim their assets and Haruki used King Joe SC alongside Juggler/Windom and Inaba/Sevenger during an operation to rescue Yoko from Destrudos. With the Pedanium Hammer, Haruki brute forced his way into the cockpit where Yoko had already freed from Celebro and successfully extracted. Haruki on the other hand exited King Joe SC to reclaim the Belial Medal and transform into Ultraman Z Delta Rise Claw, leaving said mecha to fall on its own. Warriors Shining Beyond


  • Considering that Hebikura mentioned about Grigio Raiden as the progenitor of all SC units, it is presumed that King Joe STORAGE Custom also incorporates the cyborg monster's technology, or at the very least uses components based on it. The Cry of Life
  • According to Kiyotaka Taguchi in his interview, King Joe SC was already made prior to the filming of the first episode. Its debut was carried over to episode 11 in order to emphasize STORAGE's growth of strength and to ensure that Ultraman Z would not be overshadowed by a stronger ally.
    • Instead of being modified from the original King Joe, Taguchi admitted that it was simply a replica made by STORAGE. As a contrast to the original King Joe, the SC version went into many redesigns to appear as realistic as possible from human standards.
    • The Tank Mode was Taguchi's suggestion when playing with King Joe SC's toys and receives the idea of forming into such position through the 1989 mecha film Gunhed.
  • During the creation of Ultroid Zero, the fourth SC Unit incorporated both King Joe SC's combat data and its Pedanium Engine. Prelude to a Nightmare

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

King Joe SC was stolen by Alien Barossa IV. Yoko Nakashima chased after it using Space Sevenger with Ultraman Z's help, but the Barossa unleashed a Bullton that transported the robot, himself, and Z into Ultraman Trigger's universe. King Joe SC fell onto a stadium and GUTS-Select was sent to investigate, finding Haruki Natsukawa inside. Inter Universe


King Joe SC was hacked into when Dada PDO-3 attacked. The cyber creature controlled King Joe, making it go on a rampage until Ultramen Z and Trigger appeared to fight against it. The Dada manifested and attempted to integrate itself with the robot, but had its core shot and destroyed by the Nursedessei when it had its controls recovered. Z and Trigger beat King Joe down and wrecked it, ending Dada's schemes. Z recovered the wreckage of King Joe SC and flew back to his universe using Beliarok to open a dimensional hole, hoping to rebuild it once again under STORAGE's care. The Propagating Invasion


  • Inaba's actor, Jun Hashizume, posted on Twitter of an aftermath of King Joe SC's destruction wherein played along as Inaba trying to rebuild the SC unit.[5] Haruki's actor Kohshu Hirano and director Kiyotaka Taguchi join in the roleplay by "apologizing" to Hashizuma.[6][7]


