Iron (アイアン Aian) is the first Kaiju Mirrorman ever fought, and is probably his most iconic foe. He appeared in Mirrorman episodes 1, 8, and 15.

Subtitle: Steel Dragon (鋼鉄竜 Kōtetsu ryū)



Generation I

A mysterious man in black, who was really an Invader in disguise, sneaks into the SGM headquarters to steal photos of another Invader and of their spaceship they were taken by Kyotaro Kagami. Kyoraro chases after the Invader to the city where the police and the SGM were at to deal with a giant spaceship in the sky. The Invader tries to get the attention of the space ships, but the police took chase. When the police had the Invader cornered, the spaceship helps him out by shooting down a ray that covered only him and turn him into the monster Iron. Iron showed his strange alien powers, and easily began destroying the town he was in. When Kyotaro arrived, he saw the SGM are in trouble. Before he could help out, he hears his father’s voice, telling him to transform into Mirrorman. Using the mirror-pendant he received from the 2nd dimension and a car’s side mirror, Kyotaro transformed into Mirrorman for the first time. After a short battle, he quickly finished off Iron by using his Mirror Shot attack on Iron's chest killing him instantly, Iron then began to bleed a sickly green blood and then went up in viridescent flames.

  • Iron's cry is altered Gomora roar.
  • Iron would later inspire the mirror demon Shiyu, and the alien general Iaron.
  • Design: Yoshiaki Yoneya
    • His design motifs for Iron where horseshoe crabs,stingrays and Plooma.

Generation II


Generation III

A third Iron, known as Iron III (アイアン3代目 Aian Sandaime) appeared in episode 15 of Mirrorman. He was actually an illusion created by Jabala.

Mirror Fight

Iron appeared in episodes 1, 2, and 12 of Mirror Fight. Stock footage of his fights in Mirrorman were reused in this series.


Powers and Weapons
  • Laser Beams: Iron can attack by firing yellow and red beams from the red part of his head.
  • Fire Breath: Iron can breath fireballs 300,000 degrees hot.
  • Tail: The tip of his tail has scissor like pincers.
    • Tail Ray: Iron's tail can fire a red ray from its tip.
  • Brute Strength: Iron has immense strength.
  • Teleportation: Iron can teleport.



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