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Keiichi Nanba (難波 圭一 Nanba Keiichi) is a Japanese voice actor that affiliated to Fujiga Office. He was formerly under employment of Aoni Production. He is known for voicing Ultraman Hikari.


Other Roles

  • The Transformers (1984) - Voices of Broadcast (ja. for Blaster), Blitzwing
  • Transformers: The Headmasters - Voice of Broadcast/Twincast (ja. for Blaster)
  • Transformers: Super-God Masterforce - Voice of Wilder
  • Transformers Victory - Voice of Leozack/Leokaizer
  • Persia, the Magic Fairy - Voice of Gaku Muroi
  • Trigun - Voice of Hoppered the Gauntlet
  • Fatal Fury - Voice of Andy Bogard
  • Ranma 1/2 - Voice of Picolet Chardin II
  • Saint Seiya - Voice of Pisces Aphrodite & Poseidon
  • Sailor Moon - Voices of Zoisite, Alan & Gurio Umino
  • One Piece - Voices of Itomimizu and Shepherd
  • Captain Tsubasa - Voice of Karl-Heinz Schneider
  • DNA² - Voice of Junta
  • Fist of the North Star 2 - Voice of Bat
  • Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters - Voice of Rousokuloid


  • Both his former and current wives, Hiromi Tsuru and Mayumi Sho were known for voicing Bulma and Chi Chi in Dragon Ball franchises.
  • Keiichi Nanba's 60th birthday falls on the same date of the eighth episode of Ultraman Geed. Surprisingly, said episode also features Keiichi's return in voicing Hikari once more after the latter's non speaking cameo in the first episode.

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