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"Orb... Are you the light of hope? Or... Could you be infinite darkness?"

―Jugglus Juggler, The Sunset Wanderer

"Darkness and Light, and then, Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire.. All the Lord Monster are assembled. All that's left is... The power of the dark king..."

―Juggler after collecting all of the Lord Monster cards, Beware of Fire in the Midsummer Sky

Jugglus Juggler[7] (ジャグラスジャグラー Jagurasu Jagurā) is the former villain of Ultraman Orb, the main antagonist/deuteragonist of the Ultraman Orb Chronicle, and Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb's partner turned archenemy turned rival.

While both Gai and Juggler appear to be human, the duo are in fact elite warriors from another planet. Juggler's rivalry with Gai stems from the fact that he was not chosen by the light on Planet O-50, and was denied the ability to become an Ultra Warrior. As such, Juggler's initial plans to revive the Lord Monsters stems from his deep-rooted disapproval of what happened back then.

Juggler returns in Ultraman Z under the alias Shota Hebikura (蛇倉ヘビクラ 正太ショウタ Hebikura Shōta),[8] acting as the captain of the anti-monster team STORAGE.

Subtitles: Illusion Demon (無幻魔人 Mugen Majin)


When in contact with other beings, Juggler has a smug behavior, but doesn't make much effort to hide his evil nature, by always showing looks of insanity and demonstrating odd behavior, such as casually reminding bystanders of human's mortality: how they will all die, like everything that is living.

In addition, Juggler enjoys fighting Gai in hand to hand combat rather than using his Jashin Blade, preferring to beat Gai on his own. He also can't stand the melody Gai plays on the Orbnica, and receives long lasting migraines if he hears it playing.

His relationship with Gai is notable, in that he has a long lasting grudge, and is always trying to get him to either fight him, or taunting him in several ways. This is however one of the leading factors to his mental breakdown, as well as his defeat when fighting against the Ultra Warrior in their gigantic proportions.

However, despite his claims to have forsaken his own light, his actions of rescuing Natasha in the past proved that he still has what remains of his past self. Of any character he has killed in the series, he was never shown to have directly injured any human. For once, even if Naomi willingly offered her own life to him without any regrets, he wasn't able to carry out the deed and instead saved her from a crashed Z-VTOL. Naomi's persuasion convinced him to fight alongside Gai/Orb for the first time in years and is willing enough to hold Magatano-Orochi's attack for Orb to finish it.

In his subsequent appearances, such as in Lend Me The Power of Bonds! and Connect The Wishes!, Juggler still sought to outperform Gai albeit with less heinous methods, showing that he reverted to his past self in some ways. While still coming off as an unpleasant individual and motivated by personal interest, he is now more than eager to aid Gai and his allies in stopping a common threat like during the conflict against Psyqueen. Nevertheless, he proved himself as both a dependable ally at best and terrifying adversary at worst for his rival Gai.

As Shota Hebikura

He is very athletic and acts as a reliable older brother figure to the team. Hebikura usually puts Haruki through intensive drills in the training room.[9][10] Hebikura is also shown unfazed by Kaiju attacks on a regular basis, which is no surprise owing to his past experiences. Hebikura displays genuine concern towards his fellow STORAGE members as seen when he ordered their evacuation during Gillvalis' attack in the middle of a battle simulation.


Ultraman Orb Chronicle

Chapter 1: 'Tree of Life' Arc

Main article: Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA

Juggler and Gai originally lived on the same planet and worked in the same rescue force. The Forbidden Forest While both are actually partners, when given the chance, they would compete with each other to prove the best among themselves. One day, both went to climb the Crusader's Peak, where Juggler was rejected and his partner Gai transformed into Ultraman Orb. Although he refused to be acknowledged as a supporter, he accompanied Gai on a mission as they learned of Psychi's plans to use the Bezelbs to rule the universe. They made a stop on Planet Rurin when Gai detected a cry of help, coming from an alien boy whose parents were being controlled by a Bezelb before said monster killed them. Glittering Star After Gai/Orb's first battle, they left the alien boy at a nearby village and chased an infected Bemstar into space, crossing paths with the Kanon Royal Guards Micott and Ricca, eventually joining forces to go to Planet Zain, where the Bezelb nest was. Last ~Fellow~ Echo Arriving at Psychi's base, Juggler held off several Bezelbs for the guardswomen to rescue their captain Shinra as he in turn saved Juggler from the effects of Kugutsu, using a seed from Planet Kanon's Tree of Life. Gai joined late with his senior Asuka but due to Psychi sabotaging their spacecraft, the journey back to Planet Kanon was delayed. Afterwards ~Tragedy~

"In my own eyes, that tree is a demon."


