Home world: Space
Planet Earth (Second Home)
First Appearance: Ultraman Great Episode 12 "It's Name Was Destruction"
Latest Appearance: Ultraman Great Episode 13 "Eternal Hero"
Height: 120 m
Weight: 82,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Kodalar (Partner)
Roar(s): {{{Roar(s)}}}

Kilazee (シラリー, Shirarī) alternatively known as Shiralee or Shilagi is a kaiju that appeared in the series, Ultraman: Towards the Future. He appeared in Episodes 12 and 13, the two-part finale to the series.

Subtitle: Legendary Space Monster (伝説宇宙怪獣, Densetsu Uchū Kaijū)


Ultraman: Towards the Future

Kilazee is an ancient beast which lived on Earth many years ago, with the purpose of looking after the planet. For an unknown reason, it traveled to Space, and there it rested for thousands of years. After Kodalar wakes up, he signaled Kilazee to join him in the process of wiping out humanity to clean the Earth. Once UMA was on Kilazee's case, they desperately tried to end his threat quickly by firing a Nuke at the kaiju, but the blast shockingly did no harm to Kilazee. As his presence approached, Kilazee called to Kodalar to join him at the Australian Mountains to destroy humanity together.

Upon landing, Kilazee meets Kodalar, and together both kaiju waged war on humanity, with UMA as their own opposition. Ultraman Great returned, but with two kaiju against him, the odds were stacked against the Ultra. As Kodalar was distracted (and eventually defeated) by UMA, Kilazee was left alone in battling the Ultra. At first, it seemed the battle was evenly matched, but Ultraman Great quickly ended the fight by using a combination of his Great Slicer and the Star Beam, killing Kilazee reasonably fast. After the battle was over, Great respectfully carried Kilazee back into space, and separated from his host.


  • Kilazee's armor's strength is considered debatable on just how tough it truly is. It is seen being able to withstand a nuclear missile being fired at him point-blank, yet in his battle with Great he is killed by the Ultra's Great Slicer.
  • Kilazee, alongside Kodalar, can be considered as an Earth Defender, who was unfortunately killed because their efforts to protect the Earth got in the way of the Humans.
  • Kilazee's roar is a slightly modified Gerukadon roar.
  • It has been rumored that Kilazee's design was based on a concept for Bagan, an unused Toho kaiju that was set to appear in at least 3 Toho films that never saw the light of day.
  • Kilazee shares characteristics with several other popular monsters from other film studios, including Kadokawa and Toho's Bagan.

Powers and Weapons

  • Eye Lasers: Kilazee can fire light red energy darts from his eyes, highly explosive.
  • Hand Lasers: Kilazee can fire light red blasts from his gun-like hands, medium powered.
  • Flames: Kilazee can fire a stream of deadly flames from his mouth
  • Armor: Kilazee's armor is power enough to withstand a nuclear warhead and not suffer any noticeable damage.
  • Flight: Kilazee's wings give him flight, both in the air and in space.

Figure Release Information

The Bandai Kilazee is considerably rarer than his DreamWorks counterpart, which can be found online for around $20 USD.

Video Game Appearances

Ultraman: Towards the Future

Kilazee is the final opponent fought by the player in Ultraman: Towards the Future. He fights using the same techniques as he does in the show, and is the hardest character to throw around.

Oddly, in this game only, Kilazee's colours are much brighter. The front of his body and his 'turrets' are coloured Beige, whilst the back of his body, arms and legs are coloured pink. His wings are also coloured purple.


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