Julie (ジュリー Jurī) is a friendly dinosaur rescued by Red Warrior Koseidon in the series, Dinosaur Sentai Koseidon.

Subtitle: Brave Female Dinosaur (勇敢な女性の恐竜 Yūkan'na Josei no Kyōryū)


Height: 2m

Weight: TBA

Origin: Prehistoric Earth

Species: Corythosaurus


Dinosaur Sentai Koseidon:

Julie was a orythosaurus with a huminoid stance making her a fierce but friendly looking dinosaur. when Go noticed the Corythosaur messing around on the outskirts of the Tibiki plains, he transformed into red warrior Koseidon and battled the humanoid creature. But Julie seemed to have had some sort of cunning in order to fend off most of koseidons attacks such as tail slapping and punching and kicking.

Koseidon however never gived up and managed to fend off what was remaining of julie's attacks by drop kicking her, but his luck was soon left out as julie started strangled him to death. one of go's friends saw the dinosaur trying to choke koseidon to death and managed to throw her off guard, giving koseidon enough time to summon his sword and slice julie to death.


  • Despite being introduced as an alley to Koseidon, Julie never appeared in the series again.
  • She is a recycled Terekira from Dinosaur Great War, Izenborg.

Powers and Abilities

  • Intelligence: Julie has a smart brain enabling her to think hard in order to fend off most of Koseidon's attacks.
  • Strength: Juile is a very deadly opponent, being able to choke,kick and slap Koseidon.
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