Iron King in a Panic! (アイアンキング大ピンチ! Aian Kingu Dai Pinchi!) is the 25th episode of Iron King.


Cricketton, the 7th and final Titanian operative attempts to defeat Iron King. He first appears and starts to rampage, Iron King appears to confront him but he retreats. Cricketton later reappears and once again, Iron King arrives to battle him. However, this time Cricketton manages to take control over him and starts destroying the town.



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Urban Legend

From 1985 to 1986 Television Saitama re-broadcasted the Iron King series. However, broadcasting of this series was aborted after this episode. As a result, there was a speculation that this was the end of the series. The episode ended with a scene in which Iron King destroys a town being possessed by Cricketton, leading to a number of protests to Saitama TV station about the morbid "final episode" of series.

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