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"Jean Fight!"

―Jean-Bot's battle cry

"Your manners. I'm not a chicken, I'm Jean-Bot."

―Jean-Bot to Glenfire, Ultraman Zero The Movie

Jean-Bot (ジャンボット Jan Botto) is a sentient machine that serves the royal family of Planet Esmeralda. He has an alternative spaceship mode called Jean-Bird (ジャンバード Jan Bādo), in which he aided Princess Emerana as transportation after Kaiser Belial's assault on her planet. He later joins Ultimate Force Zero.


  • Jean-Bot: Soldier of Steel (鋼鉄の武人 Kōtetsu no Bujin)
  • Jean-Bird: Star Corvette (スターコルベット Sutā Korubetto)


Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire

After Ultraman Zero took Run as a host and was attacked by Legionoids, he and Nao accidentally stowed in a ship that blasted off into space, revealed to Jean-Bird/Bot with Princess Emerana on board. After almost wiping their memories in order to keep their whereabouts secret from Kaiser Belial, the brothers made friends with the princess and ship and began their journey searching for the Shield of Baradhi to stop the kaiser.

Nao activating Jean-Bot

With many adventures, they eventually fight against Belial and his army. When Emerana uses herself to power Jean-Bird after losing power in a fight with Darkgone, Nao helps Jean-Bird assume his Jean-Bot mode. Together they manage to destroy Darkgone and help create the Ultimate Aegis to destroy Belial. When Zero begins to take his leave, Jean-Bot, Glenfire, and Mirror Knight intercept him and convince Zero to stay to defeat the remaining Legionoids, forming Ultimate Force Zero. Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire

Ultraman Zero Gaiden: Killer the Beatstar


―Jean-Bot before deactivating himself

"He used me as the base for Jean-Killer. I believed he also copied my Advanced Artificial Intelligence."

―Jean-Bot said when he was captured

A year after Ultimate Force Zero's last battle with Kaiser Belial, Jean-Bot and Princess Emerana was kidnapped by Beatstar in his travel sphere. The remaining three Ultimate Force Zero, Ultraman Zero, Mirror Knight and Glenfire broke into the sphere and tried to save them. Jean-Bot was later kidnapped, reprogrammed and become the main base model for Jean-Killer. While Jean-Killer attacked Ultimate Force Zero, Jean-Bot was ordered to eliminate Rei and Hyuga.

Zero took Jean-Bot away, and he began to regain his consciousness but he had to shut down his system to resist Beatstar's control. As the fighting with Zero continues, before Zero had a chance to defeat Jean-Killer, Jean-Bot stopped Zero in time and tells everyone that he is his brother, the rest of the team is surprised when Jean-Bot try to persuade Jean-Killer that living life forms is the not enemy, as he still under the control of Beatstar he continued to attack Jean-Bot and the team.

Emerana arrives and persuades him to open his heart to the truth to make up his own mind, he responds but Beatstar forcefully gains control of him again and he attacks Emerana with beams from his eyes and holds back the team with electric blasts to make them stay where they are, even how much Rei tried to stop her, Hyuga told Rei that they should trust her. She still tries to convince Jean-Killer as she believes that Jean-Killer has a heart as his attack missed countless times at Emerana. He stopped after he saw Emerana's tear, the team is freed and everyone is surprised when they see Jean-Killer's tears. Everyone had taught him about life, heart and the truth about organic lifeforms not being his enemy. Jean-Killer had made up his own mind but Hyuga reminds everyone that time is growing short before the sphere will hit the planet.

The team and Jean-Killer destroyed all surrounding Legionoids. Ultraman, Ultraseven, and Zoffy arrive to buy them time before the sphere hits the planet. Jean-Bot begged Jean-Killer to reveal Beatstar's location. Jean-Killer told them that he's on a half-cut moon. The team jump up to the moon and found a several of King Joes and Inpelaizers. Jean-Bot, Glenfire, Mirror Knight and Rei summoned Gomora to hold them for Zero, so Zero will be able to stop Beatstar. After everything is over, Jean-Killer had been renamed by Emerana as "Jean-Nine" and Zero had him joined the team as well. Emerana told Jean-Bot to be a good big brother to him. After Ultraman, Ultraseven and Zoffy left to Land of Light, Ultimate Force Zero is ready to save universe again. Ultraman Zero Gaiden: Killer the Beatstar

Ultra Zero Fight

Part 1: A New Power

Jean-Bot as seen in Ultra Zero Fight Part 1

Like the rest of Ultimate Force Zero, Jean-Bot waited for Zero to finish his training in the Monster Graveyard. After Zero's adventure, he and the rest of the team greeted the Ultra and made their way back to the Living Dimension. A New Power

Part 2: Awakening of Zero

Jean Fight!

