Izumi Miyama (美山いずみ Miyama Izumi) is the daughter of Sakiko Miyama, the nurse who takes Gen and Tooru in, replacing the killed-off supporting cast. She studies archaeology at a university, and, along with a colleague, found Black Dome's small form enabling Gen to destroy it.

Her personality is confident, but she has intelligence to back it up.


Ultraman Leo

She is the daughter of Ayumi, who took Gen and Tooru in after their friends were killed. Terror of the Saucer Race Series - MAC Annihilated! The Flying Saucer Is a Living Creature

Later, when Black Dome was in a small saucer form, her and a colleague found it at a construction site. Believing it to be a fossil, they took it to a lab at her university. When she was left alone with it it started flying and attacked her, but she drove it off by throwing acid at it. Accused of lying she told Gen. Seeing photos of the UFO she identified it and brought Gen to the university, and then helped evacuate grounds. Terror of the Saucer Race Series - The Saucer Creature from the Evil Planet Is Here!

She also was one of the theorists behind the idea that Blizzard was going after scientists researching Black Star. Terror of the Saucer Race Series - The Phantom Girl

When Tooru is possessed by Nova, she helps keep the police from shooting him by claiming she is his sister. Terror of the Saucer Race Series - The Red Assassin Who Beckons Death!

She theorized that the earth would be peaceful without Leo. Her reasoning was that Black Star was not after humanity, but instead trying to destroy the ultra. When Sakiko was kidnapped, she began to suspect Gen. Terror of the Saucer Race Series - The Life of Leo! The Miracle of King! TBA

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