Orb, Dyna and Cosmos joined the Kanon defense forces in against the Bezelb invasion, followed by the rest with Juggler participating in the battle as well. When the War Deity was infected with Kugutsu, Juggler provided Orb with the seed of the Tree of Life and they successfully cure her. War Deity His relief was short-lived when Micott died from a Bezelb and his wish for power was realized by his turning into a black demon clad in copper armor. Seeing the tree as a devil, and to protect Amate, Juggler destroyed it and his act was not only questioned by the preceding Ultras, but he also branded as a threat by Planet Kanon for destroying the tree and injuring Amate in the process. This eventually forced him to leave and denounce his support for Gai. Wrap ~Dazzling~ Desiring to surpass the Ultra Warriors, he arrived on an alternate Earth to fight against Bezelbs and save Gai on multiple occasions. Sound Touch ~Theory~ Flower Storm Heat Haze With Psyqueen being defeated by the Ultras, Juggler quietly left the scene and was last seen in Gai's vision on the Crusader's Peak of O-50. Great Land ~A New World~

Chapter 2: 'I am the Galaxy's Migrating Bird' Arc

While Gai is given the mission to collect four elements for the Orbcalibur, Juggler traveled across the galaxy and slowly embraced the light's antithesis, darkness, through participating in various wars and battles across the galaxy, and became a mercenary. Juggler Dies! Revenge's Trigger On Wind Planet Guillermo (風の惑星ギレルモ Kaze no Wakusei Girerumo), Gai meets Juggler, who had been employed as the bodyguard of Alien Zartana. After killing his employer and claiming the Element of Wind (風のエレメント Kaze no Eremento), Juggler challenges Gai to a battle to settle things between the both of them, saying that he is tired of fighting and Gai was the one who started it. Juggler loses and wants Gai to finish him off, but he instead throws the Orbcalibur aside. Juggler was then captured and imprisoned at Prison Planet 484 (監獄惑星484 Kangoku Wakusei Yon Hachi Yon).

Chapter 3: 'The Man Who Stole The Black Hole' Arc

On Planet 484 where Juggler was captured, Juggler encountered the space girl Biranki. Both escaped and then Juggler stole the Super Polymerized Gold Capsule (超重合金カプセル Chō Jū Gōkin Kapuseru), which he used to make the Balloonga Bomb, that can create a black hole that will destroy the galaxy, while waiting for Gai to come. Gai and Juggler meet again but Biranki summoned Gango and several aliens and monsters to distract Gai while Juggler was activating the bomb. In the end, Gai's partner Shorty sacrificed himself to defuse the bomb and later died in Gai's hands. After Juggler nearly got beat to death by Gai's bare hands, Juggler and Biranki were captured again to be imprisoned, also preventing both from meeting each other. However, Juggler managed to escape from his captors and cemented his separation by obtaining the Dark Ring while his rival obtained the Orb Ring, chasing said rival to Earth.

Chapter 4: 'Fierce Battle! Ishtal Civilization' Arc

Juggler arrived on Earth in 1800 BC in the ancient Ishtal Civilization, 4000 years prior to the series. He went under the alias Nuru Ra Hotep ( ヌル・ラ・ホテップ Nuru Ra Hoteppu), dressing up as a mummy and acting as the leader of the religion Magacism (マガ教 Maga Kyō Maga-Teachings), a cult that praises Magatanothor while telling the people of Ishtal about their impending destruction. After acquiring Dodongo's card from its defeat by Orb, he freed Magatanothor using the card. After Orb defeated Magatanothor, he collected the monster's card while undisguising himself and he left.

Chapter 5: 'From Rusalka With Love' Arc

Some time in 1908, he observed the relationship between Gai and Natasha Romanová from within the shadows. After collecting the cards of Kingsaurus II, C.O.V. and Pris-Ma from their defeats at the hands of Orb, he awakened Maga-Zetton through his Dark Ring. Watching the battle between Orb and Maga-Zetton, the explosion was about to kill Natasha, when Juggler rushed in and saved her from the explosion. He healed Natasha from her injuries and left before collecting Maga-Zetton's Kaiju Card. The Wandering Sun In the 1950s, Juggler met Biranki again, who chased Juggler to Earth as well as calling down Hungler to seek out and battle Gai but Biranki loses. Juggler then saved her and later gave her some coffee at dawn, which drugged her. Juggler sends Biranki away to a distant planet with a note telling her to not follow him.

Chapter 6: 'The Wandering Sun'

Episode 6-0: Overture
Main article: Ultraman Orb (series)

Soon, he also collected Peguila's card in North Arctic after Orb defeated the monster and awakened Maga-Basser.

"All in creation comes from the Earth and returns there in time. Life is but a momentary flickering light. And this world, a momentary dream."

―Jugglus Juggler in episode 2.

