Kaiju Medals (怪獣メダル Kaijū Medaru) are items that contain the physical essence and powers of an Ultra Kaiju. They are mostly created by the Celebro-possessed Shinya Kaburagi from reverse engineering of the Ultra Medals.[1]


Ultraman Z

A machine in Celebro's Fake Hero's Gate.

After possessing Shinya Kaburagi, Celebro uses the human's connection as a research officer to obtain monster samples from the Monster Research Center. Using the Z Riser's Fake Hero's Gate, he uses a machine to process said sample into a Medal.

During Peguila's rampage, Jugglus Juggler briefly stole Haruki's Z Riser to duplicate it with his own image. To do so, he performs a ritual that summons the Kaiju Medals of Zetton, Pandon and Maga-Orochi. How these three medals came to exist is unknown. First Juggling


When used in the Z Riser, "Shinya Kaburagi" can transform into monsters or enhance an existing one through the attribute of a certain Medal. For instance, he can upgrade a Telesdon into Erimaki Telesdon with Jirass' Medal, giving the former a frilled neck similar to the Kaiju Medal it is based on.[2] Medals that are fed to monsters however can only be used once, as they dissipated once its out of use.

In the same case as Kei Fukuide, Shinya can transform into a past Belial Fusion Monsters with their respective monster components and the Ultraman Belial Medal.[3] This is also applicable to Juggler in transforming into Zeppandon using its components. Same three medals allow him to create his Dark Z Riser, provided that a normal Z Riser is used as a template.

Known Existing Medals

Haruki's Ultra-navi



  • For reasons yet to be revealed, Ultraman Belial's Medal falls under the Kaiju Medal line, unlike in previous years where his collectible was under the Ultra Hero line.


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