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Jun Takasugi (高杉 純 Takasugi Jun) is a guest character from episode 24 of Ultraman Cosmos.


Ultraman Cosmos

As a child, Jun had once met a young Ayano, the latter cheering him up and bring him to the place where he wanted to.

In the present day, Jun was caught in a vehicular accident that render him comatose. His spirit exited his body, becoming an ikiryō who bear witness to Gragas absorbing electromagnetic wave around the Jinryu city. For two weeks, Jun failed to catch the townspeople's attention due to his current state, only to reunite with the older Ayano. Jun relays the information about Gragas, going as far as to barge into the TECCH Thunder 4 to stop Ayano and Musashi from further agitating the monster. The pair went to the Tagasugi household the next day as Ayano reunited with Jun, encouraging him to live on instead of waiting to go to the afterlife. Her encouragement allows Jun to provide her with Gragas' forehead gem that allowed Team EYES to turn the tables against the monster for Ultraman Cosmos to finish it.

After the fight, Jun returned to his body, but lacks recollection of his time as an ikiryo or meeting Ayano, save for their encounter as children while singing a particular song.

Powers and Weapons

  • Teleportation: As an ikiryo, Jun is capable of teleporting to any destination in the blink of an eye, such as getting into a TECCH Thunder that was several feet above the ground.
  • Invisibility: His time as an ikiryo turns him invisible to normal humans, except Ayano due to their encounter in childhood.