108 years later (2016) in Japan, Juggler started his campaign by releasing Lord Monsters and harvest their cards upon destruction. After obtaining Ultraman Belial's card by backstabbing the Planet Invasion Union, Juggler revealed his grand scheme was to summon the most powerful Kaiju of all - Maga-Orochi. Utilizing all six Lord Monster cards in conjunction with Ultraman Belial's card, he was able to nullify Zoffy's protective seal and resurrect the ultimate Lord Monster. Maga-Orochi was initially able to defeat Orb in their first skirmish and in return, robbed Gai of his cards. Trouble! Mama's Here!

"Why Gai?! What is it with you?! Can't you just let me win just once?!"

―Juggler shouting in mad fury of Maga-Orochi's defeat.

However, with the help of Princess Tamayura, Orb was able to access his Thunder Breastar form to defeat Maga-Orochi in the second battle. Conceding defeat, Juggler returned Gai his Ultra Fusion Card Holder and walked off, telling that the two of them are no longer different. The Dark King's Blessing

Having expecting Gai's arrival in Rusalka, they have a brief fight before he merged Maga-Orochi's severed tail with Zetton and Pandon's cards into Zeppandon. His current goal is to coerce his rival into darkness but failed miserably when he escaped. An Unforgettable Place Failing to assassinate Naomi, he summoned Zeppandon the next day and almost won against Thunder Breastar while repeatedly taunting the Ultra, reminding that the loss of his public image would cause him to have nothing left to protect. His final attempt to defeat his rival backfired when it not only restored the latter's reputation, but also his true form, Orb Origin, with the tides turned to the Ultra's favor. In aftermath of the fight, his Dark Ring vanished, further adding insult to his defeat. The Holy Sword, Restored

His appearance changed from that event, now fully relying on his sword instead. For once he also killed Katarohi for no reason, Hard-Boiled River taunting Naomi for her part in awakening Renki,The Demon Inside of Me and manipulated both her and Gai in eliminating Tarude while reclaiming his stolen katana. Revenge's Trigger With all of his rivals eliminated, Juggler trains by perfecting his new attack while noticing that the power of darkness was growing and the Earth shall be destroyed. In the process, he slashed a lot of buildings, leaving in crescent moon cracks that get bigger every time, with the SSP believing it to be the work of a monster named Kamaitadon. After absorbing darkness from beneath the Earth, he prepared for what it seemed to be the final fight with Gai/Orb and used his perfected attack against his rival. Before he can eliminate the SSP members and Shibukawa, Orb recovers and quickly defeats his rival. Juggler once again survives the battle and found himself apprehended by VTL. The Dark Blade

"You heard her; "You need to hang on, Gai!". You were so, so courageous in battle. But it's not over yet! Or rather... I won't let it end. Because this is nothing... compared to true hell."

―Jugglus Juggler's word before slaying Naomi.

"Back then, before I realized it, I was doing everything I could to save her. That woman actually smiled at me. I had no idea what I was doing, so I ran off with my tail between my legs. The need to help the weak is Gai's weakness!"

―Jugglus Juggler telling his past when saving Natasha, The Wandering Sun

While being held prisoner at VTL headquarters, Jugglus Juggler used this chance to reveal the arrival of Magatano-Orochi. He also manipulated them into firing the missile to Tokyo Tower and inadvertently unleash the ultimate Lord Monster on the Earth, dooming the human race.

Later on, while Magatano-Orochi was fighting Ultraman Orb, Jugglus Juggler broke free from his containment, defeated the guards off-screen and kidnapped Naomi. The Giga Lord Monster Strikes Back He told him that Earth would soon disappear, that the void of darkness was the only thing that was eternal in everyone in the universe, and laughed at Gai's rebuttal of eternal love. Hesitant to kill Naomi at her sudden courage, Juggler rescued her from a crashed Z-VTOL. This, along with the discovery that he rescued Natasha long ago, he was redeemed in his rival's--Gai's--eye and eventually joined Orb after being persuaded by Naomi. During the battle, Juggler would sacrifice himself to restrain the monster so that Orb could deliver the final blow. Juggler would survive the attack without a scratch and watched Gai for the last time from a distance. The Wandering Sun

Chapter 7: 'Space Witch Murnau's Counterattack, Sadis' Return'

Main article: Ultraman Orb The Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds!

Discovering that Dark Ring has returned into Murnau's possession, Juggler joined her as a tour guide for her guests. Reuniting with his rival, Juggler greets him creepily, causing the chosen hero to question his rival's intentions, Juggler escorts him up the stairs before ambushing Gai, taking the X Devizer and deactivating it, sending Orb to some sort of alternate dimension where he goes on to combat Sadis and company. After the SSP arrived to find Gai, Juggler decides to help them out, but he winds up too fixated by the success in reclaiming Dark Ring which resulted his allies being forced to fend for themselves.

Nevertheless, he came to Orb's aid with Zeppandon combination when Orb is on the mercy of Murnau's minions. It is then he declared that he won't let anyone outperform his rival except himself. Unfortunately, the fight soon proved too much for Juggler as combination ended up defeated, knocking him out. He then regained consciousness in time to aid SSP reclaiming the Dark Ring, in which he made a noble decision in sealing it inside a black hole, freeing the crystallized Ultra Warriors in process.

