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Jumbo K​ing (ジャンボキング Janbo Kingu) was the final Terrible-Monster that appeared in the TV series, Ultraman Ace. He appeared in the series finale, episode 52.

Subtitle: Ultimate Terrible-Monster (最強超獣 Saikyō Chōjū)[2]


Ultraman Ace

Jumbo King was Yapool's strongest Terrible-Monster and final attempt to kill Ultraman Ace, created by combining the souls of the deceased Terrible-Monster: Unitang, Cowra, Mazaron Man, and Mazarius. Unleashed by Yapool (in the form of Alien Simon, and in the company of TAC). Yapool appeared with the dead Terrible-Monster and combined with them to form Jumbo King before them. TAC quickly opened fire, but Jumbo King's hide made him impervious to their assault and during the scuffle, Hokuto was injured by the Terrible-Monster. With Hokuto out of the picture, Jumbo King vanished.

Later Yapool released Jumbo King again, this time in the heart of a city. With only TAC as it's opposition, Jumbo King easily withstood their assaults and downed them all at once when they tried to ensnare him with a net. With the city leveled from his Terrible-Monster's rampage, Yapool recalled Jumbo King again. The next day Yapool unleashed Jumbo King again, this time in the city where Hokuto was hiding out in. Endangering the lives of several children, Hokuto was quick to evacuate them while TAC tried to destroy the monster with a newly crafted weapon they've created (which failed). Shortly after killing Alien Simon for revealing his true nature, Hokuto transformed into Ultraman Ace for the final time to battle against Jumbo King. Unfortunately, Jumbo King's size and durability was too much for the ultra to handle and Ace was quickly overpowered. Motivated by the words of all his friends he had made, Ace didn't give up and continued fighting. Ace then fired his Metalium Beam at Jumbo King's head, weakening the Terrible-Monster enough for Ace to use the Guillotine Shot, decapitating the Terrible-Monster and killing it. With Jumbo King dead, Yapool's reign of terror on Earth had seemingly come to an end.


  • Jumbo King's roar is a reused Draculas roar, which was created from Gorosaurus .
  • Jumbo King is the first chimera Kaiju to appear in the entire Ultraman Series.
  • Jumbo King is the first chimera monster to be fought at the series' conclusion - most of the chimera Kaiju that appear in other entries in the Ultraman Series (like Tyrant or Five King) are fought in the middle of their respective series.


Jumbo King-removebg.png
Powers and Weapons
  • Super Strength: Being composed of four monsters, Jumbo King is one of the strongest monsters in Ultraman Ace in terms of strength, being able to almost overpower Ace with ease.
  • Missiles: Jumbo King can fire missiles from his mouth in rapid succession, and can create medium-sized explosions.
  • Fire Breath: Jumbo King can breath out a stream of powerful flames from his mouth.
  • Teleportation: With the assistance of Yapool, Jumbo King can teleport far distances with ease.
  • Repulsion Blast: Should something land on his midsection, Jumbo King's lower half can fire a blast of yellow energy to repel whatever has landed on there.
  • Eye Lightning: Jumbo King can fire lightning beams from his eyes, can cause medium explosions.
  • Durability: Jumbo King is highly durable and can is resistant enough to withstand normal weapon fire and most physical assaults by Ultraman Ace.

A photo representation of Jumbo King's Body

In Pictorial First Volume 2002, Giant Yapool and Alien Steal are said to be components of Jumbo King. Although Alien Steal is nowhere to be seen, the image of Giant Yapool does appear in the formation.


Ultraman Ace



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