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Jumborg Ace (ジャンボーグA, Janbōgu Ēsu) is the title of a tokusatsu/science fiction/kaiju/superhero TV series. Produced by Tsuburaya Productions, the show was broadcast on Mainichi Broadcasting System from January 17 to December 29, 1973, with a total of 50 episodes. This was also one of several shows Tsuburaya did to celebrate the company's 10th anniversary, the other two being Ultraman Taro and Fireman.


Young air delivery boy Naoki Tachibana is out to deliver a package for his grumpy boss Daisaku Banno, when his older brother Shin'ya, who commanded the defense force, PAT (Protective Attacking Team), was killed in an attack by a giant monster called King Jaigras (which was sent by the evil alien Anti Go-Ne of the planet Gross).

When PAT retaliates against a second attack by the monster, Naoki, in retaliation for his brother's death, suicidally tries to ram his air delivery plane into the monster, to their shock. When the monster downs the plane, Naoki and his plane are teleported into an energy dimension by an Ultraman-like alien from Planet Emerald.

The Alien Emerald has instantly used his technology to completely modify the plane, as well as Naoki's wristwatch. He suddenly finds himself back in his cessna's cockpit in the real world, but he hears the Emerald Alien's voice, telling him to activate his wristwatch, and upon shouting the command "Jum-Fight!!!", his jet transforms into the giant cyborg, Jumborg Ace, with Naoki, in a virtual reality movement-control suit, piloting the robot from inside the head with his own physical movements!

He fights with King Jaigras, eventually destroying the monster. But his battle against the Gross Aliens has only just begun...




  • Shinya Tachibana
  • Ryuzo Kishi
  • Mamoru Hamada
  • Goro Kumai
  • Setsuko Nomura
  • Ippei Kazama
  • Kenji Oba
  • Hiroshi Murakami
  • Hidehiko Yasuda
  • Yuki Nomura
  • Kyoichiro Kishi


  • Shigeko Tachibana
  • Kazuya Tachibana
  • Daisaku Tomono




  • Naoki Tachibana (立花 ナオキ, Tachibana Naoki): Naoki Tachibana (立花 直樹, Tachibana Naoki)
  • Shinya Tachibana (立花 信也, Tachibana Shinya): Toshiaki Amada (天田 俊明, Amada Toshiaki)
  • Shigeko Tachibana (立花 茂子, Tachibana Shigeko): Chieko Sakurada (桜田 千枝子, Sakurada Chieko)
  • Kazuya Tachibana (立花 和也, Tachibana Kazuya):Takahiro Kayama (香山 高寛, Kayama Takahiro)
  • Ryuzo Kishi (岸竜 蔵, Kishi Ryūzō): Kazumoto Ohashi (大橋 一元, Ōhashi Kazumoto)
  • Mamoru Hamada (浜田 守, Hamada Mamoru):Tsutomu Matsukawa (松川 勉, Matsukawa Tsutomu)
  • Hiroshi Murakami (村上 浩, Murakami Hiroshi): Shunya Wazaki (和崎 俊哉, Wazaki Shun'ya)
  • Goro Kumai (熊井 五郎, Kumai Gorō): Shoichiro Maruoka (丸岡 将一郎, Maruoka Shōichirō)
  • Setsuko Nomura (野村 せつ子, Nomura Setsuko): Reiko Kase (加瀬 麗子, Kase Reiko)
  • Ippei Kazama (風間 一平, Kazama Ippei): Toshio Nakamura (中村 俊男, Nakamura Toshio)
  • Kenji Oba (大羽 健次, Ōba Kenji): Isao Setoyama (瀬戸山 功, Setoyama Isao)
  • Hidehiko Yasuda (安田 秀彦, Yasuda Hidehiko): Moto Sugiyama (杉山 元, Sugiyama Moto)
  • Daisaku Tomono (伴野 大作, Tomono Daisaku): Jun Tazaki (田崎 潤, Tazaki Jun)
  • Staff Officer Onodera (小野寺参謀, Onodera Sanbō): Kenji Sahara (佐原 健二, Sahara Kenji)

Voice Actors[]

  • Narrator (ナレーター, Narētā): Hikaru Urano (浦野 光, Urano Hikaru)
  • Naoki Tachibana (立花 ナオキ, Tachibana Naoki) (Action voice):
    • Masato Shimon (子門 真人, Shimon Masato) (Episodes 3-25)
    • Michihiro Ikemizu (池水 通洋, Ikezu Michihiro) (Episodes 26-50)

Suit Actors[]

  • Jumborg A (ジャンボーグA, Janbōgu Ēsu):
    • Juudai Takahashi (高橋 重大, Takahashi Jūdai)
    • Teruo Iwamoto (岩本 照雄, Iwamoto Teruo)
    • Michiharu Sakamoto (坂本 道治, Sakamoto Michiharu)
  • Jumborg 9 (ジャンボーグ9, Janbōgu Nain): Mitsuru Saijo (西条 満, Saijō Mitsuru)


Opening Theme
  • Jumborg Ace (ジャンボーグA, Janbōgu Ēsu)
Insert Songs
  • Kagayake PAT (輝けPAT, Kagayake Patto, lit. "Shine, PAT") (episodes 13, 14, 39)
    • Lyrics: Noboru Tani
    • Composition, Arrangement: Shunsuke Kikuchi
    • Artists: Masato Shimon, Circle Ballets
  • Tatakae! Jumborg 9 (戦え! ジャンボーグ9, Tatakae! Janbōgu Nain, lit. "Fight! Jumborg 9") (episodes 27-34, 43)
    • Lyrics: Kazuho Mitsuta
    • Composition, Arrangement: Shunsuke Kikuchi
    • Artist: Masato Shimon
  • Ace and Nine (エース・アンド・ナイン, Ēsu ando Nain) (episodes 43 & 47)
    • Lyrics: Hiroyasu Yamaura, Toyoaki Dan
    • Composition, Arrangement: Shunsuke Kikuchi
    • Artist: Circle Ballets (サークル・バレーズ, Sākuru Barē)

Home Media[]

Some episodes of the show were first released on CD in 1987. In the 1990s, Beam Entertainment released the series across two LaserDisc sets, with the second also containing Jumborg Ace & Giant. Avex released two DVD box sets in March and June 2004.

From May to September 2012, Toei Video rereleased the series across 10 DVDs, each with 5 episodes,[1][2][3] with the tenth additionally containing episode 26 with an uncensored title card and recordings of two events.[4] Toei Video later released a 10-disc box set on March 9, 2016 alongside box sets of Mirrorman and Fireman.[5][6]

A Malaysian company known as VBG released a Jumborg Ace DVD with English subtitles, which is mistitled as "Ultraman Jumborg Ace".



  • Jumborg Ace's special effects and sounds are reused in Ultraman Leo.
    • Both series have a similar tone, being extremely dark with many deaths.

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