Kemur Man (ケムール人 Kemūru Jin) is an alien from Ultra Q.

Subtitle: Kidnapping Phantom (誘拐怪人 Yūkai Kaijin)


Ultra Q

Kemur Man was from a highly advanced species of aliens that survived as a possible next evolutionary step for humankind. Although his longevity and physical capabilities surpassed a normal human's, his body was slowly weakening by the physical toll and decided to travel back in time to find suitable humans to keep himself alive. Arriving from his distant alien world from the year 2020, Kemur Man came to Earth, kidnapping innocent lives by using goo that gave the illusion of erasing them, turning them into X-channel light waves he could absorb. Before long the invader was soon discovered. A long chase ensued, but the alien was able to effortlessly outrun a police car! He then took on a new disguise and continued on with his mission until he was again confronted. This time a small military force was put up against him, forcing him to try and escape up a ferris wheel. Another round was shot into his body, making it drop to the unforgiving ground.

Soon after slamming into the concrete, Kemur Man began to grow larger, turning into a giant. Enraged, the alien lifted up the ferris wheel and smashed it into a nearby building. The soldiers around him opened fire, but nothing could stop him. As all looked grim, X-channel light rays were fired at him from the Tokyo Tower. The light rays severely wounded the invader, making him collapse. As the world celebrated, the Kemur Man being sprayed himself with his own goo, teleporting his entire body elsewhere and safely returning his victims by using mist and returning them to normal. Challenge from the Year 2020


  • Suit actor: Bin Furuya
  • Kemur Man would inspire the alien Rekyum Man.
  • His appearence in Ultra Q was referenced by Alien Valky in New Ultraman Retsuden episode 8 in reference to his appearence in Ultraman Ginga.
  • Simillar to all Ultra Q kaiju, Kemur Man is extremely short when compared to the other Kaiju after Ultra Q.
  • The sound Kemur Man made in his original appearance was the Matango laugh in reverse.


33 - kemur

Kemur Man in Ultraman

Kemur Man reappeared in Ultraman as Kemur Man II.

Years ago, the first Kemur Man was stopped. Now, as the age of Ultraman was at its strongest, the deadly Alien Mefilas created an illusion of the creature. The giant was summoned to Tokyo along with the illusion of Alien Baltan III and Alien Zarab II. The three stood their ground before the Science Patrol, awaiting their orders. Those orders, however, never came. Alien Mefilas was not a fan of violent tactics and made his three illusions vanish into thin air. The Forbidden Words


  • Suit actor: Haruo Nakajima
  • Kemur Man II's costume is new but the head is the original's.
  • Kemur Man II's head was later used to make Alien Zetton.
  • Kemur Man II's breathing noises would later be combined with beeping to create some of Zetton's sounds.

Ultraman Ginga

A Kemur Man Spark Doll was given to a maniacal biker by Alien Valky for him to get revenge on Misuzu. Upon seeking out his prey, the biker transformed into Kemur Man before her and chased the terrified girl through an empty school building. Eventually losing her pursuant, Misuzu was granted a brief respite when she bumps into a cop on patrol. However, Kemur Man reappeared behind the unsuspecting policeman, coating him with his teleporting goo. As Kemur Man closed in on Misuzu, he was ambushed by Hikaru with a soccer ball to the head. Frustrated, the alien engaged Hikaru Raido in a one-sided brawl, with Ginga's host getting brutalized by Kemur Man. Upon seeing how Hikaru was in trouble and remembering how he had always been there for her, Misuzu mustered all her courage and assaulted Kemur Man with a mop, subsequently landing a low blow to his crotch that caused the alien to writhe around in agony.


Kemur Man in Ultraman Ginga

Annoyed and angered beyond his limits, Kemur Man finally grew into his giant form. With Ultraman Taro's timely arrival, Hikaru quickly Ultlived into Thunder Darambia to engage his now colossal foe. However, the Super Synthetic Monster was no match for Kemur Man's superior agility as his electrical attacks fail to connect. Getting cocky from it, Kemur Man exploited his speed advantage and ridiculed Thunder Darambia by farting into its face and stuffing a tree into its mouth. Deciding to put an end to Kemur Man's crazy antics, Hikaru Ultlived into Ginga. The tables immediately turned against the alien's favor as Ginga's speed far outclassed his own. After being kicked back and forth repeatedly by the warrior of light, Kemur Man was forcefully launched into space. Ginga then took to the skies and exited into space as he charged towards the frantic alien. Despite it's comical attempt to swim away, Kemur Man was ultimately caught by the hero's Ginga Fireball finisher. Reverting back into a Spark Doll, the alien fell back to Earth, landing near his traumatized and burnt biker host. A Midsummer Night's Dream

