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The Just Lancer (ジャストランサー Jasuto Ransā) is the device used by Ultraman Justice's human form, Julie, to transform into her Ultra counterpart.


The Just Lancer is used by Justice's human form, Julie after she arrived on Earth to deliver the sentence of Delacion. It has been shown being used only twice, once to fight Ultraman Cosmos and the second to defend the Earth after Ultraman Justice/Julie decided to have faith in mankind, having come to understand what Cosmos saw in them.


To transform Julie takes it out and holds it in her open palm, the wings unfold and she places it over her heart (assuming her heart is in the same place as a human's). The Pin glows enveloping Julie and generating a vortex of light before Justice appears or flies as a ball of light.


  • The Just Lancer is the only transformation object still being used by a non-Ultra alien.
  • Not counting the Pikari Brush, it is the first transformation item introduced in a movie, but it is the first for a movie that was part of a pre-existing continuity.
  • The Just Lancer is the only case where the actual rise scene occurs in real time on-screen.
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