King Joe

King Joe

  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 48,000 t, 50,000 t (Ultraman Zero Gaiden)
  • Origin: Planet Pedan, Beatstar Celestial Sphere (Ultraman Zero Gaiden)
  • Arm Strength: Enough to lift a battleship weighing 100,000 t
  • Weaknesses:
    • As stated in episode 15 of Ultraseven, the only material that is able to counter Pedanium is the Ryton R30. This is evidenced when it was fired upon, causing King Joe to respond by ceasing its motion and tremble into explosion.
    • In Ultraman Z, it is revealed that King Joe's connection joints are its weak points and can be attacked when it is separated.
Powers and Weapons
  • Dest Ray (デスト・レイ Desuto Rei)/Eldritch Shot (怪光線 Kai Kōsen)[8]: King Joe can fire two electrical bolts from its eyes, that combine into one. The color may vary between appearances.
  • Separation Ships: King Joe can separate into four ships at will. These ships can fly at incredible speeds. The separation and reformation only take mere seconds.
    • Separative Eldritch Shot (分離怪光線 Bunri Kai Kōsen)/Separative Destructive Rays (分離破壊光線 Bunri Hakai Kōsen): In its separative ship form, all ships can launch the Eldritch Shot separately. These can also combine into one powerful beam of energy.
  • Super Strength: King Joe is capable of lifting heavy objects, such as those of a delivery ship whose weight is 100,000 t.
  • Escape Saucer: the first King Joe's torso contained a saucer bay which allows its pilot(s) to escape via a circular saucer should King Joe be destroyed in battle.
  • Pedanium (ペダニウム Pedaniumu): King Joe's body is made up of a special metal armor called Pedanium, a type of alloy used by Alien Pedan. The metal is extremely strong and is completely impervious to all but the strongest attacks, even Ultraseven's Eye Slugger. This also gives him enough strength to toss opponents by simply countering their moves.
    • Underwater Adaptation: Presumed to be a result of the Pedan's science, each of King Joe's ships (or presumably the robot itself) can normally operate underwater in a similar way to submarines.
  • Pedanium Shutter (ペダニウム・シャッター Pedaniumu Shattā): King Joe can surround its body in a shield of energy, capable of blocking attacks like Ultraseven's Emerium Beam, and zapping foes on contact.
  • Autopilot: Although the model in Ultraseven and Ultraman Max were shown to be piloted by alien invaders, succeeding models and future appearances suggested that King Joe possess the ability to be set into autopilot, carrying orders through programming.
Ultraman R/B
  • Pedanium Tractor (ペダニウム・トラクター Pedaniumu Torakutā): A tractor beam used to abduct people into its cockpit.
  • Pedanium Gas (ペダニウムガス Pedaniumu Gasu): Makoto Aizen's version of King Joe can unleash a gas capable of killing exposed captives within 10 minutes. This would have killed Asahi had Saki not healed her.
  • Mount Chop Barrage (マウントチョップ連打 Maunto Choppu Renda): King Joe jumps and sits onto the opponent before it sends a barrage of chop attacks. This is an allusion to its first battle with Ultraseven.
  • Pedanium Special (ペダニウムスペシャル Pedaniumu Supesharu): A tag-team attack with King Joe Black. Both King Joe models fire their Eldritch Shot in unison.
Ultraman Festival 2009

In Ultraman Festival 2009, King Joe was given multiple arm attachments to entertain the spectators by choosing their ideal ones.

  • Right Arm:
    • King Joe Drill (キングジョードリル Kingu Jō Doriru)
    • Pedanium Blade (ペダニウムブレード Pedaniumu Burēdo)
    • Emerium Beam Cannon (エメリウムビームキャノン Emeriumu Bīmu Kyanon)
  • Left Arm:
    • Ultra Power Shovel (ウルトラパワーショべル Urutora Pawā Shoberu)
    • Pedanium Shield (ペダニウムシールド Pedaniumu Shīrudo)
    • King Metal Hammer (キングメタルハンマー Kingu Metaru Hanmā)

Remodeled King Joe

Re King Joe.jpg

  • Height: 56 m
  • Weight: 96,000 t
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Strength: 60 million horsepower
  • Weakness: The Remodeled King Joe is controlled by a controller device worn by the Remodeled Alien Nackle.
Powers and Weapons
  • Brute Strength: Although the original King Joe was already a brutish fighter, the Gua Army's modification allow it to become 30 times stronger than how it used to be.
  • Electricity Bolt: From the antennae on both of its ears, King Joe can unleash 5 million volts of electricity.
  • Flaming Car Tactic (火炎車戦法 Kaen-sha Senpō): A combination technique used alongside all of the revived Remodeled battalions of the Gua Army. To do this, King Joe and the Remodeled battalions form a circle to trap their targets and run around to create a whirlpool of fire.

King Joe II

King Joe II

  • Height: 56 m
  • Weight: 49,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Pedan → dock in Heavy New Konan Industry
Powers and Weapons
  • Dest Ray (デスト・レイ Desuto Rei)/Eldritch Shot (怪光線 Kaikō-sen)[8]: King Joe can fire two electrical bolts from its eyes, that combines into one. Unlike the original, the color of this attack is now blue.
  • Enhanced Speed and Agility: Thanks to the modifications made by the New Konan Heavy Ariake factory, King Joe II's speed and agility increased greatly where he was able to separate into four ships and reform in a quick succession unlike the original.
  • Separation Ships: When needed, King Joe II can become four different ships at will and separate itself into four different, separate attack spaceships at incredible speeds and allow him to fly through the air at fast speeds, each capable of swimming, flying, and shooting energy bolts. He's been shown to do this in less than a second, and reforming at the same speeds also in just a few seconds. While in this form each King Joe attack ship can fire homing missiles and a missile-strength bolt of electricity.
  • Pedanium (ペダニウム Pedaniumu): King Joe II's body is made up of a special metal armor called Pedanium, a type of alloy used by Alien Pedan. The metal is extremely strong and being completely impervious to all but the strongest attacks, even Ultraseven's Eye Slugger. This also gives him enough strength to toss opponents by simply countering their moves.

