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The King Bracelet (キングブレスレット Kingu Buresuretto) is Ultraman Taro's personal Ultra Bracelet. Originally the Taro Bracelet (タロウブレスレット Tarou Buresuretto), the upgraded brace was given to Taro by Mother of Ultra after the latter died during a battle with Birdon.


King Bracelet
  • Diameter: 1.6 m
  • Thickness: 55 cm
  • Weight: 3.5 t


  • Bracelet Lancer (ブレスレットランサー Buresuretto Ransā): Taro can change his Taro Bracelet into a double-ended spear-like weapon and throw it at monsters.
  • Set Ray (セット光線 Setto Kōsen): The Taro Bracelet binds the mouth of the enemy.
  • Push Return Ray (プッシュリターン光線 Pusshu Ritān Kōsen): A barrier of stars that reflects any projectile attack. Taro can also use this technique by himself.

  • Size Increase: The king bracelet will grow in size to be used as several different items.
    • Muzzle Effect: The bracer increases in size and is used as a muzzle. Used against Birdon.
  • Bracelet Beam (ブレスレットビーム Buresuretto Bīmu): Taro can fire a blue beam from his bracelet.
  • Red Beam (レッドビーム Reddo Bīmu): Taro can fire a red beam from his bracelet.
  • Taro Rings (タロウリング Tarō Ringu): Taro can fire blue rings from his both hands using his bracelet. Used to revive Pandora and her son.
  • Ultra Thawing (ウルトラ解凍 Urutora Kaitō): While being frozen, Taro can use his King Bracelet to melt the ice by reflecting light from the sun.
  • Taro Cutter (タロウカッター Tarō Kattā): Ultraman Taro can fire twin slicers from his King Bracelet.
  • Taro Split (タロウスプリット Tarō Supuritto): Taro uses his King Bracelet to create an illusory copy of himself to trick enemies. Used on Birdon to trick it into flying into an active volcano.
  • Toxin removal: Taro use the enlarge King Bracelet to cure any individual of toxins within their body.
  • Taro Barrier: Forms a tiny spark wrist barrier that blocked Mefilas' eye beam.
    • Magic Hand (マジックハンド Majikku Hando): An extendable plier object.
  • Ultra Lance (ウルトラランス Urutora Ransu): The King Bracelet is able to charge objects with power.[1] This was done to Tyrant's Barabba Whip, which Taro used to impale the Kaiju.
  • Bracelet Sword (ブレスレットソード Buresuretto Sōdo) (Unused): The King Bracelet can be turned into a sword.


Ultraman Taro


  • Much like the original Ultra Bracelet, it was given to their respective bearers after they were unable to fight bird-themed opponents.
  • In the 34th episode of Ultraman Leo, Ultraman Jack is seen wearing the Taro Bracelet instead of the Ultra Bracelet.


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