Jiorugon (ジオルゴン Jiorugon) is an alien that only appeared in Televi-Kuns mostly for Ultraman Mebius. He was created from a drawing contest in Televi-Kun magazine.

Subtitle: Rock Force Destruction Staff Officer (岩力破壊参謀 Iwa Chikara Hakai Sanbō)


Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Ultra Galactic Civil War

One of the remnants of Alien Empera's generals, both Jiorugon and Alien Endeal tried to get revenge on their masters' defeat by fighting the Ultra Brothers. While Jiorugon is capable of evading Ultraman Taro's attacks, he met his demise by Zoffy, whom used the Ultra Key.

Ultraman Festival 2007 Stage Show

In order to revive Alien Empera, Ark Bogar, Jiorugon and Alien Endeal strikes a plan by attacking the Ultra Warriors. In the end, Jiorugon and Alien Endeal sacrificed themselves to fully awaken Empera.

Ultraman Zero Clash! Techtor Gear Black!!

While Ultraman Zero was training on Planet K76, Jiorugon appeared and challenged Zero for a match. However, before he could start, an unknown figure in Techtor Gear killed him with laser vision.



  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Gorgonium Rock (ゴーゴニウムロック Gōgoniumu Rokku): Jiorugon can turn himself into smaller stones as means of flight. This ability also allows him to reconstitute after being destroyed.
  • Gorgon Destruction (ゴーゴンデストラクション Gōgon Desutorakushon): A rush attack performed by his durable body.
  • Chain: In the Ultraman Festival 2007, he wields a length of chain as a melee weapon.


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