Kemur Man also appeared in the following episode, when his Spark Doll was saved by Taro after Hikaru's room was set on fire by Yuuka, King Pandon's Spark Doll host. With only one Spark Doll at his disposal, Hikaru Ultlived into Kemur Man and headed straight for his burning room. When Yuuka transformed into King Pandon, Kemur Man rose to the fight but failed to put up much of a resistance, being completely overpowered by King Pandon's fiery blasts. Weak and battered, he was then stomped on mercilessly until Hikaru Ultlived into Ginga and turned the fight against the Twin-headed Monster. Two-Headed Flame Beast

He soon reappears in episode 5 as a means for Hikaru to get into Jean-Killer's cockpit by coating himself with its teleporting goo. He is soon called back when the giant is called away. The Dream Destroyers

In episode 7, him along with many diffrent monsters are seen cheering for Ultraman Ginga as he fights Dark Galberos. The Closed World

It is likely that Kemur Man returned to space in his original form after Ultraman Ginga defeated Dark Lugiel. Your Future


  • Voice actor (SD): Koichi Toshima.
  • The suit from Ultra Zone was reused for Kemur Man's appearance in this series.
  • This is the first time Kemur Man fought an Ultra Warrior.

Ultraman X

Dark Star Cluster

K24 a

One of the Dark Star Cluster (暗黒星団 Ankoku Seidan), Kemur Man was first seen with his comrades performing robbery in a warehouse at Earth. When Alien Valky Halky's Samekujira Jolly came to Earth for its master, the team approaches Xio and Jolly's owner, demanding it until Halky challenged them for a rugby match.

Three days later in the tournament, the Dark Star Cluster participated in the rugby and scores 51 points in the first half due to cheating with their powers until Isamu's fighting spirit turns the tables in the second round. Enraged when Isamu called them no side after the game ended, they enlarged and began on a rampaging spree before Ultraman X Gomora Armor sent them to the sky with Gomora Oscillatory Wave. We Are Nebula!


Kidnapping Syndicate

K24 a 2

Another Kemur Man was a member of Dada's kidnapping syndicate, which bends on collecting ideal women on Earth for cloning with Dada's prediction that humanity is on the verge of extinction from Dark Thunder Energy.

Disguising as a drunk man whose walking to a bathhouse at night, his mission is to kidnap women with his shrink gun but before he can begin the operation, Xio members caught him and went for a chase. Kemur Man was stopped by Daichi (under Ultraman X's guidance) and apprehended by Wataru.

In the interrogation room, with almost every method failed, Captain Kamiki (dressed in a casual outfit) takes over and manages to get the information from Kemur Man after six hours by simply reminding him of his old life with his mother at his home planet. Feature Report! 24 Hours Inside Xio

Kemur Man reappeared as a Cyber Card in the final episode of Ultraman X. After Ultraman X spoke out to Gomora and striked Greeza right in the center of his chest, Kemur Man, along with all of the other Cyber Cards, traveled to X and united with him. Cyber Kemur Man's power was used to help form the Hybrid Armor and power up the Ultimate Xanadium to defeat Greeza once and for all. Kemur Man, along with the numerous other Cyber Cards and Spark Dolls, then appeared and thanked Daichi as he thanked them.The Rainbow Land



Kemur Man
Kemur Man Info
  • Height: 1.9 ~ 30 m, 55 m (Ginga)
  • Weight: 40 kg ~ 15,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Kemur
Powers and Weapons
  • Human Disguise: When on Earth, Kemur Man can disguise himself as a human to blend in with society.
  • Super Speed: Kemur Man can gallop at blinding speeds.
  • Size Change: When needed, Kemur Man can change its size from that of a man to that of a giant.
  • Teleporting Goo: Kemur Man can emit a strand of goo from the tube on its head. Once touching living tissue, it can teleport the subject into his own body. In Ultraman Ginga, it is revealed this goo teleports people to another dimension and it is shown to be highly flammable and corrosive. This goo can also be used to teleport himself.
  • Mystic Shoot (ミスティックシュート Misutikku Shūto): Kemur Man grabs a ferris wheel and throw it towards the opponent.
  • Kemur Attack (ケムールアタック Kemūru Atakku): Kemur Man rushes and attacks the opponent.
Ultraman X
  • Shrink Gun: A smaller version from what was used by Dada, this weapon was used by Kemur Man to kidnap female humans in the night.

