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Jelga (ジェルガ Jeruga) is an aquatic monster that appeared in episode 15 of Ultraman Cosmos.

Subtitle: Deep Sea Monster (深海貝獣 Shinkai Kai-jū)


Ultraman Cosmos

Detected by SRC in a deep water trench, Jelga was quickly investigated by Musashi and Keisuke is an experimental submarine. Several torpedoes were launched that created an energy net around Jelga to prevent him from running away. However, once the force field disappeared Chaos Organism arrived and made Jelga aggressive. Once Jelga managed to trap the submarine with his back suction a special shock weapon was used only for it to not so much as phase Jelga. A second submarine containing Shinobu and Koji were sent out to fight Jelga as the one containing Musashi and Keisuke was nearly out of oxygen. Once Keisuke passed out, Musashi turned into Ultraman Cosmos and wasted no time going from Luna to Corona Mode. Cosmos quickly freed the submarine and proceeded to fight Jelga. Although Jelga had the upper hand during the fight, Keisuke's intervention with the submarine allowed Cosmos to use the Blazing Wave to expel Chaos Organism and dispersed it with the Naybuster Ray. After the battle it is assumed that Jelga went back to his normal life of living on the ocean floor.


  • Suit actor: Kazunori Yokoo
  • Jelga's suit would later modified into Arados (both child and adult).



Jelga Monster.jpg

  • Height: 42 m
  • Weight: 66,000 t
Powers and Weapons
  • Back Suction: Jelga possessed a vacuum on its back, which it used to feed on planktons.

Chaos Jelga

Chaos Jelga.png
Chaos Jelga (カオスジェルガ Kaosujeruga) was the transformed state of Jelga after it was infected by Chaos Organism.

  • Height: 42 m
  • Weight: 66,000 t
Powers and Weapons
  • Back Suction: Jelga can suck enemies towards him with his back.
  • Electrical Resistance: Jelga has a high resistance to electricity.
  • Twin Tentacles: Jelga has a pair of tentacles in his back ideal for coiling.
  • Energy Bullets: Jelga can launch orange balls of highly explosive radiation from his back.
    • Energy Beam: A beam variant can be fired from the mouth.


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