While Zero was being attacked by the Darkness Five (save Jatar and Sly) and Tyrant, Jean-Bot joined Ultimate Force Zero to hold them off while Zero went to rescue Pigmon. Jean-Bot fought Villainous and Tyrant with his brother. When Zero arrives at the scene, Jean-Nine greeted the hero. However, Jean-Bot senses something wrong and push away Jean-Nine, having himself killed as Zero was revealed to be under Belial's possession. While Ultraman Zero fell into submission, members of Ultimate Force Zero gives several encouragements to him before departing to the afterlife. He was later revived when Zero reversed the time flow and along with the other members, escorted his exhausted body. Awakening of Zero

Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect the Wishes!


Jean-Bot first appears fighting against a group of Galactrons, alongside Ultimate Force Zero. When Gillvalis targeted Geed's Earth as the next one to judge and reset, the group arrive at the World of Side Space to stop his threat after being informed by Zoffy. While Zero joined forces with Ultraman Orb, and Ultraman Geed, Jean-Bot and the others could only guard them from space while contributing to the battle by blasting Cyber Planet Kushia with their attacks. After the battle, Jean-Bot and Ultimate Force Zero left the planet after entrusting Earth to the hands of Riku/Geed. Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect the Wishes!



Jean-Bot's offensive capabilities are accessed when a pilot accesses his movement controls by shouting "Jean Fight". Afterwards, he no longer needs a pilot to fight.

Powers and Weapons
  • Jean Knuckle (ジャンナックル Jan Nakkuru): Jean-Bot launches its left fist at the opponent.
    • Double Jean Knuckle (ダブルジャンナックル Daburu Jan Nakkuru): With Jean-Nine, Jean-Bot can fires his left fist to opponent with Jean-Nine's Jean Knuckle.
  • Beam Emerald (ビームエメラルド Bīmu Emerarudo): Multiple bullets of energy fired from the forehead, these are charged by the emeralds of Esmeralda. This can also be shot out as a powerful beam.
  • Jean Blade (ジャンブレード Jan Burēdo): Jean-Bot can generates blade from his right wrist.
  • Battle Shield: Jean-Bot can uses the shield on his left shoulder for defensive purposes.
    • Battle Ax (バトルアックス Batoru Akkusu): Jean-Bot can changes the Battle Shield to Battle Ax for offensive purposes.
      • Killer Windmill (必殺・風車 Hissatsu Kazaguruma): Jean-Bot's finishing attack where he spins at a high speed while wielding the Battle Ax and cleaves an opponent.
  • Jean Missiles (ジャンミサイル Jan Misairu): Jean-Bird can fire homing missiles from his back.
  • Boosters: Jean-Bot has rocket boosters on his back that can propel him through the air. He also possess interstellar traveling abilities regardless of which form he is in.
  • Transformation: Jean-Bot can transform back into his Jean-Bird form.

Jean Bird.png

Jean-Bot's jet form is called the Jean-Bird. Due to this, Glenfire affectionately calls Jean-Bot "Yakitori" (焼き鳥lit. "grilled chicken").

Powers and Weapons
  • Boosters: Jean-Bird has rocket boosters in his wings that can propel him through the air. He also possess interstellar traveling abilities regardless of which form he is in.
  • Jean Missiles (ジャンミサイル Jan Misairu): Jean-Bird can fire homing missiles from his wings.
  • Beam Emerald (ビームエメラルド Bīmu Emerarudo): Jean-Bird can fire lasers from its underside.
  • Transformation: Jean-Bird can transform into his true form, Jean-Bot via a motion pilot when announcing "Jean Fight!".

Other Media

Ultraman Retsuden

Jean-Bot as seen in Ultraman Retsuden

Jean-Bot and the others appear in Ultraman Retsuden episode 79. Ultraman Retsuden

Ultraman: Another Genesis

Main article: Jean-Bot (Another Genesis)

Jean-Bot appears in this novel series as a human transformed into a robot. Ultraman: Another Genesis


Jean-Bot is released as an Ultra Hero Series EX and an Action Archives Ultraman Zero shokugan (Candy toy), to commemorate the release of the movie. He was also made as an Ultra-ACT Figure by Tamashii Nations.


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