Kemur Man II
Kemur 1
Powers and Weapons
  • None demonstrated

Cyber Kemur
Ultraman X Cyber Kemur Card

Cyber Kemur

Cyber Kemur (サイバーケムール Saibā Kemūru)

  • Height: 30 m
  • Weight: 15,000 t
  • Origin: Xio Headquarters
  • Cyber Power: TBA
Powers and Weapons
  • Acceleration: Cyber Kemur can run in an incredible speed.

Spark Doll

"Darklive, Kemur Man!"

―Kemur Man Darklived via Dark Dummy Spark.

"Ultlive, Kemur Man!"

―Kemur Man Ultlived via Ginga Spark.
Kemur Man spark doll

Kemur Man Spark Doll

Kemur Man became a Spark Doll in the conclusion of the Dark Spark War due to the Dark Spark's powers. His Spark Doll was kept in Dark Lugiel's collection, and given to Alien Valky to give to evil-hearted humans to seed chaos.

After Dark Lugiel's defeat, the Kemur Man's Spark Doll is likely to have reverted back to its original form and depart Earth to return home.

  • Height: 14 cm
  • Weight: 150 g
  • In episode 2, Kemur Man was Darklived by a mad biker to catch Misuzu Isurugi, and later battled (and won against) Thunder Darambia but after Hikaru Raido became Ultraman Ginga, Kemur Man was beaten by Ginga's Ginga Fireball.
  • In episode 3, Hikaru Ultlived into Kemur Man to extinguish the fire in his bedroom and to combat King Pandon, but lost and was swapped out for Ultraman Ginga.
  • In episode 5, Hikaru Ultlived into Kemur Man again to enter Jean Killer's cockpit, but after exposure to high voltage, Kemur Man reverted into a Spark Doll.

Other Media

Ultra Strategy, Mobilization of the Science Patrol!

In the 1992 PC game, the Kemur Men sent a biological weapon to Earth in the form of Iogon in their attempt to conquer the Earth.

Ultra Super Fight

Kemur in super fight

Kemur Man reappears several times in a compilation of comedic fights inspired by Ultra Fight, he is seen driving a car with his tobacco to avoid being caught by Ultraman giving him a car ticket, but he gets stopped and reprimanded by the Ultra. Later, he is seen relaxing near a sand dune when Astra appears, having been told by Leo that he doesn't fight very well. Astra has the idea to chase Kemur Man around in an attempt to fight him. Kemur Man makes it to the top of the dune, but falls and rolls down to the bottom of the dune, dazed but unhurt. Astra thought that he had 'won' and jumps for joy. Then, he reappears skipping along, when Ultraman bumps into him and spills a bucket of water. The two fight, and Ultraman tries to say sorry, but Kemur Man continues fighting, and the fray continues! Kemur Man picks up a wooden bat, and the two face off against each other, before deciding to fight hand to hand again. Kemur Man then summons a small bomb, and throws it at Ultraman, and the two play 'Hot Potato' with it. Eventually, Kemur puts the bomb away, and Ultraman gets bored, beginning to walk away, when the alien suddenly draws a pistol, and begins to shoot at Ultraman with it, knocking him down. Kemur Man thinks he's won, when Ultraman gets back up, and reprimands him, then punches the alien in the face, knocking him out.

Kemur Man later appears in a segment when he whacks Seven over the head with a club. Seven pauses, and Kemur Man explains himself, and then dances to distract him. Zetton appears out of nowhere and restrains Seven, and both of them start tag teaming the Ultra. However, Seven somehow manages to get hold of a fan, and knocks Kemur Man out with it.

Ultra Zone

Kemur Jin

Kemur Man returns

Kemur Man makes a return after almost 45 years in episode 7 of the variety show Ultra Zone, where he stops a robber from stealing a girl's purse. He even turns giant next to the modern Ferris wheel he attacked in his original appearance.


New Ultraman Retsuden

Kemur Man reappeared as one of the hosts of New Ultraman Retsuden in the "Kaiju Theater" section. He appeared in episodes 15 (he talked about researched monsters), 16 (talked about the Mega Monster Battle series), 17 (appeared alongside Taro when he talked about the time when Cyphon headed the Earth), 27 (talked about more monsters they researched), 37 (talked about evil Ultramen they researched), and 52 (when they gathered around to hear Taro's greatest adventures on Earth).

  • In episode 8, Alien Valky talks about Kemur Man's past in Ultra Q.
  • In episode 15, he talks about the monster he researched on: Kanegon.
  • In episode 37, he, along with Black King and Ragon, took on Chaos Ultraman and Chaosroids T and U. Kemur Man quickly disposed Chaosroid T with his goo attack.




Ultra Q


Ultra Super Fight

Ultraman Ginga

Ultraman X


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