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Kaiju Keys (怪獣キー Kaijū Kī) are items that GUTS-Select use in conjuction with GUTS Sparklence to fire specialized ammunition. In the case of Ignis, using them allows Trigger Dark to harness their powers in his attacks and Circle Arms. When not in use, they are stored in the GUTS Buckle (GUTSガッツバックル Gattsu Bakkuru).[1]

They also have Ultra counterparts called GUTS Hyper Keys.

Known Existing Hyper Keys


  • As the Kaiju Keys are mostly sold in real life through SG and Gashapon releases, they lacked built-in electronics despite reusing the same plastic molds like the GUTS Hyper Keys (as the latter's battery compartment exists). Announcements on their characteristics were made through combination pins through the DX GUTS Sparklence, hence they have no special announcements when used in DX Circle Arms.
    • The only exception to this are the Zaigorg and Horoboros Keys, as they are released alongside the Black Sparklence in Premium Bandai.


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