Jadan (ジャダン Jadan) were aliens that appeared in The☆Ultraman.

  • Subtitle: Invasion Alien (侵略星人 Shinryaku Seijin)
  • Jagon Subtitle: Twin-headed Monster (双頭怪獣 Soto Kaiju)



Appearing from deep space, the Jadans led by Commander Boa (ボア Boa) sought to conquer planet Earth and eliminate Ultraman Joneus. After the Jadan fleet slaughtered the global defense force's orbital defenses, the invaders headed toward the Japanese airspace where the Scientific Defense Guard spearheaded the Self Defense Force's aerial attack. Although suffering most loses, the Jadans used this to their advantage as one of their fighters crashed near a military base where it was soon destroyed by flamethrowers. The two Jadan pilots of the destroyed ship possessed a pair of soliders to sneak into the base. Once their the Jadan commander explained that upon the destruction of the base they could lure Joneus out into the open. Once the aliens' cover was blown the two Jadans were chased by Choichi to the point where they had to transform into Jagon (ジャゴン Jagon). Once Choichi transformed into Joneus, Jagon lead Joneus toward Osaka where the two clashed until the monster showed him the wanton destruction the fleet was causing in Tokyo. Joneus was forced to go back and forth between Jagon and the fleet until Elek and Loto came to assist their comrade. Jagon was called back to the mothership only for the Ultra warriors to tear it apart, destroying the invaders and their ambitions of conquest.


  • Voice Actors:
    • Boa: Izuka Shozo
    • Jadan Pilots: Ikuo Nishikawa
    • Jagon: Yumiko Sato, Shigeharu Matsuda
  • In the first half of the episode the Jadans were drawn with two toe claws, but in the second half their feet only had one claw each.




  • Height: 223 cm
  • Weight: 296 kg
  • Origin: Planet Jadan

Powers and Weapons

  • Spacecrafts: All Jadans piloted spacecrafts for transportation purposes.
  • Mothership: The leading Jadan, Boa rode a mothership that lead his armada to Earth.
  • Possession: Jadans can liquefy their bodies to possess other lifeforms.
  • Combine: A pair of Jadans can combine to form a Jagon by touching their wrists on each other.



  • Length: 103 m
  • Weight: 77,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Jadan

Powers and Weapons

  • Flight: Jagons can fly at high speeds.
  • Flame Streams: Jagons can emit a stream of red flames from the mouths of both heads.
  • Energy Resistance: Jagons have a high resistance to energy, allowing them to withstand attacks like the Planium Beam twice without visible damage.
  • Eye Holograms: Jagons can spawn holograms of Jadan activities with their eyes.

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