Kendaurus (ケンダウルス Kendaurusu) is a Kaiju created by Satan Go-Ne that appeared in episode 38 of Jumborg Ace.

Subtitle: Command Monster (コマンド怪獣 Komando Kaijū)


Jumborg Ace

Kendaurus was the latest of Satan Go-Ne's monsters to be sent to Earth, this time taking a more stealthy approach to his assigned conquest of the planet. The beast took possession of a wooden mannequin that it used to hide in and travel in secret in between rampages of mass destruction.

Eventually, PAT discovered the mannequin through various reports and tracked it down into the city during day time. A small chase happened when they decapitated the wooden criminal. While it seemed like the end, Kendaurus proved the idea to be false as it rocketed the mannequin's head back upon the body and revealed its true form to destroy the attack team. Naoki transformed into Jumborg Ace and then proceeded to challenge the monster to a battle. They engaged in combat with Kendaurus being a tough opponent, the monster constantly reflecting the machine's attacks back at him with the reflective metal on its back. PAT blew it off with several missiles allowing Jumborg Ace to fight on even levels. After a bit more struggle, the hero finished off Kendaurus with the Windmill-Deadly, slicing the horrible creature in half as it fell and burnt to ash.


  • As all of Jumborg Ace's monsters have reused or modified roars, Kendaurus reuses that of Gudon.


  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 70,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Gross
  • Weakness: Once losing his horn and energy reflection wings, he will become virtually powerless.
Powers and Weapons
  • Mannequin Possession: Kendaurus can take possession and control mannequins.
  • Horn Fire: Kendaurus has a rocket-like horn that he can shoot from his head at enemies; however, this can only be done once.
  • Energy Reflection Wings: A pair of armored wings on Kendaurus's back that can fire white beams and reflect energy attacks at twice the power.


Jumborg Ace

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