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Keiji Takamine (高峰圭二 Takamine Keiji) is a Japanese actor. His real name is Masahiko Takahashi (高橋政彦 Takahashi Masahiko). He is mostly known for his role as the character Seiji Hokuto from the Ultraman Ace series. He has reprised this role in subsequent Ultra Series and films, as well as being Ultraman Ace's voice actor.

Personal Life

He is married and has two sons. His hobbies are feat swimming, reading, horseback riding, skiing.

Appearances in Ultra Series and films

TV Series




  • Keiji Takamine's eldest son is a huge fan of Ultraman and the Ultra Series. Ironically, he didn't know his father used to be Ultraman Ace until he's 35 years old.
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