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Jun Yazumi (矢住潤ヤズミ・ジュン Yazumi Jun) is an 18 year old computer genius. His main job is to analyze monsters, technology, substance, etc., and to also research them for information. The system he programmed, named Acachic Record, is a power search engine. It can access and search through any kind of data in the world, not only text data but also image, movie, sound and so on, and of course from anywhere. Also it seems he can access protected data bases.

His only dissatisfaction is that Rena treats him just like her younger brother, not an adult though sometimes he did sees her as an older sister figure while addressing her in the name 'Onee-chan' (sister in Japanese).


Ultraman Tiga


Ultraman Dyna

He returns in episode 50 of Ultraman Dyna to help with activating the Neo Maxima Cannon.


  • His actor Yoichi Furuya was actually only 15 years old when he was acting as Yun Yazumi in Ultraman Tiga.