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"My name is Kahn Digifer. I have the same intention as you. Now continue your evil deed. I will aid you to destroy this Computer World"

―Kahn Digifer introducing himself.

Kahn Digifer (カーンデジファー Kān Dejifā) is the main antagonist of Gridman the Hyper Agent and the evil mastermind who created most of the monsters Gridman fought in his series.

He was known as Kilokahn in Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, the American adaptation of Gridman.


  • Kahn Digifer: Evil Lord (魔王 Maō)
  • Giant Kahn Digifer: Giant Evil Lord (巨大魔王 Kyodai Maō)


Gridman the Hyper Agent

Kahn Digifer was a legendary "devil" of the Hyper World that wished to wreak havoc on the human world. Putting Takeshi Todo under his control, Khan Digifer used him to create monsters which he brings to life in order for them to attack the Computer World, in order to create a portal to the real world once enough damage had been done. During Venora's attack, the monster's near-victory against Gridman had Khan announce his existence to everyone in Sakuragaoka via a large screen above the city to crush their hopes. This overconfidence bites him back, as not only the monster was defeated by King Gridman, but his and Gridman's existence had become a public knowledge.

Following Skubone's failure, he had enough of Takeshi's foolishness and betrayed him, meaning he has to deal with Gridman by himself. Khan later upgraded himself into Giant Khan Digifer (巨大カーンデジファー Kyodai Kān Dejifā) for his final battle with Gridman, destroying Gridman's Assist Weapons and overwhelming him. Khan Digifer was ultimately destroyed by the Grid Hyper Beam.

Gridman the Hyper Agent: boys invent great hero

Khan appeared again in Takeshi's recollection of Gridman's past battles. The scenario of Gridman's final fight was portrayed differently, in that instead of Khan destroying the Assist Weapons, he fought against King Gridman, resisting the firepower of Dragonic Cannon and destroy the entire King Jet armor that make up the formation. Unfortunately, Gridman burst from the armor unharmed and finished off Khan with Grid Hyper Beam.


Kahn Digifer
Gridman the Hyper Agent Kahn Digifer render.png
  • Height: Immeasurable
  • Weight: Immeasurable
  • Origin: Hyper World
Powers and Weapons
  • Grid Traveling: Kahn Digifer can travel within computer systems and electric wires.
  • Monster Creation: Khan can transform viruses into true computer monsters using a blue ray.
  • Upgrade: Using previous data of monsters, Khan can upgrade them into Mecha forms.
  • Brainwashing: Khan is capable of brainwash any target to do his bidding.
  • Size Change: Kahn Digifer can change his size into giant.

Giant Kahn Digifer

Giant Kahn Digifer

  • Height: 70 m
  • Weight: 60,000 t
  • Origin: Hyper World
Powers and Weapons
  • Monster Creation: Khan can transform viruses into true computer monsters using a blue ray.
  • Grid Traveling: Kahn Digifer can travel within computer systems and electric wires.
  • Levitation/Flight: Kahn Digifer can make his body move in any direction, sometimes simply gliding to avoid a blow, or even rising into the air under his own power.
  • Geyser: Khan summons a geyser from the ground, which can damage Gridman.
  • Demon King's Sword Digifer Sword (魔王剣デジファーソード Maō Ken Dejifā Sōdo): Khan can generate a powerful sword able to damage Gridman.
  • Destruction Ray Digifer Beam (破壊光線デジファービーム Hakai Kōsen Dejifā Bīmu): Khan is capable destroying and damaging any computer data.



  • Due to his helmet, he resembles Shredder of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame, something that is referenced in the anime short.
  • He was referenced by Belial in a DVD special feature where Ultraman Belial berates him for not taking care of Gridman.
  • When Kahn grows to fight Gridman, the robes billowed out to reveal his body which is actually the same suit used for Alien Magma.

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