Chapter 10: 'Migrating Birds, Go To The Sky'

Not much is known about Juggler's last story in the Ultraman Orb Chronicle other than Gai, Juggler and Biranki going off on another adventure.

Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect The Wishes!

Juggler reunite with Gai.

At some point, Juggler went to Cyber planet Kushia where he saw Gillvalis and learned about the Red Steel. Some Galactrons saw him, and they chased after him, so Juggler fled to Earth wanting to take the Red Steel for himself, probably so that he could use it and defeat his rival. There, he met Moa Aizaki and Alien Shadow Zenna of AIB, crashing down as a small meteor. When Galactron MK2 appears, he transforms and defends himself from its energy bullets before Ultraman Geed arrives. After Galactron MK2 escapes, Juggler somehow ends up in the AIB base, interrupting Moa and Zenna who were talking to Riku Asakura. Juggler then goes into the underground base and meets Laiha Toba and Alien Pegassa Pega, and RE.M.. He explains what happened earlier and that he was looking for the Red Steel, which was apparently a legend in Okinawa. Juggler follows the gang to Okinawa, where they bump into Leito Igaguri, who was there for work, and he tags along with them. While looking for the fabled site where the Red Steel was supposed to be, the group met Airu Higa, who told them more about the legend. To get more information, they had to get more information from an alien town, where they got into a fight and met the wanderer Gai Kurenai, who helped them out. Galactron MK2 returns and, unable to fight against a giant, Juggler simply watches Geed, Orb and Ultraman Zero handle the mechanical menace.

Later, Juggler borrows Airu's pendant and uses its power to grow to giant size when more Galactrons invade. Juggler has a difficult time against one of them, but Orb suddenly returns, helping his old rival defeat a common foe. After the Galactrons are defeated, and the Giga Finalizer choosing Riku to be its wielder, Juggler loses interest and just leaves while Geed, Orb and Zero fight Gillvalis.

Halfway through the credits, Juggler is revealed to have bought a Shisa plush as a souvenir and he met Gai, saying he will follow his rival around until the day he defeats him.

Pre-Ultraman Z

"Long ago, I cut down a big tree. It was to stop a war, and to carry out my justice. But it was all spurned. That's why I need that toy. To show those who think their justice is absolute, just how fragile their assumptions are."

―Juggler reveals his true intentions to Haruki, The Game to Extinction

Juggler travelled to a planet Earth after chasing Grigio Raiden in 2010, where he avoid detection from GAFJ for a very long time. In August 2013, Juggler took advantage of an accident caused by a failure in prototype SAA testing switching place with the deceased test pilot Shota Hebikura, taking his identity and clothes before allowing himself to be burned in the wreckage. Due to said incident, Juggler was able to slip into the ranks of GAFJ without arousing suspicions while masking his facial differences with the late Hebikura as a case of reconstructive surgery. In 2015, Juggler took part in GAFJ's conflict against Namegon and was the very person to name the first SAA Unit as Sevenger. At the time of STORAGE's foundation, he was promoted to the rank of captain and assumed leadership of the team.[11] Still bittered by the incident on Planet Kanon, Juggler silently waited for STORAGE to develop their strongest robot and steal it at the right moment in order to prove those who wronged him in the past, but had since developed to genuinely care for his teammates. The Game to Extinction

Ultraman Z


On the same day as Ultraman Z's first appearance and Genegarg's invasion, Juggler salvaged the Tiga, Dyna and Gaia Ultra Medals. Chant My Name! He remained playing the role of captain, but assumed his Majin form to perform shady activities behind STORAGE's back, such as duplicating Haruki's Z Riser, clashing with Celebro on numerous occasions and fighting for the Beliarok's ownership to name a few. First Juggling Beliarok However in spite of his personal gains, Juggler developed a soft spot for his teammates and Riku, as he would resort to use whatever available methods to keep them safe. The Man Returns! His Majesty's Medal

By the time Ultroid Zero started its construction and STORAGE disbanded, Juggler quit GAFJ as a whole and exposed his identity to claim the robot for his own use. Prelude to a Nightmare Originally content on leaving Haruki's fate to Celebro, he relented and stepped in to rescue him at the last moment, forfeiting Ultroid Zero in the process. In the aftermath of Z's battle against Destrudos and the latter's reign of terror, Juggler amassed the former members of STORAGE, including Haruki, and began an effort to reclaim their headquarters. The Game to Extinction During the mutiny against SAAG, he revealed the truth about his identity to his comrades, and announced their final operation to save Yoko using the available SAA units. Piloting Windom as his Dark Z Riser was too damaged to function, Juggler and Sevenger/Inaba held Destrudos back long enough for Haruki/King Joe SC to punch his way into Destrudos to save Yoko. After Destrudos' defeat, Juggler returns to his casual dress where he stopped Celebro from escaping long enough for Yuka and Kaburagi to capture the parasite for dissection. Although Yuka asked if they would ever meet again, Juggler brushes it off and parted ways, taking his bonsai tree with him. Warriors Shining Beyond

Sevenger Fight

"This is your ex-captain's order: beat those guys."

