Jurass-Don (ジュラスドン Jurasudon) is a Kaiju robot from the series, Iron King.

Subtitle: Monster Robot (怪獣ロボット Kaijū Robotto)


Iron King

One of Phantom Militia’s most unusual weapons, Jurass-Don was used as a decoy for Gentaro and Iron King. While the heroes battled the huge robot in the streets, the Phantom Militia was able to move freely through the city and kidnap Professor Fukunaga. The scientist had developed a robot that could sense human brainwaves and move freely around them with it. With this technology, their machines would prove unbeatable! When the target was acquired and in their possession, Jurass-Don retreated from battle. There was no more reason to fight. However, when Gentaro rescued the captured scientist, his daughter, and friend Goro, Jurass-Don was unleashed again!

In the chaos, Goro transformed into Iron King and challenged the two-headed weapon. It quickly began to blast the hero with superheated flame and icy mist, but the giant countered. He redirected the attacks back at the killer while Gentaro leaped onto his shoulder! The brave man tossed a grenade into the giant’s top jaws. When the explosive detonated, it triggered a domino effect that engulfed the man-made nightmare’s entire body in a huge explosion and destroyed it.


  • Height: 65 m
  • Weight: 51,000 t
  • Origin: TBA
Powers and Weapons
  • Armored Body: Jurass-Don's second head is protected, mostly, by an armor-covered body.
  • Flames: The center head of Jurass-Don can spit a deadly stream of fire.
  • Mist: The top head of Jurass-Don can spit a concentrated stream of mist.
  • Blades: The silver flaps on Jurass-Don's body can be fired off. These are razor sharp and can cut through buildings with ease.


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