Ippei Baba

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Ippei Baba (馬場 一平 Baba Ippei) is the main tritagonist of Gridman the Hyper Agent.


Gridman the Hyper Agent

Ippei Baba is Naoto's other friend. Cheerful, he also helps monitor the computer when Naoto/Gridman fights. When Junk was first brought online, he used the painting program to design a superhero that would eventually become Gridman's body. With his skills as an artist, he would develop various Assist Weapons for Gridman's use.

Powers and Weapons

  • Artistic Skills: Ippei's sole ability is to design using the computer himself. He is responsible for Gridman's 2D avatar and the rest of the Assist Weapons. His inspiration varies, from conventional vehicles (pictures of military vehicles and Tyrannosaurus) towards the most mundane objects (his Special Dog and an Asian Lung-themed ornament).


  • Ippei was supposed to reappear in Gridman the Hyper Agent F, the prototype for SSSS.GRIDMAN, in which he failed the entrance exam for high school and was forced to go to Tsutsujidai Industrial High School, faraway from his hometown Sakuragaoka. There, he would assist Yuta Hibiki in his alter-ego as Gridman to fight against monsters sent by Alexis・Kerib and his human pawn Akane Shinjo.
  • Ippei had a crush on Yuka despite her having a crush on Naoto, much to his jealousy.
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