―Juggler to Yoko/Space Sevenger.

Jugglus Juggler Sevenger fight.png

Jugglus Juggler appeared in this series, appearing in episode 7.

When Space Sevenger was low on energy, thanks to settling a quarrel between Eleking and Gazort, the mech was blind sided by Reconstructed Pandon. The two began to fight, only to be interupted by Gandar, Garamon and Alien Icarus roaring their arrival from a cliff top. The three jumped down and joined the fight, only for Alien Icarus to be downed by a back slash from Jugglus Juggler himself. He provided his team information and served as a distraction until Haruki arrived on the scene as Ultraman Z Beta Smash, fighting along side Sevenger until the four aggressive beasts where destroyed in a fiery explosion. Later that night, Juggler is seen killing an Alien Ghose (the mastermind behind the attack on Sevenger), claiming he'll see his former teammates again some day.


Human (Juggler)

Human (Hebikura)


Majin (Early Style)

Prior to the development of his crescent scar, Juggler's Majin form was once known by the name Early Style (アーリースタイル Ārī Sutairu).

  • Height: 1.95 ~ 49 m
  • Weight: 100 kg ~ 47,000 t
  • Origin: Planet O-50

When Juggler transforms into his Majin form, he is covered with a purple flame as his body changes into Majin Form. His eye(s) may also glow.

Like Gai, who transform into Ultraman Orb's Fusion Up forms with Ultra Fusion Cards. Juggler can transform into a fusion monster by scanning Kaiju Cards used to form the respective Kaiju.

"Zetton! Pandon! I'll be taking your powers! Super Combination: Zeppandon!"

―Activation announcement for Zeppandon

In his Majin Form, Juggler scans the cards of Zetton and Pandon before raising the Dark Ring upwards. His body changes into a ball of energy that fuses with Maga-Orochi's tail, then a beam of red light strikes the ground, unveiling Zeppandon.

"Sir Zetton! Sir Pandon! Let me borrow the power of darkness! Super Combination: Zeppandon!"

―Alternate activation announcement for Zeppandon

Juggler in his human form scans Zetton and Pandon's cards, creating projections of said Kaiju as the screen facing the respective angle of their faces. Afterwards, he raises the Dark Ring up which causes his body to transform into Majin Form with his and the component Kaiju's bodies being covered in a luminous silhouette before merging. This causes his silhouette to evaporate and reveal Zeppandon. During the rising sequence, Zeppandon appears from a purple light and the background bursts as it approaches further to the screen.

"Sir Zetton! Sir Alien Baltan! Let me borrow the power of darkness!"

―Activation announcement for Zetton Alien Baltan

Juggler in his human form sets his Ultra Access Card into the Dark Z Riser and then places three Kaiju Medals in the slots before sliding the blade, raising it up and pressing on the trigger.

"Sir Zetton. Sir Pandon. Maga-Orochi. It's been a while. Let me borrow the power of darkness!"

―Activation announcement for Zeppandon

"Sir Golza. Sir Melba. Sir Super C.O.V. It's been a while. Let me borrow the power of darkness!"

―Activation announcement for Tri-King

"Sir Gan-Q! Sir Reicubas! Let me borrow a little more power of darkness!"

―Activation announcement for Five King

Provided that Juggler has already assuming Tri-King, he inserted Gan-Q and Reicubas before scanning them. Once doing so, Tri-King's arms morphed into the scanned Medals' components to cement its transformation into Five King.