King Joe (small)

King Joe small.png

  • Height: 2 m
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Atomic Reconstruction: The small King Joe can return to its original giant size by spinning rapidly in midair.

King Joe

King Joe

  • Height: 56 m
  • Weight: 50,000 t
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • King Rapid-firing Cannon (キング連射砲 Kingu Rensha-hō): King Joe can fire two electrical bolts from its eyes, that combines into one.
  • King Punch (キングパンチ Kingu Panchi): A punching attack.
  • Zettonium (ゼットンニウム Zettoniumu): Since this King Joe is under ownership of Alien Zetton, he is built from the mineral of Planet Zetton, hence the differences of its interior mechanism compared to original model.
    • Atomic Reconstruction: Thanks to the Zettonium metal's properties, King Joe can reconstitute itself within atomic scale.
      • Size Change: King Joe can disguise itself as a harmless remote controlled man-sized robot. This diminutive form is rather different compared to its gigantic proportions.
      • Separation Ships: Like the original King Joe, this model can separate into four different ships. The only differences is that two of its components are left and right legs instead of waist and lower leg. These parts also bore their own individual names:
        • Head & Limb: King Alpha (キングアルファー Kingu Arufā)
        • Torso: King Beta (キングベーター Kingu Bētā)
        • Right leg: King Gamma (キングガンマー Kingu Ganmā)
        • Left leg: King Delta (キングデルタ Kingu Deruta)
      • Durability: The Zettonium metal is capable of surviving aerial assaults and being used as a ramming attack. It however falls down to the Max Galaxy's Galaxy Cannon.

King Joe Black

King Joe Black

  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 50,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Pedan
  • Attack: 1400 (Galaxy), 1200 (NEO)
  • Defense: 1600 (Galaxy), 1400 (NEO)
  • Speed: 400 (Galaxy), 400 (NEO)
Powers and Weapons
  • King Joe Black Flight Mode (キングジョーブラック飛行形態 Kingu Jō Burakku Hikō Keitai): King Joe Black can separate its body into four sections within seconds. This not only allows him to fly long distances, even in space, but can also be used to escape enemy attacks.
    • Separative Eldritch Shot (分離怪光線 Bunri Kaikō-sen): In its separative ship form, all ships can launch the Eldritch Shot in unison.
    • Hyper Pedanium Buster (ハイパーペダニウムバスター Haipā Pedaniumu Basutā): Fired from his arm cannon, King Joe Black can launch a powerful, large, purple orb blast of energy from his arm cannon when in Flight Mode. Each unit releases energy and it meets at the cannon. This orb is capable of following an opponent’s every move before striking, homing in on its enemies, and has enough power to rival Gomora's Super Oscillatory Wave and kill monsters in one shot.
  • Pedanium Launcher (ペダニウムランチャー Pedaniumu Ranchā): King Joe Black is equipped with a large cannon as in place of a right hand/arm. This cannon is extremely powerful, able to create massive explosions just as big as he and can fire missile-strength shots in rapid succession that can destroy most monsters in a single shot and also bring down monsters like Gomora, Litra, and Eleking in a single assault. Not only does this cannon work well as a ranged attack, but it can also even be used as an effective melee weapon, swung as if a hammer, bludgeoning his opponents.
    • Pedanium Air Raid (ペダニウムエアレイド Pedaniumu Ea Reido): King Joe Black fires rapidly at targets while flying.
    • Launcher Ray: In Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie, King Joe Black was able to fire a powerful purple colored ray from the Pedanium Launcher. This could be exclusive to its revived state.
  • Pedanium (ペダニウム Pedaniumu): King Joe Black's body has and is made up of a highly reinforced, special metal armor, called Pedanium, a type of alloy used by Alien Pedan. The metal is extremely strong and being completely impervious to even the toughest of attacks. It can withstand nearly any physical attack and also allows him to stand up to powerful assaults like Gomora's Super Oscillatory Wave, Litra's fireballs, and Eleking's electric discs at once and not receive so much as a scratch. Most physical attacks have little to no effect and can simply swipe attacks like Zetton's rechannel ray. This also gives him enough strength to toss opponents by simply countering their moves.
  • Hyper Dest Ray (ハイパーデスト・レイ Haipā Desuto Rei): King Joe Black can fire two electrical bolts from its eyes, the bolts will then come together and combine into a missile-strength energy bolt of electricity.
  • Pedanium Hurricane (ペダニウムハリケーン Pedaniumu Harikēn): King Joe Black spins while firing with his Pedanium Launcher.
  • Pedanium Special (ペダニウムスペシャル Pedaniumu Supesharu): A tag-team attack with a normal King Joe. Both King Joe models fire their Eldritch Shot in unison.

