Kaiteigagan (カイテイガガン Kaiteigagan) was a Terrible-Monster that appeared in the TV series Ultraman Ace episode 34.

Subtitle: Rainbow Terrible-Monster (虹超獣 Niji Chōjū)


Ultraman Ace

Kaiteigagan was a Terrible-Monster composed of sea shells created to destroy boats off the coast. Kaiteigagan first appeared in the middle of the ocean were it was attacked by TAC's fighter jets. Wile not being able to kill it, they did manage to  drive it back to under the waves. Kaiteigagan, later, reappeared  in the  coast of  a beach. TAC once again attacked it with fighter jets. However this time, Kaiteigagan fled to land! Hukuto quickly transformed into Ultraman ace to do battle with  the  Terrible-Monster. While Kaiteigagan tried its hardest and used all  the super powers at it's disposal, It was no match for the hero and was beat into submission. After a massive beatdown, Ace killed the Terrible-Monster with his Metallium Ray, blowing it up.



Powers and Weapons
  • Adept Swimmer: Being an aquatic monster, Kaiteigagan can swim at moderate speeds.
  • Gas: Kaiteigagan can emit a gas from his mouth.
  • Stun Ray: Kaiteigagan can release a purple ray from his mouth that can stun enemies.
  • Missiles: Kaiteigagan can fire missiles from its mouth in rapid succession.


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