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Kinder (キンダー Kindā) is a Kaiju used by the alien invaders in the TV series Mirrorman.

Subtitle: Doll Monster (人形怪獣 Ningyō Kaijū)



One day Ichiro encountered a robot disguised as a clown that gave him Kinder in the form of a talking doll. Ichiro proceeded to take what he believed to be a bizarre toy to his home. Soon after Kinder knocked out Dr. Mitarai and Asako without Ichiro knowing what had happened. Kinder then managed to set the SGM testing room on fire and knocked out two members before taking pictures of a new electromagnetic beam's schematics. The Invader managed to escape the base just as the police showed up, soon being picked up by his clown disguised cohort. The police spotted and pursued them along with Kyotaro and Fujimoto into a field of tall grass. The clown robot accidentally electrocuted itself on a power box and threw Kinder to allow him to escape. Kyotaro chased Kinder into a forest where an Invader space ship fired a beam that turned him into his monster form.

While Kinder tried to stomp on Kyotaro he used Fujimoto's flashlight to transform into Mirrorman. The hero assaulted the invader with a series of punches and kicks, Kinder retaliated via a rocket propelled crescent from the left side of his head, hitting Mirrorman's right hand. This allowed him to web up the hero and bash him using his long claws. The sun rose, blinding Kinder long enough for Mirrorman to kick him into a nearby power station that erupted in an explosion. The fight continued with Mirrorman having the upper hand as he landed more hits followed by using the Slicer H to cut off Kinder's ears and finishing him off with the Silver Cross.


  • Kinder's roar is an edited Godzilla roar that would be used frequently in series like Redman.

Mirror Fight

Kinder appeared in episode 33 of Mirror Fight. Stock footage of his fight in Mirrorman were reused in this series.


  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 22,000 t
  • Origin: Planet X
Powers and Weapons
  • Crescent Launch: From the side of his head, Kinder can launch a rocket propelled crescent shaped part of the decoration that can slice through trees.
  • Webs: Kinder can shoot out webs from his mouth.
  • Doll Disguise: Kinder can disguise himself as a talking toy doll.
    • Eye Flash: While in this form it can emit flashes from the left eye that can knock a human out.


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