King Joe Scarlet


  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Planet Pedan
Powers and Weapons
  • Pedanium Lancer (ペダニウムランサー Pedaniumu Ransā): King Joe Scarlet's right hand has a lance that can be used in both direct and long range combat. For its finishing move, King Joe Scarlet can charge the weapon with energy before striking the opponent.

King Joe (Newest Model)

King Joe (Newest Model)

  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 48,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Molisiss
  • Weakness: Despite the superiority this King Joe held, its attack range is reduced to players who run counterclockwise.
Powers and Weapons
  • Pedanium Launcher (ペダニウムランチャー Pedaniumu Ranchā): King Joe's main arm cannon.
  • Pedanium Blade (ペダニウムブレード Pedaniumu Burēdo): King Joe's alternate weapon, an arm blade which can be switched from the Pedanium Launcher to Pedanium Blade. The blade itself is absurdly sharp and can cut through almost any material.
  • Enhancement Program (強化プログラム Kyōka Puroguramu): Should King Joe received injuries, its attack would gradually increase.
  • Overboost (オーバーブースト Ōbābūsuto): If King Joe received heavy damage or its life gauge nearing depletion, King Joe can activate Overboost, a failsafe program that instantly heightens the strength of its attacks.

Plasma Metal King Joe

Plasma Metal King Joe render.png
Plasma Metal King Joe (プラズマメタルキングジョー Purazuma Metaru Kingu Jō) is one of the bosses of Mega Monster Rush: Ultra Frontier. It was stated to be a normal King Joe whose interior taps into the power of Plasma Soul, causing its entire body to undergo a major reconstruction.

  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Unknown

Orichalcum King Joe

Orichalcum King Joe

Orichalcum King Joe (オリハルコンキングジョー Oriharukon Kingu Jō) is one of the hidden bosses of Mega Monster Rush: Ultra Frontier. It basically shares the same history as Plasma Metal King Joe, only that instead of a Plasma Metal, a rare Orichalcum-type Plasma Soul reacted with its interior.

  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Unknown

King Joe Custom

King Joe Custom

  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 50,000 t
  • Origin: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Pedanium Launcher (ペダニウムランチャー Pedaniumu Ranchā): King Joe Custom is equipped with a large cannon as in place of a right hand.
Ultraman Festival 2015
  • Separation Ships: King Joe can separate its body into four sections within seconds. This not only allows him to fly long distances, even in space, but can also be used to escape enemy attacks.
    • Separative Eldritch Shot (分離怪光線 Bunri Kaikō-sen): In this state, the King Joe Custom can launch its infamous lightning bolt attack at the opponent.

Cyber King Joe

Cyber King Joe

  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 48,000 t
  • Origin: Xio headquarters
  • Cyber Power: 18/25
Powers and Weapons
  • King Joe Destroy Cannon (キングジョーデストレイ砲 Kingu Jō Desutorei Hō): Cyber King Joe's main attack, launching a powerful red laser.

Perfect King Joe

Perfect King Joe

Perfect King Joe (パーフェクトキングジョー Pāfekuto Kingu Jō) is a robot that appears in the second stage of Ultraman Festival 2017. It was built by an Alien Pedan with the collaboration of three other aliens, who contributed their invasion robots' parts.