  • Armor: As a Majin Form, Juggler wears a copper-colored hide/armor to sustain fatal injuries. This also allows him to survive from almost every near-death experience, such as Orb's Orb Supreme Calibur. The only time said armor failed was when he rescued Natasha from Maga-Zetton's Light Bullet explosion, creating a crescent-shaped scar on his chest although such action can be justified to the explosion size compared to his human height. Within the Inner Space of Dark Z Riser, Juggler can optionally exclude the Majin Form's head over a "helmetless"-style appearance.
  • Jashin Blade[13] (蛇心剣じゃしんけん Jashin Ken lit. Serpent-Hearted Blade): Juggler's katana, which can also cast spells when in Juggler's hands.
    • Jashin Style (蛇心流 Jashin-ryū): Juggler is an expert practitioner of this combat style, which adds to his feats as an elite warrior from O-50.
    • Length Increase: Juggler can increase the length of his sword; doing so causes the blade to glow purple.
    • Energy Slash: Juggler can unleash a purple, crescent-shaped energy slash from his sword, whether he is in his giant or human-sized forms. In THE ORIGIN SAGA, when Juggler increased the length of his sword, he was able to release an energy slash the same length as his extended sword. When arriving to assist Orb in the final fight against Magatano-Orochi, a variant of this technique is seen, which is yellow in color with yellow sparkles.
    • Wormhole Creation: Through the Jashin Blade, Juggler can summon a wormhole in the sky. This was used to bring Maga-Orochi's tail as one of the components of Zeppandon, then used again to seal the Dark Ring.
    • Jashin Blade Drawing Slash (蛇心剣抜刀斬 Jashin Ken Battō-zan): Juggler unleashes a powerful dark energy slash attack via his katana.
    • Size Change: Juggler raises his katana, which calls upon the darkness to envelop his body and turn him into a giant. He can also perform this feat with other energy source such as Airu Higa's pendant. During the final battle of Ultraman Z, Juggler admitted to have lost the ability to change size.
    • Crescent Moon Shockwave (新月斬波 Shingetsu Zanba): Juggler's finisher, where he unleashes a dark red crescent-shaped energy slash from his sword upon his opponent. A successful hit has an electrocuting effect on the victim.
    • Darkness Detection: Juggler's katana is capable of detecting huge amounts of darkness underneath the Earth's surface. The katana glows purple when doing this.
    • Barrier: Juggler creates a dark barrier using his sword.
    • Item Duplication: By calling the power of the Phantom Universe (幻の宇宙 Maboroshi no Uchū), the sword is capable of duplicating any item to their dark counterparts, which is how he copied Haruki's Z Riser to create the Dark Z Riser.[14]
  • Dark Ring (ダークリング Dāku Ringu): A mysterious object similar to the Orb Ring, which, when used with the Kaiju Cards, allows Jugglus Juggler to awaken Kaiju.
    • Card Launch: The original purpose of the Dark Ring is to launch scanned Kaiju Cards to negate the sealing properties of an Ultra Fusion Card by creating a sunspot-like essence that block their powers. Once the Fusion Card is fully blocked, the slumbered Lord Monster will be awaken. This also works with the use of Belial's Ultra Fusion Card, doing so to shatter Zoffy's seal on Maga-Orochi.
    • Card Harvesting: The Dark Ring is capable of harvesting Kaiju Cards upon an Ultra Kaiju's defeat by absorbing their remains. Juggler used this to harvest the defeated Lord Monsters as part of his plan to awaken Maga-Orochi.
    • Kaiju Summon: The Dark Ring is capable of summoning any Kaiju when a Kaiju Card is scanned.
    • Kaiju Fusion: By combining two Kaiju Cards similar to Ultraman Orb's Fusion Up, he is able to create and control fusion Kaiju such as Zeppandon.
  • Dark Z Riser (ダークゼットライザー Dāku Zetto Raizā): Juggler's variant of the Z Riser, he created this through copying Haruki's Z Riser. The device was damaged after Zeppandon's final fight with Five King.
    • Dark Hero's Gate (ダークヒーローズゲート Dāku Hīrōzu Gēto):[14] Since the item is a copy of the Z Riser, Juggler can summon a dark purple-colored Inner Space in order to transform.
  • Ultra Access Card Hebikura Version (ウルトラアクセスカード ヘビクラver. Urutora Akusesu Kādo Hebikura Bājon): The card which bears Juggler's name and image (including his human alias), he sets into the Dark Z Riser as a means of authorization. [K 1]
  • Superhuman Strength: Even in human form, Juggler is strong enough to pick an adult and throw him into the distance, or with enough force to leave a crater in a building if they are durable enough to withstand the impact.
  • Acceleration/Enhanced Reflex: Juggler is capable of moving at a greater speed and possesses enhanced reflexes.
  • Dark Punch: Juggler can throw a punch coated with dark energy.
  • Training: In addition to his swordsmanship, Juggler is also trained in the martial arts and is able to fight on equal strength with Gai.
  • Travel Sphere: Juggler can travel to other places in a travel sphere.
  • Kaiju Cards (怪獣カード Kaijū Kādo): A set of cards that represent Ultra Kaiju. They can be scanned in the Dark Ring to awaken Kaiju or Lord Monsters (魔王獣 Maō-jū).
    • Power Channel: Juggler can channel energy through Kaiju Cards to activate that kaiju's power. This is shown when he used Bemstar's card to absorb Nagus' bullet.
  • Teleportation: Juggler is capable of teleportation.
  • Energy Blast: Purple energy blasts fired from his hands.
  • Healing Wave: Juggler is able to heal others from injuries by providing them with some of his energy. Performing this on Natasha Romanová gave him his permanent crescent scar.
  • Kaiju Medals (怪獣メダル Kaijū Medaru): Kaiju counterparts to the Ultra Medals developed on the Land of Light. The ritual Juggler used to create his Dark Z Riser also somehow created the Zetton, Pandon and Maga-Orochi Kaiju medals. Since then, he has taken possession of Celebro's Five King medals, after a brief confrontation with the space parasite.
  • Piloting: Being a member of STORAGE under the Hebikura alias, Juggler is skilled in piloting an SAA Unit. The only time he ever piloted a unit was the Windom alongside Haruki/King Joe SC and Inaba/Sevenger as part of the operation to save Yoko from Destrudos.
  • Combination O-50 (コンビネーションO-50 Konbinēshon Ō Fifuti): A tag-team attack with Ultraman Orb in Ultraman Fusion Fight!. Juggler runs towards the enemy and delivers multiple slashes and ends it with a charged energy slash before Orb leaps in to deliver the final blow.

