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―The Titanian catchphrase.

Kabutron (カブトロン Kabutron) is the first Titanian enemy in Iron King. He is Titanian Operative #2.

Subtitle: Insect Monster (虫怪獣 Mushi Kaiju)


Iron King

Episode 19

The first Titanian invader, Kabutron was sent by his leader to conquer the world for it's resources. After being chased and arrested by two policemen, the alien escaped and grew to giant size! Rampaging through the city, Gentaro and Goro arrived to stop him! Gentaro lashed the invader with his whip, but he changed into his true form, catching the whip with his horn and dragging Gentaro up to his pincers. Goro quickly transformed into Iron King and rescued Gentaro, pulling him free of the alien's grasp. The two giants then dueled, with Kabutron using his multiple limbs to beat Iron King. He then escaped, leaving Goro to return to Gentaro.

Episode 20

Kabutron later appeared at a ski resort, where he attacked the locals.


Kabutron (Small)
Powers and Weapons
  • Size Change : The Titanian can grow from human sized to Kaiju sized at will.
    • Explosions: By standing straight and stiffening his cape, giant Kabutron can create explosions.
    • Form Change: Kabutron can change from human form to Kaiju form.
  • Human Disguise: Kabutron can disguise himself as a human for infiltration.
  • Hypnosis: If a human stares into Kabutron's eyes, they will be temporarily stunned.

Kabutron (Giant)
Kabutoron 2.jpg
Powers and Weapons
  • Balloon Bombs: The Titanian can spit red balloons full of poison that he can then pop, choking his victims. A gas mask will protect against this.
  • Rotating Horn: Kabutron's horn can rotate to bring anything hanging on it up to eye level.
  • Pincers: Kabutron has large pincers.
  • Multiple Limbs: Kabutron has multiple, bladed limbs.
  • Strength: Kabutron is capable of lifting Iron King with little effort.
  • Flip: If thrown, Kabutron can spin in the air and fly back towards his attacker.


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