  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Cannons: From Iron Rocks, King Joe possess three barrel cannons on its back.
  • Tail Whip: From Nurse's own torso.
  • Pincer: From Crazygon's pincer, although King Joe incorporates it to its left arm instead of right.

King Joe STORAGE Custom (キングジョー ストレイジカスタム Kingu Jō Sutoreiji Kasutamu) is the third robot from STORAGE's SAA Unit. After capturing and analyzing Alien Barossa's King Joe, it was reverse engineered for STORAGE to create their own take of the invasion robot, now having the ability to be reconfigured into three modes.[9]

King Joe STORAGE Custom (Robot Mode)

King Joe STORAGE Custom (Robot Mode)

Robot Mode (ロボットモード Robotto Mōdo) is King Joe STORAGE Custom's default mode, taking the form of a humanoid robot. It is designated the High Mobility Bipedal Walking Type (高機動二足歩行型 Kō kidō Nisoku Hokō-gata).[1]

  • Height: 58 m
  • Weight: 50,000 t
  • Origin: Earth
  • Weaknesses:
    • Due to its use of Planet Pedan's technology, King Joe STORAGE Custom is harder to control by normal Earthlings due to its faster reaction time, which has Yoko liken it to a "wild horse".
    • The Pedanium Particle Cannon's charged firing attack is fatal enough to overheat the engine system and causing King Joe to topple down from the damage. This weakness was fixed by Yuka, but doing so only allows the robot to fire the charged attack twice per each sortie.
    • As Inaba pointed out even before its sortie, despite being made of Pedanium, the King Joe is not a compatible user of D4 Ray. True to his words, a single firepower damages about 80% of its internal systems.
Powers and Weapons
  • Pedanium Engine (ペダニウムエンジン Pedaniumu Enjin): The SC Unit's engine, which makes it 5 times more powerful than Windom's and is overall three times more responsive.[1]
  • Flight: King Joe STORAGE Custom has a jetpack installed on its back, that allows it to fly.
  • Pedanium Particle Cannon (ペダニウム粒子砲 Pedaniumu Ryūshi-hō): An cannon built into the right arm; its measurements are 26 caliber and 750 mm. It is used to fire a concentrated beam of energy, or rapid fire howitzer shots.[1]
  • Pedanium Guided Missiles (ペダニウム誘導弾 Pedaniumu Yūdō-Dan): King Joe can fire a volley of missiles from the barrels on its back. They have a range of 100 km. Its full name is Multiple Launch Pedanium Rocket System (多連装ペダニウム誘導弾発射システム Tarensō Pedaniumu Yūdō-dan Hassha Shisutemu), shortened as MPLRS.[1]
  • Pedanium Hammer (ペダニウムハンマー Pedaniumu Hanmā): A catcher claw on the left arm, which can be extended to attack an opponent. Its full name is Close In Iron Fist Attack System (近接鉄拳攻撃システム Kinsetsu Tekken Kōgeki Shisutemu)[9][1]
  • Reconfiguration: King Joe can separate into different mechas and/or reform into Tank Mode.[9][1]
  • Pedanium Shield (ペダニウムシールド Pedaniumu Shīrudo): King Joe STORAGE Custom emits an energy barrier from its chest. However, it is not strong enough to withstand Ultraman Z's Zestium Beam.
  • Anesthesia Missile: Located on the right side of its shoulder, the missile port is capable of firing a bullet that explodes upon impact, releasing anesthesia gases that render the monster of the same size unconscious
  • D4 Ray (D4ディーフォーレイ Dī Fō Rei): Outfitted under orders of the GAF executives, the D4 is an experimental superweapon developed using Yapool's extradimensional portal from Baraba's remains. After the prototype's detonation test was successful, a second D4 was installed into King Joe as the D4 Ray, this time configured as an energy projectile. When fired, the D4 Ray obliterates everything in its path, and has the dangerous side effect of initiating a dimensional collapse event, as the sheer energy released has the power to rip the fabric of time and space. In addition, the recoil from a single shot crippled King Joe to the point of having up to 80% of its internal systems damaged.

