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Kawanoji (かわのじ) is a kappa that appeared in the TV series, Ultraman Cosmos.

Subtitle: Kappa (河童)


Ultraman Cosmos

A kappa named Kawanoji by the villagers, lived in a lake in the village for centuries, playing with the kids in sumo. In present day, Kawanoji appeared to save a villager from being attacked by a group of teenagers. Kawanoji felt bad for this so at night gave them medicine for them. Team EYES soon caught on to this and found him having drinks with the people. They begged not to tell anyone else, but surprisingly one of them had a heart attack and EYES rushed him to the hospital. Kawanoji followed, but was found by a policeman who shot him accidentally. Angry he grew to a giant size and tried to smash them with an electrical tower. Mushashi became Ultraman Cosmos and a sumo match began with the two. After one round he gave up so he could get a drink of water. It began again and Cosmos, with the support of his teammates. He picked up the monster and threw to the other side of the lake (arena boundary) and gave up and shrunk back down where he was cheered up by his friends. Kawanoji soon meets Mushashi the last time while checking on the old man in the hospital.


  • Suit actor: Yokoo Kazunori
  • Kawanoji is based on a Japanese creature said to live in lakes and pull people under. They enjoy eating cucumbers, and carry a little water on their foreheads. They will always bow if bowed to, and if they spill their forehead water they will be paralyzed. If their head water should be refilled, they will become the person that refilled its servant.
  • The final battle between Ultraman Cosmos and Kawanoji is also a reference to Ultraman 80's battle with Jihibikiran. In both occasions, Ultraman 80/Cosmos challenged Jihibikiran/Kawanoji to a sumo wrestling match, on the condition that the monster will revert back to their normal selves if the Ultra wins.
  • Kawanoji and his episode is inspired by director Muraishi's visit to Tōno, Iwate while filming for Ultraman Cosmos episode 18.


  • Height: 1.65 ~ 43 m 
  • Weight: 65 kg ~ 40,000 t
  • Origin: Tokawa Village
Powers and Weapons
  • Adept Swimmer: Being a Kappa, he is an adept swimmer.
  • Size Change: He can grow to a huge size and is able to shrink back down.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: He can jump very high, even in water.


Ultraman Cosmos

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