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The Jet VTOL (ジェットビートル Jetto Bītoru) is the aircraft used by the SSSP.

Subtitle: Main Fighter and Troop Transport Plane (主力戦闘機兼兵員輸送機 Shuryoku Sentōki Ken Heiin Yusō-ki)[3]



Developed by Dr. Iwamoto, the Jet VTOL is a VTOL-type aircraft designed in a way that resembles a commercial airplane, with a turbo jet in the back bumper. It has a silver and red paintjob and some yellow paint on the rear end of the tail fin. It has the SSSP logo on both sides of its wings and tail fin.

The SSSP members would often pilot this jet into the battlefield against Kaiju and other alien threats. The jet had been shot down and destroyed three times by Ragon, Antlar, and Gango. It had also made emergency landings after getting shot down by Alien Mefilas' saucer, Telesdon, and Gamakugira. At least four Jet VTOLs appeared in the series, codenamed S111, S115, 117 and 118.

Space VTOL

Space VTOL 117

In episode 16 of Ultraman, when Alien Baltan II took over Dr. Mohri's ship, the Ohtori, Dr. Iwamoto modified the Jet VTOL 117 and added three nuclear-powered hydrogen-rocket boosters and named it the Space VTOL (宇宙ビートル Uchū Bītoru). The jet was used to save Dr. Mohri before learning the latter had been possessed. It was later used when the Science Patrol had to investigate cases that took place in space (episodes 22, 33, 35).

In episode 42 of Ultraman Mebius, Shingo Sakomizu reminisced about being a SSSP member conducting flight tests with the Izanami's FTL-equipped VTOL S217, now heavily enhanced into the Ikazuchi (イカヅチ Ikazuchi). During one of these flights he encountered a hostile fleet of alien ships. The saucers targeted him as he ordered his friends on board the Inazami to hide underneath the shadow of Pluto. As his jet was about to get shot at, Zoffy appeared and rescued him.


The Jet VTOL is equipped with various weapons such as bombs and various multi-elastically mounted rocket launcher to the underside of the aircraft, defeating Guigass with an Extreme Drought Bomb, a bomb that destroys any signs of water on the object it touches in episode 25. The jet had can slot any firearm weapon, such as QX Gun and Mars 133. It can also act as a carrier jet, used to transport Underground Tank Vellucidar and the Special Submarine S16.



Ultraman Mebius



  • The Jet VTOL prop was modified from the Toho movie Gorath's United Nations VTOL vehicle.
  • In the Ultraman series, since there had been scenes where the Jet VTOL would get destroyed, the production crew had to build new models.
  • The Z-VTOL draws significant similarities to this aircraft, with the only major difference being its different livery.
  • The Jet VTOL appeared on the artwork of Animetal Marathon III, by Japanese heavy metal band Animetal.


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