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Ken Sakata (坂田 健 Sakata Ken) is a fictional character from the 1971 TV series, Return of Ultraman. He was the elder brother of Jiro Sakata and Aki Sakata. He owned a car repair shop, and was best friends with Hideki Go.


Return of Ultraman

Ken Sakata in Return of Ultraman

Ken and Hideki Go have been working on the Meteor No. 1, a racing car that, if completed, will take the world by storm. When Go apparently dies after saving a boy from falling rubble caused by a monster, he burns the Meteor out of grief. Afterwards, when Go is revived by Ultraman Jack and goes back to his shop, he tells Go that he has a new job at MAT.

In episode 37, he tries to stop Alien Nackle's henchmen from killing Aki, but is ran over and killed instantly on the spot, causing much grief to Go. He would honor their memory by defeating Nackle and Black King at last.