King Joe STORAGE Custom (Separate Mode)

Separate Mode (セパレートモード Separēto Mōdo) is King Joe STORAGE Custom's alternate mode, separated into four vehicles. The pilot sits in the Core Ship and controls the other components via voice commands. It is designated the Tactical Separation Combat Type (戦術分離戦闘型 Senjutsu Bunri Sentō-gata).[1]

  • Head Fighter (ヘッドファイター Heddo Faitā): King Joe STORAGE Custom's headpiece, which fires Pedanium Guided Missiles (ペダニウム誘導弾 Pedaniumu Yūdō-Dan) from its backpack.
  • Breast Tank (ブレストタンク Buresuto Tanku): The centerpiece, which houses both the Pedanium Particle Cannon (ペダニウム粒子砲 Pedaniumu Ryūshi-hō) and Pedanium Hammer (ペダニウムハンマー Pedaniumu Hanmā).
  • Core Ship (コアシップ Koa Shippu): The main connecting unit. It is also where the pilot sits in and controls the other unmanned units. Specialized as a command unit, it is unarmed.[10]
  • Leg Carrier (レッグキャリアー Reggu Kyariā): A large carrier vehicle that can transport Kaiju. It is armed with two triple-barrel rapid-firing guns that can also fire smoke grenades.

King Joe STORAGE Custom (Tank Mode)

King Joe STORAGE Custom (Tank Mode)

Tank Mode (タンクモード Tanku Mōdo) is King Joe STORAGE Custom's alternate combination, taking the form of a tank. This configuration of King Joe STORAGE Custom is designated the Self-Propelled Multipurpose Weapon Mode (自走多目的兵装型 Jisō Tamokuteki Heisō-gata).[1]

Powers and Weapons
  • Pedanium Particle Cannon (ペダニウム粒子砲 Pedaniumu Ryūshi-hō): An cannon built into the right arm; its measurements are 26 caliber and 750 mm. It is used to fire a concentrated beam of energy, or rapid fire howitzer shots.
  • Pedanium Guided Missiles (ペダニウム誘導弾 Pedaniumu Yūdō-Dan): King Joe can fire a volley of missiles from the barrels on its back. They have a range of 100 km. Its full name is Multiple Launch Pedanium Rocket System (多連装ペダニウム誘導弾発射システム Tarensō Pedaniumu Yūdō-dan Hassha Shisutemu), shortened as MPLRS.
  • Pedanium Hammer (ペダニウムハンマー Pedaniumu Hanmā): A catcher claw on the left arm, which can be extended to attack an opponent. Its full name is Close In Iron Fist Attack System (近接鉄拳攻撃システム Kinsetsu Tekken Kōgeki Shisutemu).
  • Salvo Fire: King Joe STORAGE Custom fires all its weapons at once.
  • Smoke Grenades: King Joe STORAGE Custom launches smoke grenades from the Leg Carrier's guns to conceal itself.
  • Reconfiguration: Due to enhanced modifications, King Joe can separate and/or reform into Robot Mode.

Spark Doll

"MonsLive, King Joe!"

―MonsLive announcement via the Chibull Spark

"UlTrans, King Joe Launcher!"

―UlTrans announcement via the Victory Lancer


King Joe's Spark Doll was used in Ultraman Ginga S, where the item was revealed as part of Alien Chibull Exceller's collection. He gave it to Alien Guts Vorst for him to MonsLive with the Chibull Spark until it was lost to Sho, who used it for his own reasons.

  • Height: 14 cm
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Alien Guts Vorst used it to MonsLive into the said robot to aid the Inpelaizers in fighting Ultraman Victory before losing to Ultraman Ginga Strium.
  • As Ultraman Victory, Sho used the doll to UlTrans with his Victory Lancer to turn his right arm into the weapon of King Joe Custom, King Joe Launcher (キングジョーランチャー Kingu Jō Rauncha). He used it against Gudon, Vakishim, Gan-Q, his clones, Birdon, Vict Lugiel, Aribunta, and Alien Magma.
  • King Joe Custom was among the three Spark Dolls that Hikaru borrowed from Sho while the other UPG members were busy reviving Ginga and Victory. As the last Spark Doll to be used, Hikaru/King Joe Custom fired at Five King but the bullets were repelled and destroyed. King Joe was finally replaced with Ginga in the end.
  • Yapool took the data taken from studying Victory's UlTrans and used it to modify Victory Killer so that he can use the King Joe Launcher. First used on Ultraman Ace.

