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"My name is Kate."
"And I can control monsters too.

―Kate as she introduced herself to Rei.

Kate (ケイト Keito) is a powerful Reionics and Rei's older sister. She served as Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle's main villain.


Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

Kate was a Reionics who tried to interfere with Rei with every possible means. She took on the appearance of a bio-plant researcher named Maki Azursa. She appeared to be evil, but she revealed that she was Rei's sister and was trying to help reawaken Reimon.

She perished after Rei's EX Gomora destroyed her monster Zetton. Planet Escape

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

After Rei lost to Grande, it was revealed that she 'survived' as a spirit, appearing in front of the ZAP SPACY crew first in the Pendragon, then in front of Grande and then in front of Rei in a vision. She explained to the crew what was wrong with Rei once he lost Eleking and that they had to return to Planet Hammer to retrieve Rei's Battlenizer.

Kate stated that her desire was for Rei to defeat the Reionics and rule as the successor of Alien Reiblood's bloodline. The Second Awakening


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Battlenizer: Like her brother, Kate also had Battlenizer thanks to her being a Reionics. She owned three kaiju:
    • Fire Golza: Golza in a much stronger form, Fire Golza was the first monster to appear from Kate's Battlenizer. He first appeared to battle a number of Sadora's and killed them all, but when he was in battle with Gomora, Gomora impaled Golza with his horn, surging his Oscillatory Wave through his body. Even though Golza tore the horn out of his body, he still fell and in the end was destroyed by Kate's Gan-Q.
    • Gan-Q: A monster even more ferocious than Fire Golza, Gan-Q was the second monster commanded by Kate. Gan-Q entered battle with Gomora, Litra, and the Space Pendragon and was defeated by the ship's Hyper Omega Gun.
    • Zetton: The Space Dinosaur himself, Zetton was the third, final, and most powerful monster that belonged to Kate. In episode 12, Zetton entered battle with all of Rei's monsters (Gomora, Litra, and Eleking) and outmatched them all. In the final episode, when Zetton defeated Gomora and King Joe Black appeared, fighting Zetton to a standstill, Gomora transformed into EX Gomora and defeated them both, which resulted in Kate's supposed death.
  • Spiritual Form: Kate can project herself in a spiritual form in front of anyone she wishes. Like her ancestor, Reiblood, Kate can survive in a spiritual state. She can manifest her physical appearance, but generally takes the form of a bright white light.


Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

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