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Jurasaurus (ジュラザウルス Jurasairousu) is a mutated dinosaur Kaiju that lived during the Jurassic period and is a Kaiju that appears in the series, Fireman.

Subtitle: Primitive Dinosaur (原始恐竜 Genshi Kyōryū)



Jurasairous is an ancient dinosaur that lives in a cave deep underground, which was exposed to the surface by a strange orange chemical that dissolved the ground. With his home exposed to natural light, Jurasairous rapidly evolved, switching from a herbivorous diet to a carnivorous one instead.

After Daisuke Misaki, Tychimba and a little boy fell down the tunnel into the cave, Jurasairous awoke and began roaring! The mutant dinosaur attempted to eat the three only for Daisuke to grab his Fire Stick. He then fought the dinosaur as Fireman! Jurasairous had the upper hand, and bit Fireman numerous times. SAF arrived to assist the hero by using the Moglian, firing missiles at the giant dinosaur. Fireman finally used his Fire Flash to defeat Jurasairous, leaving him victorious.


  • Jurasairous has a long neck since Daiei Studios, where Fireman was filmed, had a large height compared to length, and the crew took advantage and made several long-necked Kaiju.
  • Jurasairous has a modified Zigra roar, which comes from the Gamera vs Zigra movie.


  • Length: 90 m
  • Weight: 52,000 t
  • Origin: Underground
Powers and Weapons
  • Punch-Down Tail: When in a pinch, Jurasaurus can use his tail like a whip or a rope, to strangle foes.
  • Fangs: Becoming a carnivore from mutating, Jurasairous has sharp teeth. It uses these to inject venom.
  • Venom: While Jurasairous was still a herbivore, it ate plants that gave it poison, and even when it became a carnivore, it still retained this poison. The poison is located inside the teeth, and causes major pain.
  • Feet: Jurasairous' feet are specifically large and wide so he can easily move rocks and plants away from his path.
  • Horns: These are his strongest weapon. The 3 horns are so sharp they can penetrate a 1m thick metal. He uses these horns when he tackles. They also flash red when enemies approach.
  • Bumps: Jurasairous' bumps are damage absorbers, which help it survive from falling from great heights or punches.


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