Other Media

Ultra Zone

King Joe appeared in Ultra Zone performing on a live talk show with Nurse as puppets.

Mega Monster Rush Ultra Frontier

A Plasma Kaiju King Joe made an appearance in the TV Short Series version of the Ultra Frontier Arcade game. This particular King Joe was one of the hardest Plasma Kaiju to defeat due to its Plasma Soul only appearing when it combines or releases its parts. Guts Gunner Garm had a personal vendetta against this particular Plasma Kaiju due to it being the cause of his brother's demise. After being injured when King Joe attacked the asteroid they were hiding, Magma Master Magna took his place in sniping the Plasma Soul. Magna successfully destroyed the Kaiju with the help of Baltan Battler・Barel, who purposely let himself get defeated to install his Thunder Boomerang on the unsuspecting King Joe's connection joints, leaving a clear opening in the Plasma Kaiju's body. It reappeared at the end of Plasma Killersaurus Hunting alongside Red King, Dinosaur Tank, Antlar, Eleking, Verokron, Neronga, Gandar, and Super Earth Gomora and about to face off against the trio and along with many Alien Metron, Waroga, Kyrieloid, Alien Zarab, other Alien Guts, Alien Babarue, Alien Chibull in exosuits, Yapool, Alien Temperor, Alien Nackle, and other Alien Magma.

Ultraman: Another Genesis

The Another Genesis version of King Joe is a giant robot whose gigantic even to a normal Ultra.

Ultraman Story 0

Manga King Joe

KingJoe Story0.jpeg

King Joe appeared, with his masters, the Alien Pedans, attacking Planet Buffalo. He fought and defeated Ultraseven in space, sending him falling to the planet. He later abducted several of the cow like creatures native to the planet for his master's tests.

Later he fought with Miclas, breaking of his horn, and fought with Ultraseven who eventually fell victim to the planet's cold weather. Seven was saved when Miclas used his fire breath to pierce the clouds and provide sunlight, and he then defeated King Joe, using a boomerang made from Miclas's horn (the creature Miclas mutated from was known for having incredibly strong horns), which pierced his strong armor and destroyed the robots and its masters together.

Kaiju Busters

King Joe appears in the game among the many Kaiju that the player may fight in combat.

King Joe is seen in two different forms, one being the normal design, while the other is designated as the King Joe (Newest Model) (キングジョー(最新型) Kingu Jō (Saishin-gata)). The "Newest Version" has notable design variations, such as purple eyes and an arm that rotates between being a gun and a blade.

Cultural References

Haitai Nanafa

Alien Temperor, Eleking, and King Joe in Haitai Nanafa

A moe anthropomorphism of King Joe appears in episode 20 of anime Haitai Nanafa.


HG Ultraman Series

King Joe's table cockpit with Alien Pedan

  • King Joe table cockpit (HG Ultraman Series, 2014)
    • Release Date: 2014/7/25
      • Shipping Date: 2014/11 (Estimated)
    • Material: PVC・ABS
    • Age recommendation: 15 years and up
    • Size:
      • Chair: About 25 X 35 X 95 mm
      • Table:
        • Diameter: 130 mm
        • Height: 80 mm
    • Made in: China

As part of the "HG Ultraman Series" gashapon toy celebration, three sets of aliens that had fought the Showa Ultras, Yapool Man, Alien Pedan and Black Directive was released. The set can be sold on available gashapon machines at Japan while shipping would be available in November 2014.

Alien Pedan was released alongside with a table cockpit that used to pilot King Joe.

NOTE: The picture shown was a prototype as of the actual figure might appear to be different.


