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Invesaurus is a Kaiju who appeared in episode 42 of Mirrorman, "A Tiny Invader."

Subtitle: Space Monster



One night Invesaurus appeared to silently attack a taxi driver and his passenger. SGM was notified by the town's police department from the aftermath. A quick investigation was done with no witnesses seeing or hearing any monster with Dr. Mitari soon telling the SGM to leave it to the police. Soon after, an Invader flying saucer was spotted beyond the Self Defense Force's radar boundaries surveying Earth. After Yuki returned from investigating the town, Yasuda detected an electric wave coming from the flying saucer. During this Kyotaro spotted a boy that had been bullied by the local kids wondering around at night. The boy took Kyotaro to his barren apartment while a pair of Invaders watched from afar. Kyotaro played the boy's ocarina while he remembered he was ordered by the Invaders to help slay Mirrorman. The boy took his ocarina back and led Kyotaro to the two Invaders only for them to fail and one being killed off. The hero found the boy at a fair where the rides began to activate on their own. The boy managed to electrocute Kyotaro and return him to his apartment, saying her was ordered to murder him but had a change of heart. The next day the boy set Kyotaro free which activated a spear trap from the ceiling. Kyotaro dodged the spears and used one to take out the other Invader. Invesaurus proceeded to ditch his dog disguise and destroyed the apartment by growing to his true form.

Invesaurus attempted to stomp on the boy for betraying the Invaders while Kyotaro found car rims that allowed him to turn into Mirrorman. The hero charged in, using karate chops and knee attacks to ward off Invesaurus. SGM helped with crowd control as people began to panic from the ensuing brawl, the alien monster pouncing on the hero only for him to dodge. Invesaurus then used his rib bombs to cause wanton havoc to stunning Mirrorman briefly. Another pounce attack from the alien monster failed followed by Mirrorman using the Mirror Knife. Mirrorman continued to beat down on Invesaurus and used the Miracle Kick to decapitate him only for the alien monster to reattach it. The hero kept away from Invesaurus's charging before finishing him off with the Silver Cross while Jumbo Phoenix intercepted and destroyed the flying saucer once it entered Earth's atmosphere in a failed attack to catch Mirrorman off guard.


  • Invesaurus' roar, like many Mirroman kaiju, is a heavily slowed down Red King roar.


  • Height: 58 m
  • Weight: 22,000 t
  • Origin: Planet X
Powers and Weapons
  • Dog Disguise: Invesaurus can disguise himself as a dog if needed.
  • Extraordinary Jumping: Invesaurus can fly high into the air.
  • Rib Bombs: Invesaurus can launch his ribs and have them explode upon landing.
  • Head Reattach: Invesaurus can reattach his head if it is removed.


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