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Jun Shirato (白土純 Shirato Jun) was a member of MAC in Ultraman Leo. In episode 40 "Terror of the Saucer Race Series - MAC Annihilated! The Flying Saucer Is a Living Creature", he was swallowed alive by Silverbloome along with other members (aside from Dan and Gen).


Ultraman Leo

A MAC space station member - Officer Shirato, has come to earth to spend time with Gen and his girlfriend, Yoko. They are attacked by Alien Karly, who grows giant and killed her. Gen transforms to Leo and fights the alien, but is defeated, and Shirato is furious at both Gen and Leo. He decided to volunteered patrol duty and started to training hard in shooting range. Later, on patrol without permission, Shiroto runs into the alien. He drives it away and discovers its weak spot: the eyes. Captain Dan Moroboshi sends them out on patrol. Gen trains hard, learning a new technique to defeat the alien, who takes out two MAC members - Kuroda and Aoshima.

Dan goes to aid Gen in his training. It is interrupted when an the alien grows to its large size and begins to rampage. Shirato attacks it, but is buried under the rubble. Just then, Gen arrives and transforms into Ultraman Leo, saving him. Leo battles the kaiju, and manages to defeat it by ripping out its horns and jamming them into its head. Shirato then leaves back to the space station. Later, he was killed by the Silverbloome in episode 40.