Collectibles in Possession

Kaiju Cards

Jugglus Juggler use Kaiju Cards to awaken the respective monsters to combat his nemesis, Ultraman Orb. However, it also seems that he is collecting the remains of Lord Monsters for his own agenda by having Orb defeat them.

  • Dodongo: Obtained after Ultraman Orb defeated the monster, used to awaken Magatanothor.
  • Magatanothor: Obtained after Orb defeated the monster in 1800 BC in Ishtal Civilisation, 4000 years prior to the series.
  • Kingsaurus II: Obtained after Ultraman Orb defeated the monster in Lake Baikal, used to awaken Maga-Zetton.
  • Super C.O.V.: Obtained after Ultraman Orb defeated the monster in Rusalka, used to awaken Maga-Zetton.
  • Pris-Ma: Obtained after Ultraman Orb defeated the monster in Rusalka, used to awaken Maga-Zetton.
  • Maga-Zetton: Obtained after Ultraman Orb defeated the monster, 108 years prior to the events of the series.
  • Peguila: Obtained after Ultraman Orb defeated the monster in North Arctic, used to awaken Maga-Basser
  • Maga-Basser: Obtained after Ultraman Orb defeated the monster.
  • Telesdon: Used to awaken Maga-Grand King.
  • Antlar: Used to awaken Maga-Grand King.
  • Gomora: Used to awaken Maga-Grand King.
  • Golza: Used to awaken Maga-Grand King.
  • Maga-Grand King: Obtained after Ultraman Orb defeated the monster.
  • Maga-Jappa: Obtained after Ultraman Orb defeated the monster.
  • Maga-Pandon: Obtained after Ultraman Orb defeated the monster.
  • Red King: Only used when Juggler played poker with the Planet Invasion Union.
  • Eleking: Only used when Juggler played poker with the Planet Invasion Union.
  • King Guesra: Only used when Juggler played poker with the Planet Invasion Union.
  • King of Mons: Only used when Juggler played poker with the Planet Invasion Union.
  • King Joe: Only used when Juggler played poker with the Planet Invasion Union.
  • Aribunta: Used to summon the Terrible-Monster against Ultraman Orb.
  • Kelbim: Used to summon the Kaiju against Babaryu after he betrayed the Union.
  • Enmargo: Only used when Juggler made a Tarot reading with Alien Nackle Nagus.
  • Black King: Nagus' card given to him by Don Nostra as a set-up for him to be assassinated.
  • Bemstar: Used it's gorge to swallow the shots of Nagus' blaster during his assassination attempt.
  • Zetton: Used in unison with Pandon to form Zeppandon.
  • Pandon: Used in unison with Zetton to form Zeppandon.

Ultra Fusion Cards

  • Ultraman Belial: Obtained from Don Nostra after killing him. Used to unseal Zoffy's Ultra Fusion Card by destroying it and release Maga-Orochi. It was later used by Gai Kurenai to transform into Ultraman Orb Thunder Breastar.

Ultra Medals

Kaiju Medals

  • Zetton Medal: Summoned from his wormhole and used to form Zeppandon.
  • Pandon Medal: Summoned from his wormhole and used to form Zeppandon.
  • Maga-Orochi Medal: Summoned from his wormhole and used to form Zeppandon.
  • Golza Medal: Confiscated from Shinya Kaburagi and used to form Tri-King/Five King. Lost after the death of Alien Barossa III.
  • Melba Medal: Confiscated from Shinya Kaburagi and used to form Tri-King/Five King. Lost after the death of Alien Barossa III.
  • Super C.O.V. Medal: Confiscated from Shinya Kaburagi and used to form Tri-King/Five King. Lost after the death of Alien Barossa III.
  • Reicubas Medal: Confiscated from Shinya Kaburagi and used to form Five King. Lost after the death of Alien Barossa III.
  • Gan-Q Medal: Confiscated from Shinya Kaburagi and used to form Five King. Lost after the death of Alien Barossa III.
  • Ultraman Belial Medal: Confiscated from Shinya Kaburagi. Given to Haruki Natsukawa.

