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Kaiju Sakaba (怪獣酒場 Kaijū Sakaba lit. "Monster Tavern/Bar") is a restaurant owned by Tsuburaya Productions.


The original restaurant was situated at Kawasaki Station at Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture Japan but it was made for only one year duration, starting from March 14, 2014. For once, Zoffy of the Inter Galactic Defense Force closed it due to finding it as a threat.

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One year later and in April 15, 2015, one month after the restaurant's dissolution, it was rebuilt again and relocated at the Kawasaki City under the name Return of Kaiju Skaba (帰ってきた怪獣酒場 Kaettekita Kaijū Sakaba lit. "Return of Monster Tavern/Bar") with Alien Baltan as a new manager. During the grand opening ceremony, Alien Baltan was also present, with two aliens, Kemur and Alien Zarab hanging the restaurant's sign. Additionally ten days later, another shop called The Original Kaiju Sakaba (元祖怪獣酒場 Ganzo Kaijū Sakaba lit. "The Original Monster Tavern/Bar")


Kaiju Sakaba Kanpai!

Kaiju Sakaba Kanpai

In July to September 2015, a three minute 13 episodes of anime called Kaiju Sakaba Kanpai! was released, featuring the misadventures of Alien Baltan and his coworkers runing the Kaiju Sakaba.

Peeping Life Crossover

Another anime was also made, which featured the Peeping Life animating the Ultra Kaiju.


A manga adaptation of the Kaiju Sakaba was made called Intoxication! Kaiju Sakaba (酩酊!怪獣酒場 Meitei! Kaijū Sakaba lit. "Intoxication! Monster Tavern/Bar"), published by the GURUNAVI.Inc. It features the human worker Torajiro Uruma as the main viewpoint character in said restaurant.

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