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Kenji Tabate (田端 健二 Tabata Kenji) is a character in Ultraman Gaia. He was portrayed by Hiroshi Tsuburaya.


Kenji Tabate was the director of the KBC News bureau, and was skeptic of GUARD, secretly analysed them and XIG. He lives by the creed "properly investigate the facts", and is known to dash bravely into dangerous sites, he also has a strong coverage attitude and will bite at the boss when asking questions to get to the truth. He acts tough to Rinbun, but on the other hand is friendly with Reiko Yoshii. In the final episode, he, along with Reiko and Rinbun, played a critical role in influencing the fate of humankind, by reporting the battle between the Ultramen and Zog.

In Ultraman Gaia: Gaia Again, it was mentioned that he was doing interviews in Bosnia.