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Kai Miyuki

Kei Miyuki (美雪ケイ Miyuki Kei) is the human host of Andro Flor from Ultra Super Legends. She was a defense force crew member of the Earth and left with a criminal record.


Ultra Super Legends

Mold assigned Gina to retrieve the lost Grantector armor, from the now crash-landed Andro Boat in the Antarctic. However, she was intercepted by Andro Mars and Kei Miyuki. They two heroes defeated Gina, but Mold and Juda arrived and then the three siblings combined to form Gua. Kei then revealed herself to be the human hostess of Andro Flor. Gua was repelled and killed by Mars, who found and dawned the Grantector. Mars then restored the damaged Andro Boat before sending it back to space.