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Jirangon (ジランゴン) is a Kaiju that exclusively appearing in Ultraman Z's manga prequel, Fight! Sevenger.[1]

Subtitle: Mountain God Monster (山神怪獣 Yamagami Kaijū)



The Japanese name for Jirangon (ジランゴン) can be rearranged into Gojira (ゴジラlit. "Godzilla"), with two extra N (ン).


Jirangon is designed by Tetsuya Kawaishi, who he admitted to be based on a certain monster that he used to work on in the past.[2]


Fight! Sevenger

Jirangon's presence can be dated as far as the Kamakura period of Japan. The monster dueled in a Sumo match and was sealed within the Mount Jirao (爾来尾山 Jirao-san), next to a local Shinto shrine. Ever since then, the monster had been revered by the nearby villagers.

In the present day, Jirangon was freed from its seal due to the rain in Gunma Prefecture. Haruki in Sevenger was assigned to stop Jirangon from advancing to the urban areas. Using the legend he heard of the monster, Haruki/Sevenger challenged Jirangon into a Sumo fight and eventually sealing the monster back into Mount Jirao.


Powers and Weapons
  • Heat Ray: Jirangon is capable of exhaling a beam of heat ray from its mouth.


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