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Dada Team
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'The Man Who Stole The Black Hole' Jugglus Juggler | Biranki | Gango | Balloonga/Balloonga Bomb
'Fierce Battle! Ishtal Civilization' Jugglus Juggler/Nuru Ra Hotep | Dodongo | Mummy Monsters | Magatanothor
'From Rusalka With Love' Kingsaurus II | Super C.O.V. | Pris-Ma | Maga-Zetton | Jugglus Juggler | Three-meter Aliens | Biranki | Hungler
'The Wandering Sun' (Ultraman Orb) Peguila | Maga-Zetton | Maga-Basser | Jugglus Juggler | Maga-Grand King | Maga-Jappa | Maga-Pandon | Alien Zetton Maddock | Hyper Zetton Deathscythe | Alien Mefilas Nostra | Alien Nackle Nagus | Alien Metron Tarude | Aribunta | Hoe | Ragon Parent | Ragon Child | Gubila | Alien Babarue Babaryu/Imitation Ultraman Orb | Telesdon | Kelbim | Black King | Maga-Orochi | Galactron | Zeppandon | Alien Zelan | Alien Shaplay Katarohi | Bemular (Empowered) | Renki (Crimson Lotus Knight) | Maya | Hyper Zetton Deathscythe (Reserver) | Alien Pitt Myu | Nova | Black Directive | Kamaitadon (Mentioned) | Demaaga | Gomess (S) | Magatano-Orochi
'Space Witch Murnau's Counterattack, Sadis' Return' (Ultraman Orb The Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds!) Galactron | Alien Ckalutch | Cicada Woman | Galmess | Hupnath | Jugglus Juggler | Murnau | Alien Gapiya Sadis | Alien Temperor Batista | Alien Hipporit Callisto | Alien Guts Doppel | Alien Serpent | Lecuum | Darebolic | Zeppandon
'Super Sky Great Violent-beast Desastro' Desastro
'Messengers of the Netherworld Mage' (Ultra Fight Orb) Reibatos | Juda Spectre | Demaaga | Mecha Gomora | Vict Lugiel | King Joe | Birdon | Gudon | Twin Tail | Hyper Zetton | Tyrant
'Migrating Birds, Go To The Sky' Biranki | Jugglus Juggler
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Ultraman Z Gomess | Sevenger | Genegarg | Bullton | Celebro | Neronga | Majappa | Bemstar | Segmeger | Windom | Guigass | Gomora | Telesdon | Erimaki-Telesdon | Peguila | Jugglus Juggler | Zeppandon | Gillvalis | Alien Pegassa Pega | Valis Raider | Skull Gomora | Thunder Killer | Pedanium Zetton | Alien Pitt | Tri-King | Five King | King Joe | Alien Barossa | Red King A & B | Giestron | Grigio Raiden | Kanegon | Greeza | Horoboros | Metsuboros | Alien Barossa II | Pagos | Kemur | Baraba | M1 | Kelbim | Mother Kelbim | Alien Barossa III | Ultroid Zero | Takkong | King Guesra | Demaaga | Gomess (S) | Destrudos
Fight! Sevenger Sevenger | Jugglus Juggler | Crazygon | Diplas | Jirangon | Majaba | Red Smogy | Samekujira | Idatenran | Vortex Fire | SC-2 Prototype Machine | Gakuma | Ashuran
Sevenger Fight Sevenger | Jugglus Juggler | Jirahs | Alt-Helzzking | Eleking | Dancan | Pigmon | Garamon | Gazort | Reconstructed Pandon | Alien Icarus | Gandar | Alien Ghose | Beam Missile King | Pestar | Satan Beetle | Alien Boze | Alien Akumania | Alien Kettle | Oni-on
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Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga Golba | Alien Metron Marluru | Gymaira | Lishurian (Ignis) | Gazort | Oka-Gubila | Deban | Deathdrago | Satandelos | Alien Barossa IV | King Joe STORAGE Custom | Space Sevenger | Bullton | Baby Zandrias Kedamya | The Other's sea bream | Okorin Ball Parasite | Small Desimonia | Dada PDO-3 | Gargorgon | Zaragas | Absolute Diavolo | Absolute Tartarus | Darebolic | Nurse | Metsu-Orga | Metsu-Orochi | Segmeger | Golba II | Kyrieloid | Barriguiler | Aboras | Banila | Mecha Musashin | Megalothor | Gomora | Telesdon | Pagos | Arstron
Episode Z Alien Metron Marluru | Ignis | Celebro | Pagos | Gazort | Genegarg | Deathdrago | Destrudos
Secret Origins of the Nursedessei Alien Metron Marluru | Alien Magma | Alien Pedan | Ghighi Doctor | Cicada Man | Alien Wild Zagar | Alien Pitt | Alien Zetton