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Kana Sasaki (佐々木カナ Sasaki Kana) is a supporting character in Ultraman Taiga. She is the founder of EGIS.


Ultraman Taiga

Kana Sasaki is the founder and president of EGIS, who previously worked as a police officer in External Affairs Division X (外事X課 Gaiji Ekkusu-ka) before leaving her job to establish EGIS. She puts up a rather playful facade but shows a serious attitude when handling an alien case and is observant of her workers.

She is a reliable captain who watches over young members while pretending to be vague.[1]

Before the founding of EGIS, Kana had at least come in contact with aliens. She and her partners once saved a Cicada Girl, though she did not want to hand her over to a research facility as planned. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do for her. The Flying Saucer Is Not Coming

At some point seven years ago, she came across an android named Pirika 03 in a junkyard. She took her in and named her "Pirika Asahikawa", and kept this secret hidden from the rest of the world. I'm Pirika

She would recruit Homare Soya and later Hiroyuki Kudo, who would became members of EGIS along with Pirika.

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax

After hearing from Foreign Affairs X that Hiroyuki was being targeted by remnants of the Villain Guild, Kana set out to find them in order to protect her employee. She came across them at their hideout and asked them nicely for information, but things took a violent turn as a fight broke out. Fortunately, Kana was joined by Gai Kurenai, who helped her fight off Alien Zelan, Alien Bado and Alien Ckalutch. They interrogated them after their defeat, and found out that they wanted to steal the Ultramen's Bracelets to sell them off and escape the Earth when Grimdo arrived.

After Grimdo had been defeated, the Tri-Squad separate from Hiroyuki and thank him and EGIS, before they say goodbye and leave. Kana reveals that she had ID cards for the Tri-Squad made for them. Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax