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KAIJU DECODE (怪獣デコード, Kaijū Dekōdo) is a 3DCG animated project produced by Tsuburaya Productions in collaboration with Toei Animation.[2][3]


KAIJU DECODE was first announced on November 15, 2019.[2][3] At TSUBURAYA CONVENTION 2019, a trailer and visual were unveiled and it was announced that there was an animated short set for completion in 2021.[4] Producer Masahiro Onda stated that the main theme is "fairness of life" and "coexistence of humans and Kaiju" in a setting where, in the future, digital ecosystems and nature have come together, and there is no certain state or nationality for the setting of this story.[5][6]

A promotional VR experience titled KAIJU DECODE -first contact- was created as an early showcase of the characters and story.[7] It was made available on Meta Quest.

During TSUBURAYA CONVENTION 2021 SPECIAL PROGRAM, which was held on December 13, 2021, it was announced that the KAIJU DECODE animated short, which they called the first phase of the project, had been made available for viewing on TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION.[8] It was previously shown at several film festivals where it received 9 nominations and 4 awards, including the ASCIFFF Best Animated Sci-Fi Short.[1][9] It continued being shown at more film festivals in 2022.[9]

The next part of the project is a mixed reality game for the Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro titled KAIJU DECODE -super multiverse MR-. It was first announced on January 16, 2024 as part of the lineup for Virtual Anime Fes., a livestream event held on January 27 through VRChat.[10] The event promoted the game by featuring 3D models of its characters. On February 9, a trailer was released and an official website was set up, revealing it featured characters from Tsuburaya and Toei works, including Red Mons from Mirrorman and MukuMuku from Fireman. The game released on February 22.[11]


The catastrophe "Skyfall" was brought by the collapsed orbital space colony crashed into the Earth. Inside the crater at the crash site now inhabit Kaiju born by gene mutation. Ray, an avatar, comes to the area to collect the scattered "seeds", not knowing what really is going on there, He soon meets Mil, a mysterious girl. Is she a human, or a Kaiju?[1]




  • Mildred (ミル, Miru): Marika Kouno (高野 麻里佳, Kōno Marika)[7][8]
  • Ray (レイ, Rei): Nobunaga Shimazaki (島﨑 信長, Shimazaki Nobunaga)[7][8]
    • Ray (real world): Aya Yamane (山根 綺, Yamane Aya)[14][8]
  • Zola (ゾラ, Zora): Mayumi Shintani (新谷 真弓, Shintani Mayumi)[7][8]


  • Director: S/N[8]
  • Screenplay: Tetsuya Yamada[8]
  • Music: Tadahiko Inoue[8]
  • CG supervisor: Hideki Anbo
  • Animation production: Arect[8]
  • Producers: Koichi Noguchi, Masahiro Onda
  • Character design: Sei Nakashima[15][12]
  • Uku design: Masayuki Gotoh[13]


KAIJU DECODE -super multiverse MR-



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