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Ultraman Jack's original transformation item before he gained the power to transform himself.


Created on the Land of Light, it was Jack's means of transformation back from Ultra form. However, on a primitive planet, Jack was faced with three sea monsters. Rather than listen to Father of Ultra's advice he pushed himself past his limits. While victorious, Jack's Ultra form crumbled into his original human-like body and his bracelet crumbled. Its Plasma Ore having broken in the sea he found himself in and eaten by a sea monster.

While Jack was saved by an Aquatic Homid, the stone cause the monster eventually mutate into an amphibious creature that later attack Jack and his new friends. Jack was able to drive the monster off and later noticed the light inside the beast. While managing to drive it off with a spear to its eye, Jack knew it would return. Which it did, however it was stronger than before and easily bested the defenses he had taught the humanoids to build. Jack bravely lured the beast back into the ocean and almost died had the light in the beast not left the beast and entered his body, restoring his ability to transform again.


Jack was never seen using the device.


  • The fate of Jack's item, not only explains why he alone can transform at will but implies that the devices merely holds the power of his Ultra form, or that it is sealed into the Plasma Ore in the item.
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