Other Media



Ultraman Chronicle: ZERO & GEED


Juggler made an appearance in episode 18 of the series. He joined Riku's class and brought an octopus plush toy for Riku, as well as a boombox which played music from Ultraman Orb, such as Gai's Orbnica tune and the series' theme song Orb no Inori. After Zero's session was over, Juggler tried to teach Riku and Pega Ultraman Orb's history, though his class went on for so long they got bored. Ultraman Chronicle: ZERO & GEED


  • His actor, Takaya Aoyagi, was meant to audition for the role of Gai Kurenai but he lost to Hideo Ishiguro. However much to his delight, he was appointed as Jugglus Juggler, who is also one of the series' main cast members. He wishes to enjoy his time acting throughout the series, wanting his friends' children to watch his acting.
  • Many of Juggler's sadistic traits are mostly ad-libs by his own actor. He also mentioned that children would be fearful of him because of this.
  • In the series' opening, when Jugglus' true form was unveiled in the background, it was portrayed as a shadow with red eyes although the true coloration for these are blue.
  • In an interview with Hideo Ishiguro, he was about to state the true goal of Jugglus Juggler, but before he could reveal anything, his words were censored by Ultraman's Spacium Beam firing noise.
  • Ironically, even though Juggler is a major villain, the only characters he's been seen to kill are other villains, the first two were because of an assassination plot, and the third was for an unknown motive. His inability to directly kill humans is a sign of him still having a portion of his light despite claiming to have shunned it several years prior after embracing the darkness.
  • When designing Juggler's majin form, Masayuki Gotoh originally intended him to have a full 'moon' motif and nature over the 'sun' motif and nature of the Ultramen. He also wanted the design to resemble that of a traditional ninja. Eventually, he designed Juggler after a ninja with his face being based on Venetian mask that had the shape of a crescent moon when seen from the side. He also wanted to add screw-like decorations on him, but was aked by the director to take a more organic approach, and settled with jewels.[15]
  • In THE ORIGIN SAGA, the red stripe along the front of Juggler's costume is intentionally used to foreshadow his eventual moon-shaped scar.
  • Despite an official pamphlet stating that Juggler is from Planet O-50, Takaya Aoyagi denied the claim via his Twitter.
  • Juggler's plan to use Balloonga as a bomb and threaten the entire universe is a reference to the plot in the Japanese film Taiyo o Nusunda Otoko.
  • His alias as Nuru Ra Hotep is a reference to Nyarlathotep from the Cthulhu mythos and the Egyptian architect Imhotep.
  • Juggler was said by crew members to be a reinterpretation of Ultraman Agul, in terms of being a mysterious entity of similar origins to that of their series' title Ultra.
  • Juggler's actor, Takaya Aoyagi, cannot whistle. As such, the scene in episode 16 of Juggler whistling was dubbed over.
  • Juggler is the first major antagonist that has his own transformation scene whose neither a human host nor a form of an evil Ultra. Although his position would be reduced to an anti-hero as of the series finale of the original television series, most of his characteristics would be reused by Kei Fukuide of Ultraman Geed.
    • Additionally, his actor Kunito Watanabe had also auditioned for Juggler's role before losing to Takaya Aoyagi.
  • Juggler copies many of Gai's actions while transforming into Zeppandon, from the way he scans the cards to even Gai's transformation quotes. These traits are also present with Juggler's transformation using the Dark Z Riser.
  • While it was stated that Juggler's Majin form is his true form through Gai's Ultra Hero Special Study, Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA established that his human form is his natural appearance and he cannot maintain his Majin form for too long if he puts too much strain on himself.
  • Juggler received an Ultraman Suit design to promote a modeling contest.
  • In episode 2 of Ultraman Orb, Juggler sarcastically asked Naomi to "drink coffee at dawn" (夜明けのコーヒー Yoake no Kōhī) the next time they meet. This is actually an adult euphemism that comes from a pop song Koi no Kisetsu, usually refers to a man imploring a woman to spend their night together.[16]
  • In the transformation scene for Zeppandon via Dark Z Riser, Juggler was originally meant to address Maga-Orochi Medal as "Sir Maga-Orochi" (マガオロチさん Maga Orochi-san). This line was also recorded, but the actor Aoyagi consulted with the director to drop out the "sir" prefix, as Orochi was resurrected by Juggler from their home series and not appearing before him.[17]
  • According to Kiyotaka Taguchi, he would discard the idea of Juggler in Ultraman Z had Aoyagi refused the offer to reprise his role.[18]
  • During Juggler's first giant transformation, eight energy spheres were released from the Jashin Blade to empower him. This could indicate that the source of this power is Maga-Orochi, as the monster's template is associated with having eight heads.


  1. In the September 2020 release of Figure-Oh magazine, the card was initially referred to as Ultra Access Card Juggler Version (ウルトラアクセスカード ジャグラーver. Urutora Akusesu Kādo Jagurā Bājon).


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